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Download A Mind at Play 107 ò [BOOKS] ⚡ A Mind at Play ✯ Jimmy Soni – The life and times of one of the foremost intellects of the twentieth century Claude Shannon—the neglected architect of the Information Age whose insights stand behind every computer built email sen The life and times of one of the foremost intellects of D by gears and string to the age of Apple It’s the story of the origins of our digital world in the tunnels of MIT and the “idea factory” of Bell Labs in the “scientists’ war” with Nazi Germany and in the work of Shannon’s collaborators and rivals thinkers like Alan Turing John von Neumann Vannevar Bush and Norbert WienerAnd it’s the story of Shannon’s life as an often reclusive always playful genius With access to Shannon’s family and friends A Mind at Play brings this singular innovator and creative genius to li. Despite likely being the most brilliant man you've never heard of with the most comprehensive unknown impact on the advancement of technology Claude Shannon star of Jimmie Sonni and Rob Goodman's A Mind at Play Simon and Schuster 2017 was by all accounts a normal kid through high school and college Sure he could send Morse code with his body you'll have to read the book to see how that's accomplished and he had a passion for solving complex math problems most people couldn't even read but that changed when he was discovered by a string of mentors who helped him focus his intellectwho could neither explain himself to others nor cared toIt didn't hurt that he lived contemporaneously with such brilliant minds as Alan Turing George Boole of Boolean Logic fame Albert Einstein and anthropologist Levi Strauss By the time he died Shannon had produced a wide variety of ground breaking research taught at MIT would be known as the Father of Information Theory and was remembered for his prominence in engineering mathematics and cryptographyTo picture Shannon at these times is to see a thin man tapping a pencil against his knee at absurd hoursProne to writing down stray uestions on napkins at restaurants in the middle of mealsUnderstanding this book is easier though not necessary if you have a basic understanding of algebra The authors share a limited number of formulas and do an admirable job of simplifying them to easily understood termsSwitches aren't just switches but a metaphor for math I get this one but not too wellLogic just like a machine was a tool for democratizing force built with enough precision and skill it could multiply the power of the gifted and talentedThe fact that the book is at times long winded and meandering like discussing the history of the now defunct Bell Labs is a reflection of the authors' successful effort to decode a man who is often distracted and chaotic in his personal and professional life Overall if you like Isaacson's biography of Einstein or Nasar's A Beautiful Mind about John Nash you'll love this book If you like stories of the genius mind at play how it unravels puzzles and solves life's uniue challenges you'll want to read this story

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Rta of the Information Age” His discoveries would lead contemporaries to compare A Mind PDFEPUB or him to Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton His work anticipated by decades the world we’d be living in today and gave mathematicians and engineers the tools to bring that world to passIn this elegantly written exhaustively researched biography Jimmy Soni and Rob Goodman reveal Claude Shannon’s full story for the first time It’s the story of a small town Michigan boy whose career stretched from the era of room sized computers powere. A good biography of an overlooked but seminal figure of physics and mathematics Claude Shannon His 1948 work on communication and information laid the foundation for the digital world we all inhabit figures like Shannon Turing and Von Neuman made modern computing possible Shannon was an introvert but also a playful wiseguy in his work but mostly avoided the limelight His work was general and eclectic basically anything that interested him he would work on Nice biography of a curious character

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A Mind at PlayThe life and times of one of the foremost intellects of the twentieth century Claude Shannon the neglected architect of the Information Age whose insights stand behind every computer built email sent video streamed and webpage loadedClaude Shannon was a groundbreaking polymath a brilliant tinkerer and a digital pioneer He constructed a fleet of customized unicycles and a flamethrowing trumpet outfoxed Vegas casinos and built juggling robots He also wrote the seminal text of the digital revolution which has been called “the Magna Ca. Now this is how to write a biography I recently read a biography of Paul Dirac that glossed over his achievements and highlighted his personal relationships If you know anything about Dirac you would know how absurd it is to focus on his personal relationships The author could have at least given his achievements eual billing In this biography Soni brought to life all the aspects of Shannon's life his inner life is shown through glimpses of what Shannon thought about various things very entertaining family life was nicely detailed as was his relationships with coworkers and friends Most importantly his work has been beautifully explained so that anyone with a curious mind can understand it and preserved Shannon's mind was a mind at play indeed and oh how brilliant a mind it was I was moved to tears on many occasions as I relearned all the concepts that this one man brought to our existence With his ideas Shannon changed the face of the world itself In the same way that Aristotle changed the way the world thought after starting civilization down the road of deductive reasoning Shannon changed the very way we thought about everything when he realized everything was a 0 or 1 a true or false and could be put into a logic table Thank goodness for his obsession with Boolean algebra which set him on a path that gave rise to information theory I only wish Shannon could have lived long enough to see applications of his work The digital world of today is something I truly wish he could have witnessed