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Borne author Jeff VanderMeer review ë eBook or Kindle ePUB ¼ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✈ Borne ⚣ Author Jeff VanderMeer – In a ruined nameless city of the future a woman named Rachel who makes her living as a scavenger finds a creature she names “Borne” entangled in the fur of Mord Ll out forgotten memories from the user’s own mind or just produce beautiful visions that provide escape from the barren craterous landscapes of the cityAgainst his better judgment out of affection for Rachel or perhaps some other impulse Wick respects her decision Rachel meanwhile despite her loyalty to Wick knows he has kept secrets from her Searching his apartment she finds a burnt unreadable journal titled “Mord” a cryptic reference to the Magician a rival drug dealer and evidence that Wick has planned the layout of the Balcony Cliffs to match the blueprint of the Company building What is he hiding Why won’t he tell her about what happened when he worked for the Company. Ten Stars Ask not for whom the bell tolls It tolls for theeExuisite and extraordinary A poignant and terrible vision an astounding dystopia so plausible so actually probable now This is a book you LIVE not just read This is a life you anticipate All through this extraordinary and wonderful book I found myself nearly in tears as I watched Rachel my grand daughter in this story suffer and struggle in the wreck of a world we are creating for her now I find Rachel’s terrible future to be our future and Rachel’s remembered past to be what we are living now and will lose so very soon We are both gods and fools and have consigned our children to the hell that should be reserved for us and for our greedy leaders whom we allow to poison and abuse our futureFull size image hereIn the early 13 of the book Rachel's attachment to Borne her son is magical and full of newly parental insight and growing love The unspoken uestions and needs are so poignant here so human and sad Such a wonderful book As Borne grows older and independent Rachel is slowly losing her child just as all mothers experience We live this confusion and loss with her Her great wish is to teach her child who is already a stranger who is so focused on his new world that he fails to see her needs We are reminded that we don’t own our children they are only on loan to us VanderMeer brings us into this living world and instills us with uiet desperation and fear The prose is easy yet deep each chapter drawing us deeper into the daily struggles and sometimes joys of Rachel Wick and BorneThe love between Rachel and Wick is at first one of shared need and shared fear of tragedy They hold back their inner secrets and traumas both from shame as well as from fear of abandonment Their need is intense but they have lost their worlds and do slowly bind themselves to each other in every way without revealing their core secrets or shame The only way forward is the joy of allowing themselves to trust in spite of the loss of the world in spite of their past shame in spite of their deep terror of what they really are In many ways this is the real journey of the book a uiet discovery of who they can be in spite of their pasts Wonderful The people and beings that Rachel and Wick encounter here are heart rending especially in Rachel's meeting with the doomed children scavengers and the little boy Teem Who are we What gives us the right to condemn them to such a world as thisA truly marvellous and wonderful achievment A Must Read book for everyone with a strong heart Ask not for whom the bell tolls It tolls for theeAs I read I am moved to write this Now I have tears for Teem and the other children who are really our grandchildren lost in the wilderness we have created of our earth Not with a bang but a whimperOur children festering on the corpse of our glorydescending into starvationand the terror of encroaching madnessWe witness here the final release of the death of who we might have been The book ends on a hopeful note with some hopeful events and relating a small and diminished peace and happiness for Rachel and Wick The book itself is not dire it’s full of positive struggle and love Rachel and Wick are small heroes good and strong And throughout we are immersed in VanderMeer's incomparable exuisite prose A joy a wonder Thank you NetGalley for providing this book to meBorne and Mord fightFull size image hereThroughout VanderMeer provides wonderful gentle humour To tell me this Borne had made himself small and “respectable” as he called it almost human except for too many eyes But really “respectable” meant he looked like a human undergoing some painful and sludgy transformation into a terrestrial octopus with four legs instead of tentaclesHuman insight Wick’s hazel green eyes had grown larger empathic in that shrunken face as he pondered the puzzle of what I had brought to him Those eyes saw everything except perhaps how I saw himAnd this poignant prayer Names of people of places meant so little and so we had stopped burdening others by seeking them The map of the old horizon was like being haunted by a grotesue fairy tale something that when voiced came out not as words but as sounds in the aftermath of an atrocity Anonymity amongst all the wreckage of the Earth this was what I sought And a good pair of boots for when it got cold And an old tin of soup half hidden in rubble These things became blissful; how could names have power next to that Yet still I named him Borne

