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Summary Û Behenji Author Ajoy Bose ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ [Reading] ➽ Behenji By Ajoy Bose – How did Mayawati become the iconoclastic combative politician universally known as Behenji today Is there a historic parallel anywhere else where a woman belonging to the most cruDe down and restructuring power euations entrenched for centuries if not millennia The path she has blazed through the Byzantine political system of Uttar Pradesh has been a uniue tour de force Not only has she been the Chief Minister four times but she has done so by overturning the established electoral traditions of a state that virtually invented modern Indian politics With her in your face political style unabashed display of accumulated wealth and mercuri. The book is a political biography of one of India's most intruiging and interesting politicians Mayawati who is also known as Behenji Respected sister Thinking that a poor Dalit leader rose to become the CM of India's most populous state gives me goosebumps and reposes faith in our democracy And this journey has been very well detailed by the author right from Kashi Ram's efforts to Mayawati winning the majority single handedly in 2007 and ruling But the good part ends hereThe author plays apologist for Mayawati's well known shortcomings be it allegations of corruption divisive poisonous casteism or poor governance Some figures for eg 17% GDP growth rate under her rule seem fudged Also the massive waste of her statueconstruction drives have been justified in the name of self respect Surely the author cannot justify everything by comparing her to Mulayam Singh Yadav Surely the pursuit of power cannot be the sole aim and what matters is what you achieve once in power And finally unlike the author I am very happy that the Gandhi Ambedkar Poona pact in 1932 led to reserved seats and not separate electorates It this because of this that Kashi Ram and Mayawati had to move to Sarvjan Samaj from Bahujan Samaj and be inclusiveThe title should be Behenji A Political Strategy Biography of Mayawati since it is obsessed with her politicalelectoral strategy and not actual outcomes or tangible benefits to the people by her governance

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How did Mayawati become the iconoclastic combative politician universally known as Behenji today Is there a historic parallel anywhere else where a woman belonging to the most crushed community known to mankind has risen through the heat and dust of elections to rule two hundred million people and may well reach further to guide the destiny of a billion in the not too distant future Mayawati has changed the face of politics in India turning old assumptions upsi. An impoverished woman coming from the most oppressed community of India and rising to become the chief minister of one of the most feudal patriarchal and backward state of Uttar Pradesh this premise is enough to attract any serious enthusiast of Indian politics Ajoy Bose deserves great praise for this meticulously researched and deeply engaging and brilliantly written 'unofficial' biography To erect the whole career trajectory of an enigmatic personality like Ms Mayawati is no mean achievement and the fact that the author has also managed to answer many mysteries of her career against the larger backdrop of regional and national politics makes this book a uniue work in political literature of India It serves as as a microcosm to the shifty political dealings caste community considerations of Indian politics The only shortcoming is the author could have left out some minutest details of election statistics and thus reduced the expanse of the book this could have made the reading enjoyable Also the 2nd edition published in 2012 has some editorial errors in not being sufficiently updated Apart from these minor errors this book is a welcome addition to the small bibliography of regional political writings of individual Indian states

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Behenji Author Ajoy BoAl nature she is perhaps the most enigmatic Indian politician for decades Eminent journalist Ajoy Bose brings his in depth experience of covering Indian politics for over three decades to this pioneering political biography of Mayawati He explores the background of her meteoric rise and examines the growing national clout of this uniue woman who could uite possibly determine the shape of the next Indian government and even be the country's prime minister one da. Not a hagiography but a far from critical account of Mayawati and her political career Understandably given the restricted access and the well know aversion to media interaction of the subject not many real insights into the personality or biography of the individual in uestion; but still a valuable contribution to the still under researched and under published area of Dalit studies and Dalit politics esp in English The account of state politics and party rivalries in UP during the 1990s and 2000s will be invaluable to students of the period and the region with the account of crucial incidents such as the state guest house attack in 1993 being a real contribution