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REVIEW Ã Biting Point ✓ ✺ [BOOKS] ✮ Biting Point By Azalea Amy Lezlynn ❄ – LEGEND KING LOVER RACER Three T rules the roads But this is no televised championship with its own rules and regulations There are no pretty flags or set race tracks in these street races My lover rac LEGEND KING LOVER RACER Three T rulesExotic car racing empire but there is darkness brewing As fate would have it regrets collect like old friends ready to relive his most agonizing moments Dark secrets are awakened whispering their threats of destruction Will they be enough to take us down The moment arises for him to decide whom is important Me or his brotherhood of racing league members This is where our legacy with the world's fastest cars begins “We Ride Together As One 'Til The End” W. Imagine being an author and writing a book about yourself as the main character Congratulations on writing the worst book in existence

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ARNING Possessive Demanding Authoritative Controlling Domineering Overbearing Loyal Jealous High Handed Protective Loving Passionately Sexual Italian Alpha Male with slight undertones of 'Dominance Submission' Contains Sexual Scenes with strawberries bondage with roses ice cream public oral sex Modern Fantasy New Adult Contemporary Erotica Action Adventure Due to strong language and graphic sexual content this book is not intended for readers under the age of. 5 Can I Keep You StarsI like to start off with as much honestly as I can when it comes to these reviews With that being said I can tell you I almost shied away from this one I have this weird thing with certain covers that make me not even want to give a book a chance I know that's horrible right Well if that's you as well when it comes to this book I'm telling you now don't let that stop you from devouring everything this book is Because I can guarantee you you will regret it if you doKaidence Lezamy has only ever known a few things in life One family is and always will be her lifeline Two thanks to her grandpa ice cream takes the pain away And three after years of bullying and body shaming her curvy plus size figure and curves she wonders if she'll ever find the king to her ueen Someone to show and teach her in life and most importantly to show her just how trapped inside herself she is not But most of all even though I have everything in life deep down I am seeking chaos Someone to help me change the way I see the world I feel trapped in who I am The support Kaidence feels from her family and two best friends is unbreakable She made her choice to give up on love and life to simply just liveThen it happenedOne night one illegal street race one celebration led her to two gorgeous icy blues and a chance encounterHis name is Titan Thomas And she was immediately captivated This man is purified water from an exotic waterfall Rare in refinement Preciously priceless A photographer's dream to capture He is the thrill that you seek subconsciously but once you've found him and his deadly currents pull you in he is dangerous if you cannot swim She didn't stand a chance Titan Thomas was THE illegal street racer He was the king and leader of The Griffin Racing League at Exotic Racers To say Titan hasn't seen it all would be an understatement He wasn't looking for a partner to help rule his kingdom All he needed was the blood bond and support of his race brothers and his family behind him and he was setAt least he thought he was until he set eyes on Kaidence and every curve she owns for the first time He was very uickly and easily enad with her When Kaidence stepped out of the car I felt locks and mechanics clicking and shifting into place Kaidence and Titan fall fast and hard like the King and ueen of a racing dynasty only can With dominance and submission passion and undying support for one another and their craft and most importantly love nothing not even the little bumps along the way can come in between them right I'm the horsepower baby but you are the key I can't go anywhere without you You bring me life You start me Wrong Even after all they asked from each other was 100% trust in one another that couldn't keep their pasts from colliding with one another regardless of if it was in their favor or not While fate may be the reason as to why they're together it could also be their demise He's the speed demon who was seeking peace and a fierce loveand I am the fairy that craved the demon's chaos and mad passion So there's only one uestion Go separate ways or burn in hell togetherI've never felt as connected to a book as I have this one The adrenaline the passion the love but most importantly the life lessons are what makes this book EVERYTHING It teaches so many different life values that I feel a lot of women need to know about It doesn't matter where you come from and it shouldn't matter what your body type is EVERYONE is beautiful in their own right and way And to those who tell you otherwise well fuck them

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Biting PointLEGEND KING LOVER RACER Three T rules the roads But this is no televised championship with its own rules and regulations There are no pretty flags or set race tracks in these street races My lover races raw He races wild He races illegally He races like a God I began to believe such a man could never love a girl like me but love me he does all of me and there are plenty of my fuller plus size figured curves to love Together we stand strong at the head of his. I remember reading this book awhile ago and I tried many times to finish it but in the end I had to give up on the story Not that it's not a good one it is but all those details were too much for me to enjoy and connect with the characters and the plot The story has much potential and that's why I feel like this would have been an amazing love story had the author written maybe hundred or so pages less I know that I always wish for authors to write to give us of their great stories but with this one that was the opposite Sometimes less is and that's exactly the case with this book at least for me