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MOBI ☆ DOC The Holiday GiftA Cold Creek Noel 9780373837960 FREE Þ GYMAPPAREL ✓ [Download] ➶ The Holiday GiftA Cold Creek Noel ✤ RaeAnne Thayne – Celebrate Christmas with The Cowboys of Cold Creek Bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne brings you a new storyE Chase lost his chance with Faith years ago; he won't blow this one But he'll need all the magic of the season and two matchmaking kids to unwrap a second chance at love Included in this book a holiday favorite from The Cowboys of Cold Creek series A Cold Creek Noel After a devastatin The Holiday Gift is the third and last book in the Nichols sister's this time featuring Faith Dustin who is the oldest of the trioFaith has had a rough life First her parents die when the girls were really young than her husband dies in a tragic accident leaving her with a ranch that was failing and in debt The only constant in her life her rock has been her best friend Chase BrannonChase has always felt like he has been on the sidelines looking in waiting for the perfect moment to swoop in and tell Faith how he felt about her In love with her ever since the sisters arrived in town Chase was never given an opportunity to express his feelings especially after his best friend married the girl he was in love withNow years after his death Chase wants the opportunity to show Faith how much she really means to himCute story I really enjoyed it I love Thayne books Every time I pop one open it's like coming home to curl in next to a warm fire with a cup of chocolate Her ChristmasHoliday books make me so happy that I can read them at any time of the yearI am sad that this trilogy has come to a close Faith was the oldest sister and she didn't know how to deal with the fact that suddenly her best friend wants to take her out on the date when he is the one thing in her life that seemed so there and so solid is suddenly shaking things upI loved Chase I loved how much he cared for Faith and I was so sad that he got put on the sidelines like that I cannot even begin to imagine how hard it would be for someone to watch a person you love fall for someone else get married have children be happy It must have hurtI loved that he wanted Faith to see that there is so much to him than just her friendI struggled with Faith at times It appears that she is the only one in the family that did not know that Chase has been in love with her forever and news of that comes as a shock for her Plus she kept trying to force the new girl Elle onto Chase even after she came to know about his feelings At 80% I was finding myself annoyed when she made another attempt to push the two together and in the process hurt the other woman's feelings because she was so inconsiderateI do get it Her husband dies she has just learned that the only man in the world that has been her rock and did so much for her wants a relationship and she doesn't want to lose him Plus she is afraid that something will happen to Chase and she will watch another husband pass away I get her resistance it just got a bit much at timesOtherwise this was a really charming slow clean romance story Thayne's writing is just so good so amazing I never found a dull moment I found myself finishing the book in one day even if it took me almost all night I was so unable to put down their storyI wasn't even involved with the show and I still have people stop me in town to tell me they hope we're doing it again Faith offeredThat's because you're a Nichols Hope saidRight Which to some people automatically means I burp tinsel and have eggnog running through my veinsCeleste laughed You don't?This review was originally posted on Night Owl Book Cafe

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Celebrate Christmas with The Cowboys of Cold Creek Bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne brings you a new story in her popular series All widowed rancher Faith Dustin wants is a uiet Christmas with her two kids and her best friend cowboy Chase Brannon Until he kisses her under the mistleto The Holiday Gift by RaeAnne Thayne is a 2016 Harleuin publication The Holiday Gift is part of the ‘Cowboys of Cold Creek’ series Faith has faced many life challenges and much heartache and tragedy but Chase has always been a rock solid friend she could count on But recently there has been an awkwardness between them a tension she never noticed before Faith wishes this feeling would just go away because deep down she knows what has changed she just doesn’t want to admit it Chase has been in love with Faith for years but circumstances caused him to lose his chance with her After Faith’s husband died he picked up the slack the best he could hoping that eventually he would get a second chance with her but Faith has made it crystal clear that friendship is all she can offer him Can Chase convince Faith to take their friendship to the next level? Friends to lovers is one of my favorite romance tropes Combine that with a little mistletoe and snow and you’ve got a perfect combination This is a uick easy and lighthearted and sweet love story with wonderful characters and plenty of holiday warmth and cheer 4 stars

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The Holiday GiftA Cold Creek NoelG tragedy Caidy Bowman wants only to hide out on her ranch Then widowed veterinarian Ben Caldwell arrives in Pine Gulch for the holidays with his two children For the first time he's got hope for the future Their future if he can convince Caidy that Christmas is the season for miracles I'll round this one up to 4 stars just because these are both such sweet holiday storiesIn the Holiday Gift I was a little frustrated with Faith's pushing away her close friend of many years Chase because she was too blind to see he was in love with her But of course in the end their love won out and Faith came to her sensesI enjoyed A Cold Creek Noel a little I really liked the characters of Caidy and new Veterinarian in town Ben Caldwell After a rough first meeting where neither had a very good opinion of the other their relationship and their discovering things about each other played out nicely against the events of the holiday season I've said this of every RaeAnne Thayne book I've read her stories and characters just make you feel warm and cozy as you read them and I'm always pleased with her books