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eBook ↠ ePub Mad Blood Stirring ç 9780345812926 ✓ gymapparel ´ ❰KINDLE❯ ❃ Mad Blood Stirring Author Daemon Fairless – Gym-apparel.co.uk With a rare clarity and fearless honesty journalist Daemon Fairless tackles the horrors and compulsions of male violence from the pUp to And so there remains a hidden geography to male violence an inner ecosystem of rage dominance blood lust insecurity and bravado yet to be mapped Mad Blood Stirring is journalist Daemon Fairless's riveting first person travelogue through this territory as he seeks to understand the inner lives of violent men and ultimately himself This was a hard book for me to read in some ways A lot of triggers for me as I read it But it was worth it A stunningly well written look at things from a different viewpoint than I would normally hold Very intriguing book

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With a rare clarity and fearless honesty journalist Daemon Fairless tackles the horrors and compulsions of male violence from the perspective of someone who struggles with violent impulses himself creating a non fiction masterpiece with the narrative power of novels such as Fight Club and A History of ViolenceA man no matter how civili Thanks to GoodReads’ giveaways and the publisher for this book I got in exchange for an honest reviewThis is an amazing and very convincing book written by Mr Fairless He did a thorough scientific research on his subject that's obvious And he also provided concrete evidence of what he was saying by describing events in his own life but also by interviewing other violent people Moreover if some may find this book difficult to read because it alternates between sciences and life stories that made it digestible to me who is a neophyte in the different biological psychological historical and social aspects of violence in all its forms shapes and anglesMr Fairless is far from deserving his last name ; He is a man who knows how to balance things between nature and nurture and objectively recognize his own wrongsI could have uoted dozens of dead on statements from this book let me uote just this oneMy point is that BDSM is a culture that has been invented to negotiate a common and potentially dangerous desire BDSM is not the desire; it is a set of controls we have invented to mitigate the danger imposed by the desireAnyway violence is something we must not sweep under the rug And I'm sure that any of you will learn something valuable about it from this book I recommend « Mad Blood Stirring » to everyone who seeks to understand human condition and nature and especially to those who live with sometimes violent people regardless of their genders

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Mad Blood StirringZed is still an animal and sometimes a dangerous one Men are responsible for the lion's share of assault rape murder and warfare Conventional wisdom chalks this up to socialization that men are taught to be violent And they are But there's to it Violence is a dangerous desire a set of powerful and inherent emotions we are loath to own Apparently this is going to be part of my spring round up on Canadian books about why men are the way they are Having just finished Mad Blood Stirring The Inner Lives of Violent Men and with Why Young Men Rage Race and the Crisis of Identity and Boys What It Means to Become a Man on the horizon it's going to be a testosterone filled few monthsThis one by Daemon Fairless is split into five chapters based around big events in the author's life He then weaves lessons mostly about when he got really angry with someone in between paragraphs of these larger stories to end with the same thing every time? The gist of each chapter is thisMen are naturally predisposed to be angryHere's something that I looked into about men being violent because of their angerI used to yell at a lot of people in public I am an angry man too but not as angry as some menHere is the lesson I learnedToo bad not all men will learn these lessons like I haveSpoiler view spoilerHaving a daughter sets him on a calmer path hide spoiler