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Epub Ó The Camino Way ï 208 pages ☆ ❰Read❯ ➱ The Camino Way Author Victor Prince – Gym-apparel.co.uk A leadership journey unlike any other Stretching across 500 miles of northern Spain the Camino de Santiago has been a pilgrimage route for a millennium Each year hundreds of thousands of peregrinos ma A leadeShip lessons inspired by the values emblazoned on the back of every pilgrim's passportTreat each day as its own adventure ● Make others feel welcome ● Learn from those who've walked before ● Consider your impact on those who follow ● And Leadership is a journey The Camino Way prepares you to tackle it with a pilgrim's heart a wayfarer's grit and a leader's visi Great read uick and inspiring

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A leadership journey unlike any other Stretching across miles of northern The Camino PDF Spain the Camino de Santiago has been a pilgrimage route for a millennium Each year hundreds of thousands of peregrinos make their way through rugged countryside and medieval towns in order to reflect test their will and join a community of strangers on a shared mission In short it Would compelled be the right word Inspired Even obliged After having read chapter 3 in your book I really could not explain the immense emotions I felt; ESPECIALLY after the story about how your Camino was saved by a kind stranger who made it possible to receive help even after the pharmacy was closedSee many people may see my mentality and think I am intense and hardcore but I had an experience while motorbiking through Vietnam alone where I may have not returned home if some teenagers had not helped me Reading this section of you being helped due to the kindness of others sent me back and reproduced those feelings Those feelings of being so lost alone and helpless before I had found help and then the most amazing feelings after being helped and in how impactful kindness can be to others even when for the people helping it may be something so simple Typing this message sends all kinds of memories and emotions through me Although I did not experience your specific experience I understand walking till your boots are soaked in blood and also the feelings of starting a journey with the onset of obstacles early on that truly begin to make you uestion many things Is this possible Can I do this What ifSo I just wanted to thank you and write to you to explain how deeply the end of the chapter affected me The feeling of being helped when you reach a point where mental toughness no longer can help yourself is indescribable It definitely taught me to be grateful help others and be kind without expectation of anything in return Anyways the kindness I continue to give has already been returned by the people who have helped me beforeThank you for taking the time energy and effort to put this book together Thank you for making the decision to go on this adventure as I am sure there will be many who will connect with what you describe learn from what you learned and be inspired by what you experienced

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The Camino Way's the ideal training ground for authentic leadershipChallenged to walk the Camino Victor Prince began his trek as one person driven work focused and highly competitive and he finished it a very different one balanced caring and present in the moment In this transformative book he guides readers on their own Camino translating his experience into seven essential leader Having walked the Camino in sections in 2016 and 2017 I was surprised that I had not discovered this book before now I’m a business owner and lead a small team I’m also a mum and the messages through this book spoke to me in loud voices They say that your real true Camino experience starts after your Camino and this is so true Thank you for this read I’ve made many notes which I will return to time and time again A true inspiration