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Casey loves to play with his blocks puzzles and dump truck but he also loves things that sparkle shimmer and glitter When his older sister Jessie shows off her new shimmery skirt Casey wants to wear a shimmery skirt too When Jessie comes home from a party with glittery nails Casey wants glittery nails too And when Abueli uite a few books have been written recently that feature boys who want to dress in girls' clothes This one is different in several ways First author Leslea Newman has chosen not to make it about specifically wanting to wear girls' clothes instead Casey wants things that are sparkly shimmery and glittery If his sister Jessie was wearing a t shirt jeans or shoes that had lights or bling Casey may very well have wanted to wear those I think boys can relate to this Think about how many boys are out there are wearing tennis shoes that light up as they walk Second it is his older sister who initially tells him that boys can't wear that Casey's parents and grandmother are very supportive and let him experiment trying on the shiny things Only when Casey is bullied by the boys in the library does his sister come around to accept his behavior Finally the illustrations depict what looks like a Hispanic family or at least one that has Hispanic roots the complexion of their skin and the little gold hoop earrings that Jessie wears are indicators Very few children's picture books feature diverse children who are exploring their sexuality making this one stand outNewman has penned a charming story that can be read without necessarily pushing an agenda outside of it's okay to explore new things and is well matched with Mola's eually charming illustrations

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Sparkle BoyY has the right to be himself and wear whatever he wants Why can't both she and Casey love all things shimmery glittery and sparkly? Here is a sweet heartwarming story about acceptance respect and the freedom to be yourself in a world where any gender expression should be celebrated Sparkly things are for everyone to enj Not technically LGBT since the main character doesn't declare a gender identity or orientation but the fact that this boy likes sparkly things makes this a perfect book for families raising gender creative or gender nonconforming kids

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FREE EBOOK ô EPUB Sparkle Boy ê 9781620142851 ä ❰Read❯ ➵ Sparkle Boy Author Lesléa Newman – Casey loves to play with his blocks puzzles and dump truck but he also loves things that sparkle shimmer and glitter When his older sister Jessie shows off her new shimmery skirt Casey waTa visits wearing an armful of sparkly bracelets Casey gets one to wear just like Jessie The adults in Casey's life embrace his interests but Jessie isn't so sure Boys aren't supposed to wear sparkly shimmery glittery things Then when older boys at the library tease Casey for wearing girl things Jessie realizes that Case There's just so much to love about this bookI love that it depicts a multicultural family without that being the main topic of the story A Spanish term for grandmother Abuelita is used without it really being highlighted other than as a single glossary term on the verso page of the bookI love that it depicts some sibling rivalry issues in a completely normal way Jessie is older and loves sparkly things Casey her younger brother likes age appropriate things like blocks puzzles dumptrucks and such but he also wants to have the same sparkly things his sister does I love that their parents are completely unconcerned by his preferences Casey is a young boy and likes doing 'boy' things but he also likes to be sparkly too After all There's no harm in that I love that this story also shows an extended family member in this case the children's grandmother being just as loving and accepting as their parentsI love that it shows a family working through their issues in a kind way and a sister slowly coming to accept her brother's proclivity for embracing the same sparkly things she does I love that Jessie comes to defend Casey from bullies at the library she may not have liked that he wore a sparkly skirt and had painted fingernails but by George she wasn't going to let anyone else pick on him That kind of familial love rings so trueI love that the story doesn't state why Casey likes the shimmery glittery things Maybe he is a little jealous of his sister getting to have these things Maybe he just wants to be like her Maybe he is showing some inclination for appearing feminine Or maybe he just likes these things Maybe it's a phase maybe it isn't We don't know and even it doesn't matter either wayAnd of course I love that the story shows the family going to the library for storytime Any book that shows families going to the library make me smileI believe that this book will do good in so many ways It's a kind story and has just enough drama and conflict to avoid being totally saccharine The illustrations rendered in pencil and colored digitally are nicely detailed and complement the narrative well Another great book from Lee Low Inc Be Yourself