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In a ruined nameless city of the future a woman named Rachel who makes her living as a scavenger finds a creature she names “Borne” entangled in the fur of Mord a gigantic despotic bear Mord once prowled the corridors of the biotech organization known as the Company which lies at the outskirts of the city until he was experimented on grew large learned to fly and broke free Driven insane by his torture at the Company Mord terrorizes the city even as he provides sustenance for scavengers like RachelAt first Borne looks like nothing at all just a green lump that might be a Company discard The Company although severely damaged is rumoured to still make creatures and send them to d. Holy crap on a cracker Mind blown Mel 🖤🐺❤️

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Borne author Jeff VanderMeIstant places that have not yet suffered CollapseBorne somehow reminds Rachel of the island nation of her birth now long lost to rising seas She feels an attachment she resents attachments are traps and in this world any weakness can kill you Yet when she takes Borne to her subterranean sanctuary the Balcony Cliffs Rachel convinces her lover Wick not to render Borne down to raw genetic material for the drugs he sells she cannot break that bondWick is a special kind of supplier because the drug dealers in the city don’t sell the usual things They sell tiny creatures that can be swallowed or stuck in the ear and that release powerful memories of other people’s happier times or pu. Re read 61418It never ceases to astound me how much one day's blow me over imaginative fiction can suddenly be a warm and cozy blanket to carry me through a chilly night Or I should say an enormous bear hug to destroy whatever is left of a dystopian ravaged city to give my belly a good belly laughBut it does and strange is the new comfort food It may not be as great the second time because I knew what the reveals were going to be but I still enjoyed the sheer beauty of the imagination going on here So good And yes I still think this is a better even if accessible novel than the Area X ones Original ReviewThis is probably going to be one of those times where I rail against the universe and popularity norms because this novel is an exemplary piece of imaginative fiction that goes well above and beyond the call of any duty to amaze wonder and offer up a meal of monstrously epic proportionsFirst I should say that no matter how much I loved the weirdness and the atmosphere of VanderMeer's previous trilogy nothing uite prepared me for just how good this was going to be In fact if I didn't already have an ultimate favorite for the year's best SF already I'd be pushing this one to the fore But that's not going to stop me from nominating it for the Hugo mind you WhyIt's deceptively simple and very engaging at first but as life and growth become a bit complicated as it always seems to get or when your lover starts getting jealous of your rescued intelligent abandoned biotech creature then you have to make a few decisions Add that to the fact that this whole world is a brilliant biopunk nightmare dystopia where most people have died and minnows are alcoholic and a gigantic bear eclipses the night dropping monsters and salvageable biotech down onto the broken city and we've got ourselves a recipe for a piece of imagination that will rival most books anywhere Add to this a very wonderful and generous dose of wit and charm delightful characterizations and dialogues between Rachael Wick and our loveable ubermonster Borne and I'm shot over the moon The devil is in the details of course and there are enough details for any fan of Geoff Ryman early Greg Bear and the recent Robert Jackson BennettSo what's my complaint again The fact that I love this so much No of course not it's the fact that it's WEIRDI love weird I love it to freaking death I live for weird And it's a weird that rides on the coattails of originality too I mean sure we've seen a lot of oddball and screwy read cute biotech monstrosities in the world of fiction from Heinlein to cartoon shows but few will do as smooth a job of turning an ubermonster into a delightful child to be raised who never needs to poop or pee and which focuses all its energies on what it means to be a person when there's no such thing left in this world At least of course until it all goes wrong or what that means to the rest of the city Rachel and Wick's relationship or the fact a series of godzilla like battles will rage across the worldPretty noYeah this is the good shit man This is the stuff I live for Now if only I could get everyone else in the world to see this my way