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The Legend of Parshu RaamHe was the guru of Bhishma PitamahHe was the avatar of Vishnu but a disciple of ShivaAnd He shall be the martial guru of Kalki the last Avatar in this YugaWhen the Chandra A fitting tribute to the wielder of Siva's axI couldn't find a book in realm of fiction completely dedicated to Parasu Ramrather than portraying him as a supporting character and when I find this oneThanks to the author I'm not disappointedRight from the beginning to the endI've thoroughly enjoyed the book The main protagonist didn't appear till halfway through the bookthat came as a bit surprisebut the void was completely filled by Arjun and his transformation from good to bad is portrayed brilliantlyThe reason why Parasu Ram chose the way he'd chosen was put forth in a believable way The interactions of Parasu Ram with Vashist and Viswamitra was written wellThe emotional turmoils of SatyavatiJamagadniRuchik were captured well and the philosophical theme is maintained throughout the lengthAs usual the fusion of ScienceMyth and Philosophy which is hallmark of the author was well maintained in this work as well For those who've read viswamitrathis might look like a seuel to itAll in all can complete this in a single sitting and you'll thoroughly enjoy the bookCongrats to the author for portraying The Legendary Parasu Ram in a legendary wayhail the Avatar of vishnu and Disciple of Siva Parasu Ram

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Book Ö The Legend of Parshu Raam Ë 250 pages Download Ï Gymapparel ´ ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Legend of Parshu Raam By Vineet Aggarwal ✩ – He was the guru of Bhishma PitamahHe was the avatar of Vishnu but a disciple of ShivaAnd He shall be the martial gurNce tofind 21 arrows piercing his father's body Raam vows to avenge his death by killing the evil Kshatriyas 21 times starting with ArjunThus begins The Legend of Parshura Fabulous book on one of the most fascinating characters of Indian mythology DrVineet Agarwal sticks to the original Purana giving his interpretation without deviation And fortunately does not inject pseudo science or force fit contemporary events Interestingly the title character actually makes his appearance half way in the book The first half is on Parashuram's lineage his parents his ancestors and the gradual transformation of Kartyavira Arjun the antagonist from a just wise ruler to a merciless tyrant The machinations of the Naga Asur tribes are well depicted While DrAgarwal does explore the inter relations between the Naga Asur and Kshatriya clans his language is far better than the vastly overrated Amish Tripathi's And no teen speak to make it reach out to younger audiences This is some one who knows his history mythology and philosophy well unlike Tripathi's half baked theories And that in itself is a reason to read this book

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Vanshi emperor Arjun began expanding his empire to the entire world the Asuras hit back with an insidious plan Caught in the crossfire is Raam who comes back from his pena I have been following Dr Vineet Aggarwal's blog decodehindumythologyblogspotcom since many years now and we have become good friends because of hours of discussion on various mythologiesOne day I went to a movie an hour early and just to pass my time I went into Crossword and that is how I got my copy of The Legend of Parshu RaamI bought it the second I saw it because first I admired the author because of his blog and second it was a book about Parshu RaamMany Indian authors have written about mythology but they limited themselves to the popular stories of Ramayan and Mahabharat Vineet has dived deep into the mythology with both his books about popular but lesser known characters Vishwamitra and now ParshuramThe book is divided into three parts First part is about Parshuram's family second is about the antagonist ? Kartavirya Arjun and third is about the man of the hour Parshuram But throughout the book the evil is rising in the backgroundWhat I loved about the book is that it is filled with mythological information and the scientific explanations of 'what could have been' Another thing was that whenever I heard the story of Parshuram Kartavirya Arjun was already a villain no explanation just a messy king drunk with power but this book explains what went wrong and how it happenedA very easy yet gripping read Congratulations to Dr Vineet Aggarwal and Best of luck for the future endeavors