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Lights Out EMP Thriller Super Boxset Summary Æ 104 ↠ ❰Read❯ ➲ Lights Out EMP Thriller Super Boxset Author Roger Hayden – Dystopian masterminds James Hunt author of “Static” and Roger Hayden author of “Grid Down” which have collectively accumulated 200 five star reviews come togOviding a better life for her family Lights Out Kindle but those choices haven’t been without sacrifice And when the power shuts down across the city which submerges the masses into chaos and cuts her family in half tough decisions are only the beginning Grid Down The Beginning Strike Against America EMP Survival A small northeastern town is crippled after a mysterious electromagnetic pulse causes a massive blackout leaving residents stunne. Not bad some issues with the second trilogy The first books held my interest fine but the second trilogy especially book 3 had some plot holes and less character development than the first It seemed rushed like the author was trying to get to the climax in as few days as possible after first 'contact' I had less invested with the cast of charactersThe story was compelling however and the escape from the city in both stories was well crafted albeit a little too easy in the second I really had a lot of hate for Arthur until the beginning of the last book thinking him of an opportunist with warped morals but he turned into a psychopath seemingly out of nowhere And what happened to his wife in the end She conveniently disappeared in the last chapter at Arthur's supposed coronation The author could have ended the book with the families reunion at the camp or an epilogue in the rescued town with Carlos saved the kids playing happily while Clarkson's new mayor the Sheriff visited and met with the returning military It just felt like it was ended too abruptlyBut that's just my opinion I could be wrong

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Dystopian masterminds EMP Thriller Kindle #209 James Hunt author of “Static” and Roger Hayden author of “Grid Down” which have collectively accumulated five star reviews come together in this SUPER BOX SET for the first time That’s TWO complete book SERIES comprised of SIX NOVELS at a discounted price Static White Noise Fade to Gray Blackout Wren Burton one of the top architects in Chicago has never let anything stand in the way of pr. Not happy spoilersI really feel like I wasted my time reading both of the series' in this collection The first one by Roger Hayden was overblown in so many ways The main character was super aggravating and honestly I don't think she could have actually done any of the stuff at the end due to supreme sleep deprivation I don't care how angry she was While the second series by James Hunt was at least better written the characters made me angry time after time by not killing the bad guys when given the opportunity instead allowing things to get worse and worse through inaction Then at the end when they've actually finally done the right thing and killed just about all the evil men what do they do but NOT kill the leader because they are better than that Really how stupid can you get

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Lights Out EMP Thriller Super BoxsetD and unprepared But the loss of power is only the beginning Communications and mobility have been disabled with Out EMP Thriller PDFEPUB #194 vehicles stopped dead in their tracks for miles Grocery stores banks hospitals and other services no longer function Cell phones computers televisions and radios are rendered inoperable In the chaos that follows one family embarks on a journey of survival in a vastly different world changed within a flas. I liked it good read characters weren’t extremely developed but story moved uickly Good read story moved uickly Characters weren’t well developed but post apocalyptic works aren’t always It’s an enjoyable book and I’d definitely read