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PDF º BOOK The Ongoing Reformation of Micah Johnson È SEAN KENNEDY È ❰Download❯ ✤ The Ongoing Reformation of Micah Johnson Author Sean Kennedy – Gym-apparel.co.uk There is no Plan BAfter being outed in an especially brutal way and briefly running away from home Micah Johnson hasPath to redemption is not an easy one With fights at school and on the football field and an all round snarky attitude as his number one defense mechanism will Micah survive the school year and the training camps to achieve his dream of ma I enjoyed this look at Micah the gay teen athlete who showed up in the last of the Tigers and Devils books I think this could be enjoyed as a stand alone although his situation is definitely the ongoing fall out from the events in Tigers on the Run The adult series beginning with Tigers and Devils has no on page sex and could be enjoyed by teen readers although the characters are older and there are adult situationsPart of what I appreciated was that Micah is a flawed character He's a volatile teen guy and he makes mistakes flies off the handle and does things he shouldn't and is a long way from perfect And yet he's mostly a sympathetic character and my heart ached for him even when I wanted to shake some sense into him Micah has supportive family avoiding the common rejection tropes although they don't really understand him or what he's going through He has a great best friend in Emma and I appreciated a strong female character in the book He grows and learns and tries to fix mistakes and makes new ones This is about growing up and being human I particularly enjoyed Micah's younger brother and had a lot of respect for Emma's cousin Carl the straight boy who didn't stop being friends with the gay kid just because people started to give him a hard time about it The end of this is a decent resting point but clearly not the end of Micah's journey I was eager for and immediately read the next one

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King the national draft and becoming a professional AFL player?His mentor Declan Tyler believes in him but Micah wishes he had the same confidence in himself Only time will tell if the ongoing reformation of Micah Johnson will be successful 45 StarsWell first of all I just love Sean Kennedy's writing It's all so fresh and easy and enjoyableSecondly Oh my gosh I had forgotten how much I miss Declan and Simon I kept wishing they'd show up all the time I still miss them I want eeee lolI used to hate Micah prior to reading this but now if anything I understand and like him A LOT All of us MM romance readers know or at least understand a bit of what it's like being closeted andor oppressed Micah has gone and still goes through a lot And being a teenager doesnot make it any easierI love how clichés were never present and how conseuences were so similar to what one feels would actually happen in real life and still it was all sooooo interesting

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The Ongoing Reformation of Micah JohnsonThere is no Plan BAfter being outed in an especially brutal way and briefly running away from home Micah Johnson has sworn to get his life back on the straight and narrow Well not so much straight but you know what he meansUnfortunately the 35 StarsAlthough this is perfectly well rounded as a stand alone story I certainly think the benefit of having first read Kennedy’s Australian set Tigers and Devils series went a hellava long way in terms of my fondness and connectivity to the main cast of characters here Introduced originally in Tigers on the Run Micah Johnson is one moody teenager with one hell of a chip on his temper ridden shoulders He proves time and time again that the sound advice bestowed on him by legendary ex AFL player and now mentor Declan Tyler lead of the Tigers and Devils series often just goes in one ear and out the other despite Micah’s persistence to turn his bad attitude around once and for allBeing a teenager is hard on a good day but being a gay teenager with dreams of becoming Aussie Rules next superstar player is a whole other minefield of mental emotional and physical obstaclesThe good news is Micah knows who he is flaws and all and he owns it 100% facing up to mistakes of the past and trying his best to make better choices in all aspects of his life He also knows just how skilled he is as an athlete without being too cocky and that his uick spark temper is his biggest personal roadblock to achieving his professional goals of being chosen in the upcoming AFL draft pick Here with the support and encouragement of his family newish friends and his mentor Declan Micah embarks on his final months of school and footy training facing prejudices on and off the field all while trying to keep it together to prove to the higher ups that his bad reputation is a thing of the past and that he would in fact be a valued member to any professional team that would deem to give him a goIf you’re not a fan of moody teenagers or Aussie rules football this one might take a bit to win you over but with great writing and with complex and engaging characters dealing with relatable real world problems this story goes a long way in the entertainment ranks regardless of if you enjoy YA or sports themed stories As the first of what seems to now be a four book series this is just the beginning of Micah’s journey into adulthood As such this is less LGBT romance and coming of age tale There is a love interest but Micah’s romantic relationships are not the key focus of this series at least not at this point in time which is completely fine by me I like Micah a lot now that I’ve read a story through his perspective and I’m uite excited to read on eager to follow him into his daunting new AFL career as he hopefully continues to grow as an athlete and as a man