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review Candy Licker An Urban Erotic Tale 100 î [Download] ➾ Candy Licker An Urban Erotic Tale ➹ Noire – SHE WANTED TO BE A HIP HOP STAR BUT THE STREETS GOT IN THE WAYHave you ever laid down with a man and wasn’t sure if you’d ever get back up Tossed the sheets with a bone knocking fear that only a h SHE WAno crime family and a former foster child dreams of becoming a hip hop superstar if only someone will discover her talentsSomeone does Mega music producer and king thug of Harlem Junius “Hurricane” Jackson CEO of the House of Homicide recording studio cuts a deal and puts Candy on the stage Suddenly she is a hot new artist on the notorious Homicide Hitz record label Her career takes off and she blazes the Licker An Urban Kindle #180 charts but it’s not long before Candy realizes that the man she thought was her knight is nothing than a cold blooded nightmareCaught between the. There is nothing in this book that is redeemable While it claims to be urban and pulsate with flavor it in fact is nothing than an erotica novel badly disguised as uppity literature There is a storyline however it is weighed down by terrible and distracting erotic narrative that serves no purpose than to try and shock It's clear this novel is trying to be two things at once Unfortunately these two things are totally opposite and they reuire a stronger hand than Noire to be reconciled correctly If you like erotica and terrible writing this is a great book to pick up If you were expecting some clear and well written insight into the streets and urban life look somewhere else

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Music and the madness between the dollars and the deals Candy belongs to Hurricane–body and soul–and must endure his sadistic bedroom desires while keeping his sexual secrets hidden from the world But Candy has some strong desires of her own that simply cannot be denied especially when she finds herself turned on by a brilliant investment baller who just happens to be Hurricane’s right hand man Candy longs for her freedom but if Hurricane gets wind of her betrayal the blowback will be lethal–and not only will she risk losing her recording contract she just might lose her li. I listened to this on audiobook The story is engaging enough but the writing is poor I wasn’t expecting it to be great but even so it’s still below average

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Candy Licker An Urban Erotic TaleSHE WANTED TO BE An Urban MOBI #243 A HIP HOP STAR BUT THE STREETS GOT IN THE WAYHave you ever laid down with a man and wasn’t sure if you’d ever get back up Tossed the sheets with a bone knocking fear that only a hard core hustler could produce Sexed him like your life depended on it because in reality it did You still with me Then let’s roll over to my house Harlem th Street Grab a seat and brace yourself as I show you the kind of pain that street Candy Licker eBook #242 life and so called success can bring Nineteen year old Candy Raye Montana an ex drug runner for the Gabri. I read this book in fifth grade passed it to my friends and got it confiscated lol Ok this book deals with candy an aspiring musician who finds love in all the wrong places and it can become potentially fatal if you let it She lost her virginity around the age of 15 and she is described as having lovely red hair caramel skin and blue eyes She and her mother had the talent of singing but it went to waste because they were living in slums sleeping on a pissy mattress etc her mom and her younger sister a beautiful but her mom falls victim to drugs Candy's mom turns to the streets taking candy along with her They rob some old trick for his money and get busted by the cops and candy is sent to juvue She gets out and sings at this underground club called bricks where a bitch can get bodied fast for dissing a shot caller Hurricane birth name junian takes a liking to her with his overly muscular physiue and candy jumps at the opportunity They get back to cane's beautiful mansion and she finds out that he is lacking severely inthat department so she politely asks him if he is in and he flips out of control and holds a hair triggered gun to the opening of her vagina This is the first of MANY violent encounters she has with him He is a sexual sadist it's not about pleasure for him only about inflicting pain on his partner he does thing like beastiality and underground porn Long story short candy gets kidnapped he buys her back meanwhile her mother makes a drug run for cane after getting clean she has a relapse and her and her boyfriend are executed and tortured At one point candy is at an awards ceremony for entertainers and she has a lovely gown on with the back out and when she turns around the whole crowd can see that cane had dripped hot wax on her back with cane engraved in her flesh Candy hooks up with knowledge who is canes lawyer meanwhile Carmen is all grown up and is OUT OF CONTROL She dies when the nightclub bricks burns down along with cane his goons and her two faced friend Dominiue her true friend is set up to be pushed in front of a speeding train Knowledge and candy live happily ever after Believe it or not this is a UICK summary of this book lol Excuse any grammatical errors I was in a hurryThis book was awesome and I have recommended this to everybody