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Read & Download È PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ý Joanna Mansell Ountered Lucas insteadAs far as she could see he was a penniless drifter A man with charm but no ambition brains but no inclination to use them And he was so persisten. This is for those readers who like their hero compass pointed to Stalker The title should have been called The Stalking of Sara but I guess it dont have the same ring Our hero sees Sara in a line at a train station and starts following her all over the country of Peru He doesnt stop until he gets to the mountaintop or boinks her at the mountaintop to be precise I miss these exotic settings in the old Harleuins HehNeedless to say my favorite Joanna Mansell

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The Seduction Of Sara Harleuin Presents No 1291 characters É PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ [KINDLE] ❆ The Seduction Of Sara Harleuin Presents No 1291 Author Joanna Mansell – Lucas Farraday kept trying to pick Sara upHe was uite blatant about it too Sara ha TEven telling him she had a fiance didn't deter him He seemed to know exactly what he wanted from Sara The Seduction MOBI #204 and was frighteningly determined to get. V uptight rude snippy insecure uninteresting judgemental ungrateful heroine 1 of those books where I thought wot da fug does the unflappable hero see in this hater Luv 1st sight stalkerazzi hero shoulda made a winning combo but in this case I didn't buy it all The luvstruck hero shoulda ditched her ^2

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The Seduction Of Sara Harleuin Presents No 1291Lucas Farraday Of Sara ePUB #180 kept trying to pick Sara upHe was uite blatant about it too Sara had gone to South America in search of her missing stepmother and enc. Re The Seduction of Sara or aptly retitled by seton The Stalking of Sara much thanks to seton for that incredibly perceptive title The stalkerific setting is on maximum overdrive for this one So this book was published back in August of 1990 But for some reason I never got around to reading it until several years later JM is not a top shelf author for me so a lot of times I tended to just shelve her books in the appropriate slot on my bookcase and go back to my Charlotte Lamb's and Penny Jordan's avowing that I would get to it eventually In a curious twist of serendipity about ten years later I was doing an intensive course on women's crisis intervention training and one of the reuired books was Gavin de Becker's The Gift of Fear Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence As is my habit back in the day when I needed a break from real world sadness I would grab a book off the never ending TBR pile which is still defying all known laws of physics in multiple universes and probably eating my missing halves of sock pairs too and for some reason this book came upI settled in to read and almost fell off my chair partly in horror and partly in dazed hysterical amazement Cause one of the scenarios in the de Becker book is a woman who was hideously traumatized by a guy who imposed himself upon her in the lobby of her apartment building and under the guise of helping her with her bags even after she refused managed to sweet talkbullyassert his way into her home and abused her He planned to end her life as well but she managed to get away and get safe in an incredibly bold move considering the three hours of torment she had just endured The beginning of this book starts with the h finding out that her distant and un involved recently deceased father has left everything his house his money and several item's the h considers part of her heritage to the h's stepmother This is a big blow to the h cause the h's mother died at her birth her father remarried shortly after and was obsessed with the woman he married So much obsessed that he barely even recognized that he had a daughter and he felt his whole life was ruined as he continually and emotionally bemoaned that fact to all and sundry The kicker is that the father's second wife the h's stepmother left him a year after they were married and so the h's father spent 20 plus years obsessing and bewailing his fate and the woman never reappeared in his life againThe h is engaged to a guy who is very reserved and very proper he isn't too emotional and their relationship is distantly affectionate but not very passionate The big draw is the man makes the h feel safe and he is extremely reliable as long as he is perceiving the situation as dignified and proper and restrained The h is determined to track down the missing step mother who is somewhere in Peru sourcing local textiles for her business and make her sign over the inheritance to the h the h feels that the father's estate is much her's than some woman who ran out years earlier and never returned So the h is going to Peru and her fuddy duddy fiance isn't going with her She arrives and is all set to go to Cusco when she runs into a man who immediately latches on her to her and won't let go He offers to help her with her suitcase she says no but