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Eir friends and most disturbing of all their identity Passing as the daughter and wife of a deceased Jewish professor Birdie and her mother finally make their home in New HampshireDesperate to find Cole yet afraid of betraying her mother and herself to some unknown danger Birdie must learn to navigate the white world so that when she sets off in search of her sister she is ready for what she will find At once a powerful coming of age story and a groundbreaking work on identity and race in America Caucasia deserves to be read all over Glamour. In a world where we struggle to find our place issues of race sex gender sexuality and religion strive to complicate matters In this debut novel of Danzy Senna she explores all five without the goal of solving their complexities but understanding them better Birdie Lee a daughter of the revolution deciphers a society where she was born to pass as a spy of sorts between black and white never grasping hold of her fit Where does she belong among the nuances of both camps Since her parents are 1970s radicals one camp forces itself upon her as her white mother Sandy informs her that she will live as a white Jewish girl in New Hampshire to protect the both of them from the FBI Birdie's never comfortable with the implications of such a choice but she deals while searching for her sister Cole also mixed but able to fit inside the black camp and her father Deck While playing spy she realizes what some whites say and feel where comforted by anonymity away from those they may offend Such experiences drive her to seek her black side and live with them But she's not as comfortable as she expects though she does feel better among them as there are communal survival tips she has to master to fully feel in Will she meet the members of her other half again view spoilerShe does hide spoiler

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CaucasiaIn Caucasia Danzy Senna's extraordinary debut novel and national bestseller Birdie and Cole are the daughters of a black father and a white mother intellectuals and activists in the Civil Rights Movement in s Boston The sisters are so close that they have created a private language yet to the outside world they can't be sisters Birdie appears to be white while Cole is dark enough to fit in with the other kids at the Afrocentric school they attend For Birdie Cole is the mirror in which she can see her own blackness Then their parents' marria. Think about the things you say when you think you are in a safe space Think about the things that your safe space is composed of The tangible the intangible the physical the mental the emotional For Birdie the star of Caucasia there were moments when her skin was a safe space to some Because she was a white girlBut that's only halfway true since she was also a Black girl You just wouldn't know by looking at her that her father was Black Some characters in this novel might have adjusted some of their comments reserved them for a space they deemed safe had they possessed this informationCaucasia is an autobiographical debut on a few levels Danzy Senna like Birdie Lee is a fair skinned biracial individual Like Birdie Lee she was born in Boston Like Birdie Lee her mother is white her father Black Like Birdie Lee both of her parents were Civil Rights activists That personal experience helped this novel shine become a novel that stands next to Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye as a great foundation for tackling race in fictionIn Caucasia Birdie Lee has a darker skinned older sister named Cole who she wants to be just like They are so close knit that they developed their own language called elemeno Their parents Deck the father Sandy the mother are both revolutionaries whose relationship is going through a trying time not only because of the revolution but also because of wandering interests One thing leads to another the family splits up Fittingly by their skin tones since Deck takes off with Cole Sandy with BirdieAfter the split we follow Sandy Birdie from the 70s through to the 80s as they both pass The main mission Birdie gets a reunion with ColeNot only is Caucasia a great starting point for race being tackled in fiction but it also hilarious A novel of deception coming of age performance exposure Exposure of the foolishness of that exists within race exposure of the complete foolishness that is racismCaucasia does the thing best that many people claim to do with their humor entertainment it helps you laugh at your pain

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Caucasia Free download æ 106 Õ ➛ [KINDLE] ❅ Caucasia By Danzy Senna ➥ – In Caucasia—Danzy Senna's extraordinary debut novel and national bestseller—Birdie and Cole are the daughters of a black father and a white mother intellectuals and activists in the Civil Rights In Caucasia—Danzy Senna's extraordGe falls apart Their father's new black girlfriend won't even look at Birdie while their mother gives her life over to the Movement at night the sisters watch mysterious men arrive with bundles shaped like riflesOne night Birdie watches her father and his girlfriend drive away with Cole they have gone to Brazil she will later learn where her father hopes for a racial euality he will never find in the States The next morning in the belief that the Feds are after them Birdie and her mother leave everything behind their house and possessions th. Caucasia was a really good novel In fact I had known that it was so intriguing a read I would have read it sooner This was a book that has been on the shelves for so long that I actually forgot about it It may be a book that has been out for so long that many have forgotten about it because I never hear it mentioned in book circles nor have I seen it on anyone's reading list to remind us of its existence I think it would be a great book club or discussion read because it brings up so many points about race in our ever changing yet stagnant society that it leads one into a mode of self assessment I started asking myself uestions about how I view things how I have been viewed and what I have observed about the viewing of race All these things become a topic of discussion because of a story about two girls who are the same yet different and their adventure in a world that likes to talk about euality but acts with difference Sisters Cole aka Colette and Birdie Lee's parents were a mixed race couple who married in the late sixties Their father Deck was a professor and their mother Sandy was a liberal from a well to do Boston family They were ver active in politics and the Black Power movement They both seemed to view their family in the scope of the Revolution Sandy seemed to constantly want to prove that she was not a part of the racist white upper middle class She wanted to prove that she was tough that she got along with everyone regardless of their from her and that she was down for the cause by any means necessary and she wasn't afraid to put action behind it Deck was philosophical about his views on race He was obsessed with proving his sociological points about race that not only was it his constant subject of conversation but it seemed he viewed his own mixed family as a scientific experiment that he wrote books about Of the two mixed children Cole is brown with curly hair and is unmistakable a black child Birdie is fair skinned with straight hair and could pass This book deals a lot with how the two were excepted in the world and even by their own parents Add on top of these issues the adventure and it makes for very interesting reading The adventure The adventure really begins when their parents political views in 1976 cause a reaction that changes all their lives forever I don't want to give the story away but it's monumental and you will be emotionally involved in this book Two narcissists in the name of freedom affect two young lives I'm giving this 4 stars I definitely recommend reading this it's historical geographical to understand race to identify with race to ask yourself some heavy race uestions to note how parental actions shape or break young lives I related to a lot of things a lot and was educated on a point of view for others I can't believe no one is talking about this book any It is worth so much dissection I would read by this author