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FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ Echoes of Family ✓ ❰EPUB❯ ✷ Echoes of Family Author Barbara Claypole White – Sometimes the only way through darkness is to return to where it began Marianne Stokes fled England at seventeen spiraling into the manic depression that would become her shadow She left behind secret SometSometimes the only way through darkness is to return to where it began Marianne Stokes fled England at seventeen spiraling into the manic depression that would become her Echoes of PDF or shadow She left behind secrets memories and tragedy one teen dead and her first love Gabriel badly injured Three decades later she’. I listened to this on audio A few of my favorite things about this book The theme of mental illness and families Marianne's Bipolar Disorder felt genuine and completely realistic The dialogue between the characters read perfectly The alternating voices gave each family member's perspective on living with a loved one with a mental illness while also gaining insight into each character's own development The North Carolina setting in a little town where I lived in college was just a fun bonus Barbara Claypole White is a gifted storyteller This is the second book I've read from her in which she shines at capturing mental illness and its effects on the family system Well done

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S finally found peace in the North Carolina recording studio she runs with her husband Darius and her almost daughter Jadeuntil another fatality propels her back across the ocean to confront the long buried pastIn her picturesue childhood village the first person she meets is the last person she wants to see again Gabri. Marianne Montgomery is a woman of extremes She is a powerful force in the recording industry with her business Nightjar Recording Her marriage to Darius an ex rocker and great talent has pushed the success of the business to great heights; he loves her passionately and unconditionally a triumph of faith after divorces for both of them Marianne took Jade now thirty into her life when the destitute teen was found homeless carrying a violin and made her a part of her family The ability to change a disadvantaged life with Jade using the gift of music as inspiration led Marianne to fund house and mentor others with Girls in Motion Marianne is a dynamo a spark for creativity a catalyst Unfortunately for those who love her Marianne can be unpredictable volatile violent evasive and unbearably arrogant For Marianne herself the extremes are unbearable and have led to bouts of irrational thinking and destructive depression She has been fighting with Bipolar 1 commonly known as Manic Depression for thirty years in and out of hospitals and constantly in touch with psychiatrists who valiantly try to find the best medical cocktail to keep her functional neither a zombie nor close enough to the highs of mania to lure her off the stability of medication Her past holds a trauma which those close to her know nothing about As the story opens Marianne is struggling as that trauma crowds her following a tragic car accident which she insists was her fault although reason proves otherwise Only Jade is sensitive to the signs of Marianne's emotionally distressed state but before any intervention can be arranged Marianne has flown from North Carolina to England where she met the first tortured version of herself There in the home of her childhood friend and love Gabriel the power of Marianne's personality and her illness will enmesh her present family in terrible ways with her past pain I found myself feeling incredibly frustrated with Marianne; my relationship with her was primarily based on the woman who was noncompliant in taking medication a kind of train wreck who dictated to those around her who seemed to have poor personal boundaries and a person who had barely grown developmentally since the ego centric stage of her teens Perhaps that is what the author intended to show how capricious a mental illness can be and the toll it takes on everyone; the novel certainly succeeded there In many ways denial of facets of the mental illness were actually a huge component of the important relationships in Marianne's life aside from Marianne's own denial of the real challenges of this serious mood disorder Echoes of Family by Barbara Claypole White would make for interesting book club discussion involving the topics of mental illness vs personality in how each influence are perceived and given allowance in the dynamics of relationships How does life change when denial ends The role and responsibility of therapists touched on in the novel and Marianne's blasé attitude toward them had me wondering who would be the facilitator of personal growth and understanding if not these highly educated professionals Marianne who I found not especially likeable and the discordantly dysfunctional group of characters around her definitely triggered substantial serious thought If a book is able to make me ponder I definitely consider it to be a worthwhile readThe story unlike most of life ends rather tidily but after all Echoes of Family is fiction And comfortingly we are left with the sense of reassurance that no matter how loony anyone might be everyone is doing the very best that they canWith thanks to NetGalley Lake Union Publishing and Barbara Claypole White for the Advanced Readers Copy


Echoes of FamilyEl Now the village vicar he takes her in without uestion and ripples of what if reverberate through both their hearts As Marianne’s mind unravels Jade and Darius track her down Tempers clash when everyone tries to help but only by finding the courage to face her illness can Marianne heal herself and her offbeat family. Echoes of Family drew me in from the first chapters There are already many many reviews that you can read if you want to know of the plot Ms White has taken a sensitive and often misunderstood mental illness bi polar disorder and helped us to understand what it’s like to live with it She has crafted a novel with much love surrounding the main character Marianne who has been dealing with the disease since she was 17 The characters in this book are uniue flawed very well described and I was caught up in their lives from the first pagesWe follow Marianne who goes back to a small town in England to try to finally understand some blank spots in her remembrance of an accident and death that led her to flee to the US She uickly encounters her first great friend and love Gabriel What follows is several weeks of Marianne coming off of her meds and spiraling out of control Her husband and daughter back home want to give her the space to heal but are terribly afraid for her They know what she is like when she hits the depressive part of her roller coaster illness The story is told from multiple points of view which is uickly becoming a favorite format for me Before I read this book I was very interested in reading reviews from readers who had the disease and if they thought it was well represented The reviews that I read felt that it described the difficulties and trials of being mentally ill in a society where it is still a stigma In spite of her mental illness Marianne had accomplished a lot on her own and then with her husband Darius and adopted “daughter” Jade they have a highly successful recording studio Her flight back to England brings out the best in these characters who are “left holding the reins” so to speak There is so much love and understanding from those around Marianne that she is really fortunate She is allowed to return back to when her major trauma started and come to terms with it She will always have this illness but perhaps now she can heal and stay on the medications that help herThe ending is perhaps a little too perfect but why not have a happy ending All of the characters have dealt with enough angst I highly recommend this novel to everyone These characters will widen your insight into mental illness and will stay with you for a long timeI received an ARC of this novel from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review“True Nightjars occur almost worldwide in temperate to tropical regions except for New Zealand and some islands of Oceania They have protective colouring of gray brown or reddish brown They feed on flying insects that they catch on the wing at night from Encyclopedia BritannicahttpmediaphotobucketcomuserFra