he does it anyway and then he proceeds to use a combination of charm and bullying to attach himself and impose himself on the h all the way to AND INTO the step mother's house Can we just say the similarities in what is meant to be a light hearted romance and a very serious book on keeping yourself safe in volatile or dubious situations completely freaked me out The difference of course is that in TSofS such persistence by the H is meant to be taken as a sign of a thunderbolt struck H in true lurve forever not a deranged psychopath who is about to hunt the poor h down and after numerous violative abuses tie the h up and dismember her However the ominous shadow of what could possibly happen here continued to dog me throughout the book It was probably the most anticipatory HP reading experience I had had in 15 years and than likely contributed to my prematurely grey hairNot that any dismembering actually happened no body parts were cut off though there was a barrier penetration in the early morning hours of sightseeing at Machu Picchu Cause eventually the h and H do make it to Cusco with the H in full stalker bully mode all the way and when they get to the h's stepmother's house her father and the step never divorced they find the step mother off to a native village for a few days and the H coerces the h into taking the train to MP and hanging out overnight By this time the H has managed to bully down the h's resistance via sheer impositional proximity and her HP oven's response to the H's mojo lurvin totally betrays her In a mystic early morning dawning Machu Picchu HP experience the h suffers the delights of the H's tower of power on the lawns of the Sun Temple and learns that she doesn't really want safety and security after all That whole love scene was done well but would never happen in real life Cause if you do the whole walking trek to MP the day you arrive you have to get up at like 3 in the morning to hike the final mile or so to the Gate of the Sun to be there before the sunrise It is a fantastic experience as long as it isn't rainy but there is people all over the place by then and I assure you those armed police guys do not look like they would be delighted by public tower of power rides This succumbing to the H's lurve mojo sends the h into a panic she feels she has left her old self behind and she has no faith in her new wilder side So she does the typical HP response to all things frightening or disturbing she flees back to England alone and tries to convince herself that she really loves the fiance she totally betrayed on the grass of Machu PicchuAt least the h doesn't have to worry about losing her family home any tho cause the stepmother turns out to be a lovely woman who doesn't want any part of her dead husband's estate She explains that the h's father got REALLY obsessive and jealous about her and basically wanted to chain the stepmother to himself ALL THE TIME like never ever be apart even to go to the bathroom kind of togetherness and the stepmum just couldn't handle it The h's father refused to get therapy and the step mum refused to be the ball on the father's chain so she left she never divorced the h's father cause she did really love him but there was no way the step mum could ever live with him or spend extended time in the same country hence all the world travelling for her business The H isn't about to let his h go tho so he finagles another big business friend the H may look like an itinerant drifter but in reality he owns a huge aviation firm that makes mega bucks per HP H standards to invite the h's fiance to the H's country house for the weekend As this is a business house party weekend the h should come along to as a clueless but supportive dutiful fiancee So the h who is still rattled from the aftereffects of the Power of the Sun Temple sacrifice reluctantly don's her best country tweeds and goes with her proper but dull fiance to the H's home and discovers how she has been tricked into the H's presence once again There is resistance before the h finally gives in and gives her betrayed fiance his ring back and succumbs to the power of the H's manly weapon of love mojo war She meets his family who were also invited for the weekend and they like her and she likes them After a re enactment of the Sun Temple Sacrifice in the H's back field she decides she loves the H and he is certainly obsessive about her so I expect the leg shackles will be diamond encrusted and the chains attaching her to the H's discreetly tasteful platinum wrist guard will probably be solid gold with decorative rubies for the HEA The book isn't terrible by HPlandia standards The H is way way way into the resistant and very hesitant h and he is extremely persistent But just to give things that added touch of mayhem and a spine tingling icy little fillip I suggest you read the first few chapters of the de Becker book and then you can decide is this a lead up to massive horror and psychopathic stalkerism run amok and ending very badly indeed or the usual run of the mill HP H exercising the mighty power of his manly mojo in just another day at the HP office