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Ing out the window as she sinks ever deeper into the supernatural world Ultimately it may be the people she loves the most who pay the price in the high stakes game that vampires call lif. Welcome to Book 2 of Aileen's misadventures in the world of the supernaturalLet me get this off my chest I was SO ANNOYED with Aileen deciding to not share her suspicions with Liam about Thomas being her sireI understand why Liam didn't say anything about suspecting he was right if he confronted her she would have denied it and run away out of sheer stubbornness However as things got dangerous and it became obvious NONE of the other applicants were a safe choice she should have SAID SOMETHINGLiam has aside from being the kind of overbearing asshole you'd expect in his position at least proven that while he has an agenda where Aileen is concerned his foremost priority is the safety of their world and its inhabitants Stephen making not so veiled threats to break Aileen Elinor psychically assaulting Aileen for FUN and giggles Come in Aileen this goes beyond not wanting to be controlled straight into TSTL territoryAnd what happens because she doesn't share with the class Her best friend is kidnapped and made a werewolf after a demon tried to suck her dryShare With The Class Anyhow aside from that irritation idk why but despite this being a character trait for White's heroines in general in Aileen its manifest as idiocy then wary caution I enjoyed reading as the two storylines Aileen once found herself in convergedAt this point Liam should just assume anything happening to Aileen is part of the same issue and work with the theory if they solve one the other will be solved tooI don't much like Caroline or Peter but I did like Nathan and oddly Robert who while not in favor of Aileen running around clanless seemed less like he took her being clanless personal and was worried about the precedence it set In this I think Liam is right sure Aileen got lucky she hasn't gone in a murder spree she's had folk watching out for her However she's a lucky EXCEPTION Her admitting a newly turned werewolf needed collaring for their protection as well as the general populace was not irony it was hypocrisy Does that mean a newly turned vampire which by the way she's the only turned in decades at the moment should be stuck in a 100 year contract to a clan that could be abusiveNo They do need monitoring and lessons in how to survive in this new world however Her ignorance has already caused so much pain and suffering how could she wish that on someone without her strength of character

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Midnights Emissary Aileen Travers #2Aileen has a few rules for her life Aileen Travers PDF #202 Do her job and go home safe Keep the supernatural world away from her human family Stay off the vampire radar And above all don. I really like this series but I have to say I personally hate Liam and I just know he's going to be the love interest for upcoming booksHis character does that bs where he pushes and manipulates the h into doing what he wants and then is smug about it Oh and he treats her like a child when she doesn't do what he wants Honestly it just made me want to punch him in the face “I know I didn’t give you consent How did you do this On second thought I don’t care Take it off”“This again I thought I told you to stay clear I’ll put you under lock and key if I think you’re getting into things that don’t involve you”“I didn’t think so Run off little girl We have business to attend to”“You manipulated me into the course you wanted” He shrugged “So I did”Somehow I thought he saw these little battles of the wit in a different light than I did Where I saw it as a vital piece of my survival he saw it as a game to be a won A challenge to be overcome Now this probably won't get the same reaction out of other readers but its a serious pet peeve of mine when the H just bullies the h into doing what he wants because he thinks its best It just feels like the Aileen keeps getting backed into a corner with Liam and to me that doesn't scream romance I'd like a partnership please Aaannnddd lets be honest if he wasn't attractive to the h it would just be downright creep town

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READ Û Midnights Emissary Aileen Travers #2 ¶ [Read] ➵ Midnights Emissary Aileen Travers #2 Author T.A. White – Aileen has a few rules for her life Do her job and go home safe Keep the supernatural world away from her human family Stay off the vampire radar And above all don't get involved in spook politics't get involved in spook politics But when Liam comes back into town bringing a mystery that threatens the Midnights Emissary PDF life she's built she finds every closely guarded rule fly. I have come to the conclusion that these are the three worst words in the English languageand should accordingly be banned from use by authors as they are clearly using it as a crutch to deprive and torment us the reader Away with them I say awayPS I looooved the book