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Book ↠ Shakespeare The Biography Ê 608 pages Þ Peter ackroyd Þ ➡ Shakespeare The Biography Ebook ➧ Author Peter Ackroyd – Drawing on an exceptional combination of skills as literary biographer novelist and chronicler of London history Peter Ackroyd surely re cRld where he worked as actor and writer He shows us Shakespeare as a businessman and as a constant reviser of his writing In joining these intimate details with profound intuitions about the playwright and his work Ackroyd has produced an altogether engaging masterpie I am so sick of reading biographies that are basically glorified fiction The amount of factual information that scholars know about Shakespeare from Statford on Avon could fit into this review box The other 588 pages of this 'biography is filler guesses conjectures and basic bs The author himself says that many biographers will assume Shakespeare was a sailor because he uses so many technical sailing terms in his works but the author decides instead that Shakespeare came from a farming background based on his use of so many technical farming terms in his works Seriously? You use the same basic litmus test to decide he's a farmer that you used to bash anyone who thought he was a sailor? That's when I gave upForget that the author doesn't even stop to mention that the Shakespeare he's biographing up to this point the Shakespeare from Stratford on Avon may not even be the same guy that wrote all the plays and poems He doesn't mention that there are all of five actual examples of this Shakespeare's handwriting and that none of them match the handwriting we have of bard's plays or poems or various other worksThis is just lazy fiction disguised as fact

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E panache Ackroyd immerses us in sixteenth century Stratford and the rural landscape–the industry the animals even the flowers–that would appear in Shakespeare’s plays He takes us through Shakespeare’s London neighborhood and the fertile competitive theater wo You'd think by now there'd be nothing new to say on Shakespeare no interesting insights to make no way to take what little we know of him and make it justify yet another biography and yet this book succeeds marvellously Peter Ackroyd is a wonderful biographer his biography of London is a triumph and he always manages to make his material come alive which to be fair is not hard when you're dealing with the words of Master ShakespeareI think I've yet to read a bad biography of Shakespeare and there's a reason for that Any biography of Shakespeare is as much as biography of the plays as it is the man himself and with such material to work with how can you go wrong? It's partly why I'veto say I've not been interested is the wrong word because if it's Shakespeare of course I'm interestedlet's say I've been somewhat aloof from the arguments that continue to rage about whether Shakespeare really wrote Shakespeare As the man himself said 'the play's the thing' Someone wrote these plays and we might as well call that someone Shakespeare for lack of anything elseBecause material on Shakespeare himself is so scarce so much of this biography is populated with information about the era the politics the fashions the fads the personalities at Court and in the streets Shakespeare's friends and his rivals and all of that is just as interesting as Shakespeare perhaps if I dare say even so Perhaps the reason there is so little information on Shakespeare is because Shakespeare was not all that interesting as a person? After all we assume that geniuses must be towering figures but perhaps he was just a small ordinary man with an extraordinary gift We should treasure the fact we have the pleasure of that gift and not bemoan the lack of the man himself

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Shakespeare The BiographyDrawing on an exceptional combination of skills as literary biographer novelist and chronicler of London history Peter Ackroyd surely re creates the world that shaped Shakespeare and brings the playwright himself into unusually vivid focus With characteristic narrativ Very worthwhile book on Shakespeare Although he is still ‘the mystery man’ the author has researched the era his family theatre life religious differences and the locales of London and Stratford and presents the known facts—as well as the gaping holes—as Shakespeare’s life unfolds It is not difficult to see thanks to Ackroyd’s explanations why Shakespeare remains such an elusive figure There are reasons It was a dangerous time for one especially with respect to which side of the religious street you happened to be standing on when England went back and forth between Catholic Protestant back to Catholic and then finally to remain Protestant all in less than 50 years—the span of one man’s lifetime Who knew if that might change again?Shakespeare’s own father suffered most of his life for his determination to hang on to the ‘Old Faith’—something which could have made his son cautious in allowing himself private beliefs and thoughts much less being forthright about them Ackroyd also gave the ins and outs of the dangers inherent in theatre life something still novel in late 16th early 17th Century Britain The risks were greatest for playwrights who might write something heretical or treasonous intentionally or no Shakespeare’s contemporary and competitor Christopher Marlowe died at 29 stabbed to death under mysterious circumstances something which no doubt would have affected WS Shakespeare’s own death at 53 in Stratford on Avon was unremarkable and unattended except for family and some friends Even his cause of death remains a mystery For such a great man so much remains conjecture And yet we love his words and it is those we know so well Ackroyd focuses on the plays characters and memorable dialogue throughout something akin to a tour through a bakery Let me out of here or let me eat one of everything At leastMost enjoyable and most frustrating Bring on those playsOctober 1 2017 We are almost finished One CD out of 16 left Normally audiobooks don’t take us so long This one has taken longer no doubt because of our freuent breaks for discussion Dear husband has no familiarity with Shakespeare which has led to many interesting conversations Also the CDs are very long so we are reluctant to start another unless early in evening August 18 2017 I am a fan of Ackroyd bios Have been wanting to read this one on the Bard for a long time