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Read & Download Perilous Poetry A Book Barn Mystery #3 ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ Perilous Poetry A Book Barn Mystery #3 Author Kym Roberts – Charli Rae Warren doesn’t plan on striking it rich as the owner of an independent bookstore in HazeD copycat the fictional Midnight Poet Society homicides and horrified locals suspect Jamal could be the mastermind behind the crimes While Charli readies the Barn for a stampede of Poetry A Book Epub #222 new customers it’ll take true grit to shelve the culprit before her brainy cousin gets locked behind bars Ms Barton backs out of the visit and she finds herself up a creek with a serial killer holding the padd. We find ourselves back in Texas at the book barn The tale opens with gunshots that shatter the book barn Charlie Rae Warren has visited from Aunt Violet and her cousin Jamal He talks Charlie into using his new app to increase traffic at the bookstore He has arranged an author's signing Someone has similar all that at the end there is a murder instead of a book Will find answers before Jamal is arrested for the murders I am not happy with the low triangle that is forming I highly recommend this book and seriesDisclosure I received a free copy of the book from Kensington through NetGalley for an honest review I would like to thank them for this opportunity to read and review the book The opinions expressed are my own

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Charli Rae Warren doesn’t plan on striking A Book eBook #10003 it rich as the owner of an independent bookstore in Hazel Rock Texas especially one with a pink armadillo as its mascot But when an ingenious advertising campaign puts her business on the map it ropes in some deadly publicity Charli can’t believe writer Lucy Barton has agreed to promote her latest Midnight Poet Society novel at The Book Barn Princ. Sometimes good things go bad Charli is making the book barn a success and when her cousin comes up with an app to put it on the map to the rest of the country she is reluctant at first but goes for it Only the clues in the app bring real life murders and it seems a lot of people in town's lives are in danger including Charli'sThis one really kept me guessing as to who the culprit was I am loving this series and it's a lot of fun in a small Texas townI was given an eARC by the publisher through NetGalley

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Perilous Poetry A Book Barn Mystery #3Ess or that there’s only a week and a half to prepare for the signing It’s all Perilous Poetry Epubbecause of The Book Seekers a smartphone app created by her cousin Jamal exclusively for Charli’s bookstore which sends fans on a virtual scavenger hunt around town for a chance to meet the bestselling author But as soon as it goes live people turn up dead Someone’s using The Book Seekers to track victims an. I enjoyed the character rich cosy Charli Rae is a young lady of colour apple of her dad's eye and owner of a barn bookshop Her cousin has developed an app game like a Pokemon trail that customers can follow around town to rack up points and virtual books with luck exchanging them for real books in the bookshop From the death of an electrician while hanging decorative lights in a different shop we are sure all will not go well Turns out bringing strangers around town can be harmful to Charli Rae's health I like the way she cares for Princess the pink armadillo not the easiest of pets This is a fast paced tale with various sub plots and twists Entertaining read not much romance for our hardworking ladyI read an ARC from Net Galley This is an unbiased review