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FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ Arms and the Man ↠ ❮Epub❯ ➞ Arms and the Man Author George Bernard Shaw – This witty masterpiece combines high comedy with social commentary as it deflates romantic misconceptions of love and warfare First produced on the London stage in 1894 Arms and the Man is one of the This wittyOtes and glossaries The series has now been enhanced and enriched with additional student friendly features such as analyses of themes and characterisation act wise summaries and uestions and a select reading list We hope that these value additions will help maintain the popularity that the series has long enjoyed with teachers and students alike. I have yet to read anything by Shaw that I didn't like and this play was no exception There were several parts of this play that had me laughing out loud One of my favourites is when Raina is trying to show Bluntschli that she is not an ignorant country girl but a civilized personRaina You shewed great ignorance in thinking that it was necessary to climb up the balconyThere is a flight of stairs inside to get up and down byThe Man Bluntschli Stairs How grand You live in great luxury indeed dear young ladyHer claims to civility only emphasize her own ignorance especially in light of the nature of the man she is explaining them to This is what I love most about Shaw; his characters remain likeable even when they are arrogant ridiculous or in many other ways flawed


This witty masterpiece combines high comedy with social commentary as it deflates romantic misconceptions of love and warfare First produced on the London stage in Arms and the Man is one of the most freuently Arms and Kindle acted and studied of Shaw's playsWhen Arms and The Man premiered Shaw was already a celebrity art critic and socialist l. Arms and the Man is Bernard Shaw’s first great play It is filled with witty and amusing dialogue a diverting and well constructed plot and charming well differentiated characters A perfect light comedy designed to amuse the most jaded audience it is also a deadly serious play that launches a fierce attack on one of the most destructive beliefs of Shaw’s and any other time that war is heroic and magnificent and that the gallant soldier is the supreme icon of manhood something to be esteemed and admiredThe play set during the Serbian Bulgarian War of 1885 is the story of the encounter between Raina a Bulgarian maiden engaged to the young officer Sergius and the veteran Captain Buntschli a Swiss mercenary in the pay of the Serbians who escapes capture after a battle by hiding out in Raina’s bedroom Frightened at first Raina soon views the captain with contempt compared to her brave fiancee for he seems fearful and not at all professional for example he carries chocolate in his ammunition bag “You can always tell an old soldier by the inside of his holsters and cartridge boxes” Buntschli says “The young ones carry pistols and cartridges ; the old ones grub” Soon the Swiss captain rejoins his regiment Sergius returns from the war and then—following Captain Buntschli’s unexpected return—Raina begins to realize that perhaps her “chocolate soldier” as she fondly calls him may be the best man after allI’ll end with two passages from the first act In the first Raina’s mother Catherine describes Sergius’ heroic charge of the enemy battery In the second Captain Buntschli describes the same event from the enemy point of view CATHARINE”Sergius is the hero of the hour the idol of the regimentYou cant guess how splendid it is A cavalry charge think of that He defied our Russian commanders acted without orders led a charge on his own responsibility headed it himself was the first man to sweep through their guns Cant you see it Raina our gallant splendid Bulgarians with their swords and eyes flashing thundering down like an avalanche and scattering the wretched Servians and their dandified Austrian officers like chaffOh if you have a drop of Bulgarian blood in your veins you will worship him when he comes back” CAPTAIN BUNTSCHLI “He did it like an operatic tenor a regular handsome fellow with flashing eyes and lovely moustache shouting his war cry and charging like Don uixote at the windmills We nearly burst with laughter at him; but when the sergeant ran up as white as a sheet and told us theyd sent us the wrong cartridges and that we couldn’t fire a shot for the next ten minutes we laughed at the other side of our mouths I never felt so sick in my life; though Ive been in one or two very tight places And I hadnt even a revolver cartridge nothing but chocolate We'd no bayonets nothing Of course they just cut us to bits And there was Don uixote flourishing like a drum major thinking he'd done the cleverest thing ever known whereas he ought to be courtmartialled for it Of all the fools ever let loose on a field of battle that man must be the very maddest He and his regiment simply committed suicide only the pistol missed fire that’s all”

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Arms and the ManEcturer It was so successful that it immediately established him as one of the greatest wits of London's theatre scene Shaw subtitled the play An Anti Romantic ComedyEach title in the Bernard ShawAC Ward series has a general critical introduction to the works of Shaw a specific introduction to the play itself the author’s own preface and also n. Reinventing the War Hero6 December 2015 If we don't count the National Theatre version of Man and Superman that I watched in the cinema this would be the first Shavian play that I have seen performed though I would add the word live considering the National Theatre version was videoed and then distributed around the world which I have to say is really cool because it means that I get to see some awesome productions that I would not normally get to see – though I did end up missing out on the Benedict Cumberbach version of Hamlet simply because it was sold out when I decided to book some tickets It is a bit of a shame that Shaw isn't performed all that much any especially since he was the second most popular playwrights of the early Twentieth Century with only Shakespeare not surprisingly eclipsing him Mind you I don't go out of my way to see any modern productions probably because I'm a bit of a theatre snob Arms and the Man was Shaw's first commercial success namely because his first play was a flop he was being way too political and theatre goers tend to prefer a lot subtly – namely by having it go over their head and the next two were censored because well this was Victorian England and things were censored at a drop of a hat So it seems that after three failures Shaw learnt his lesson and while the play does espouse his socialist views they did to sit in the background as opposed to being front and centre Basically Shaw turns the idea of the noble soldier on it's head In fact the story was uiet forward looking considering it was written in the 1890s and the horrors of World War I where people signed up in droves to become heroes where yet to fully manifest themselves However we still see glimpses of this dichotomy with the main character being a soldier who believes that staying alive is much advantageous than it is to kill as many people as possible In fact he believes that the most important thing that a soldier should carry is food as opposed to a loaded gun and he has no ualms in running away if it means that he gets to fight again Bluntschli is in fact the antithesis of what one would consider to be a great soldier but unlike other soldiers who had been cut down on the field he is still alive Sure he takes the name 'the Chocolate Cream Soldier' which is actually a derision within the military it means that they are soft and no good for the battlefield but the heroine Rania still loves him To her the Chocolate Cream Soldier is much romantic than Sergius her philandering fiance who happened to lead a successful cavalry charge against a machine gun bunker Well it was successful only because the machine gunners were given the wrong ammunition but then again they didn't need to know that and nobody else really cares anyway – they won and that is all that counts It is interesting to see this dichotomy within the military Everybody wants to lead the cavalry charge because that is the glorious and honourable position however nobody actually wants to be first because that means that they are alone amongst the enemy without any backup In fact it appears that the most effective part of the cavalry charge is the charge itself which is not surprising considering we are talking about a bunch of horses all pounding towards the enemy However as Shaw points out it's like flinging peas at a window – as the peas fly towards the window they have momentum however when they strike that window they all splatter The other thing he points out is that once the horses reach the enemy they have to stop but the horse wants to continue running through – most of the injuries Shaw suggests comes from riders pulling their horses back so that they might engage the enemy Anyway I think I'll leave it there because as I have mentioned I saw this play performed earlier this year and have already written about it extensively on my blog