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A science fiction novel of a world where sadists are allowed to fulfill You Sane MOBI #204 their urges where suffering torture are essential to. Yes that just about sums up this literary accident However I have to say as I’m feeling rather rage filled and need the catharsis of spewing a nice venomous rant So here goesFor years this deceitful liar of a book has teased me with its scandalous cover of a naked man whipping a prone naked woman and its back cover blurb that entices with promises of avant garde sensibilities shocking SF within Lies all lies and prevarications to suck in the gullible Plus I originally came upon this little known work when it was included on 10 Obscure but Superb SF Novels and so I figured it had all the tell tales of a hidden gem Thus I was intrigued; I was excited; I was hopefulI was really really stupid With all the unhinged excitement of a fanboy about to glimpse the wonders of the next big thing I opened the aging but well preserved pages of this slim paperback andplop plop kerplunkwas dismayed as it proceeded to shat shit all over me with the casual abandon of an overfed Clydesdale It shat on my expectations on my hopes and dreams on my very will to live This book soiled me and made me feel unclean Before I continue my therapeutic venting of pent up fury here’s the low down on this underachieving “little engine that couldn’t” that so wanted to be admired for its shocking premise PLOT SUMMARY On a secluded colony world broken away from the Comity of Worlds a society has developed where the ruling class is encouraged to act out their primitive violent urges by beating torturing and raping members of the “bonded” class This activity is conducted at special “houses” where the ruling Lords and Ladies go to expunge the inner need for bloodshed and domination that allows them to conduct the rest of their lives “violence free” The story is told in the form of a first person flashback by the Lord who was instrumental in the destruction of his society after he falls in love with on of the Bonded THOUGHTS Sounds intriguing does it not It could have been an interesting exploration of humanity’s genetic predisposition toward violence and the effect of succumbing to such actions on both the perpetrator and the victim I would love to see this kind of set up thoughtfully explored by a uality writer with a strong sense of emotive characterization Harlan Ellison and Robert Silverberg come to mind That might be very interesting indeed Unfortunately Janifer was a hackney writing hack and couldn’t develop a character to save his life He miraculously managed to take a highly charged taboo premise and turn it into literary Ambien The characters were cardboard and monotone and the writing was scattered and unfocused Even the torture scenes were pedestrian and uninspired I wanted to be shocked and to have my horizons stretched and challenged Didn’t happen I did cringe a little but it was of the variety that is accompanied by eye rolls and yawns This was a bitter disappointment that has left me enveloped in sadness for what could have been10 stars Shame on you

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You Sane MenIzed planet torture the underclass women of their world This is seen as normal until one of the men develops feelings for one of the subjugated. Even though billed as being racy an unmemorable science fiction novel also published as Bloodworld by the multi pseudonymous Laurence Mark Janifer

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review You Sane Men Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ý ❴KINDLE❵ ✽ You Sane Men Author Laurence M. Janifer – A science fiction novel of a world where sadists are allowed to fulfill their urges where suffering torture are essential to the maintenance of civilization a world dedicated to pain those who enjoThe maintenance of civilization a world dedicated to pain those who enjoy it Also released as Bloodworld A sane ruling class of men on a colon. I read this book because of the recent popularity of 50 shades of gray Good suspense If you are reading this book for cheap thrills forget it not soft porn But chilling and gripping with compelling charactersplot While the violence and sex are limited the scenes are shocking cold and provoking Evil joy in torture