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Book Ñ A Cure for Night 341 pages Download æ ➡ [Epub] ➛ A Cure for Night By Justin Peacock ➫ – That's what the criminal law is it's how the day tries to correct the night's mistakes Most of my cases people have done something they never would've dreamed of doing in broad daylightWhat does thaLated scandal ejects Joel Deveraux from his job at a white shoe law firm he slides down the corporate ladder to the Public Defenders' office in Brooklyn where he defends the innocent and the guilty alike a cog in the great clanking machine that is the New York City justice system When his boss offers him the second chair to the savvy Myra Goldstein in a high profile murder case he eagerly takes it The defendant is Lorenzo Tate a black pot dealer from the projects who is charged with the murder of a white college student Joel Deveraux's girlfriend Beth is found dead in the bathroom of his law office Beth died after taking heroine and then chocking on her vomit Beth's father is an influencial attorney and claims that Joel turned Beth on to the drugs Joel isn't found guilty of this but admits to taking drugs himself and as a result he is fired and his license to practice law is suspended for 6 months When the suspension is over a friend gives him a job in the public defender's office where he is appointed second chair to Myra Goldstein in defending Lorenzo Tate in a murder trial How do they defend someone who has confessed to the killing and there is a witness who says she saw him commit the crime Tate is accused of killing a college student Seth Lipton Lipton's roommate tells Joel that the reason Seth was in this drug area was that he was studying sociology and working on his thesis about the structure of drug dealers In addition he is supposed to have been under the protection of the dealer Devon Wallace who was also shot that night but not killed Everyone lies in this novel and the story is full of very flawed characters From Joel's use of drugs to one of his first clients who Joel gets off and then tells Joel that he was really guilty and goes back to selling drugs on the street The reason Lorenzo confessed is that he wasn't very smart to begin with and he was interrogated for over 14 hours Then we learn that the witness Yolanda Miller had been dating Wallace but had a child by Malik Taylor and that Taylor didn't like her having his son when in contact with a major drug dealer The writing is clean with little unnessary descriptions or discussions almost Hemingway in this regard but the characters are so unlikable that it is hard to enjoy the story Maybe that is realism but the realistic approach is not enough to save the story even though it has been nominated for an Edgar for the best first novel in the mystery fieldNot recommended

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That's what the criminal law is it's how the day tries to correct the night's mistakes Most of my cases people have done something they never would've dreamed of doing in broad daylightWhat does that make us I said The night's janitors We're absolutely that Myra said sipping her cosmo What else do we do but clean up after it That's why we'll never run A Cure PDF or out of work Not unless someone invents a cure for nightIn Brooklyn's criminal courts justice often depends on who has the better story to tellAfter a drug re I found this pretty slow and technical to begin with and the writing not overly inspired junkies are described repeatedly as waxy and sallow if I saw the word waxy I knew sallow couldn't be far behind but as I went on it became pretty clear that my resistance to reading was part of my hating on the unsympathetic main character When I realised that was the whole point and that the tricksy clever author had not only manipulated me to that position but then enjoyed a giggle by making this POV character hate on the aspects of himself that he saw in others I had to smile Well played Peacock I can confront me a bit of my own human frailty if I have to Oh and thanks for destroying the last vestiges of my faith in the law

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A Cure for NightIn a street shooting and the tabloids have sunk their teeth into the racially tinged trialIn this twisty and overwhelmingly authentic journey through the real Brooklyn Justin Peacock paints a portrait of the law as a form of combat where the best story win but who's telling the truth and who's lying are matters of interpretation And of life and deathThis compelling debut novel announces Justin Peacock as a writer who enters the territory of Richard Price and Scott Turow with a fresh new take on urban crime and punishme Law and Order complete with gangsta language The law is not black and white but shades of grey I finished this book thinking that the end all happened in a drug fuelled rush and that it's not who finds the truth necessarily but who can tell the best story and the most believable This may not have been the best story but I still wanted to find out what happeneda uick read that was a different story for me at least