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Not Another Bad Date Free download Á 108 À [PDF / Epub] ☀ Not Another Bad Date ✍ Rachel Gibson – They say that opposites attract which might explain why sexy successful Adele Harris is such a loser magnet Frankly she attracts so many weirdos and nut jobs that she's beginning to think that she's c They sayThey say that opposites attract which might explain why sexy successful Adele Harris is such a loser magnet Frankly she attracts so many weirdos and nut jobs that she's. Heavy on narration Light on dialogue A few hot scenes Very little humor No good one liners worth uoting this timeThe overall storyline was pretty good even if it wasn't the most original Fantasy writer Adele Harris is convinced someone has cursed her with a slew of bad dates All of her dates end in the most bizarre ways Little does she know that the bitch who tormented her in high school Devon and then stole the only man she ever loved football star Zach Zematis placed a curse on her following her death in a car accident Apparently said bitch must right the wrong she did to Adele by helping her to find her HEA with ZachAdele is summoned to her hometown in Texas to care for her 13 year old niece after her pregnant sister's husband is busted for cheating Adele's niece becomes friends with Zach's daughter and conseuently the two are conveniently thrown into circumstances where they must spend time togetherThere were two weird things that threw me out of this book 1 The baby is born prematurely in one chapter but shortly thereafter the sister is pregnant still waiting for the arrival of the baby apparently I'm not the only one who noticed this odd mistake; and 2 The book reads weird Really weird Not like Gibson's older books which read smoothly to me I'm not sure how to explain it but basically we are given the blow by blow of the main characters Example Adele moved into the living room She turned on the lights She put her keys on the table and moved into the hallway Example Zach flushed the toilet He pulled his boxers up He switched off the light and moved into the hallway Not direct uotes Yes the author said moved over and over and over again It drove me nuts I'm still thinking about compiling a list of appropriate nouns and emailing it to her for future use And yes there are a unnecessary scenes involving flushing toiletsNot to sound too snarky but I expected so much from the finale of RG's writer series 'Specially since it just received the 2009 RITA award If the book didn't have the heaven storyline and had a little insight into the characters I probably would've enjoyed it As it was I felt like I never really got to know the characters Totally disappointing fluff for me

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Beginning to think that she's cursed And it's about to get worseWhen Adele heads home to Cedar Creek Texas she runs into her first ever bad date the delicious Zach and. She’d fallen in love for the second time with the same man who didn’t love her Only this time it was worse Two times worse This one kept me interested but didn't wow me like some of her others I didn't really fall for the hero this time something about his exaggerated southern drawl and his overall lack of substance Yes at least he did the right thing in the end but honestly he didn't do much than that I thought Adele deserved better

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Not Another Bad DateIt seems he wants a second chance Not Another Kindle Like she'd ever let him big ol' drop dead gorgeous him near her heart again Uh huh No way Ain't never gonna happ. What does a gal have to do to get a good date in this townWell this was the final instalment in the “Writers” series from Rachel Gibson Probably my least favourite why Not sure Maybe I should take a break between reading books in a series and read some different stuff in between Saying that it was a good enough 35 stars read for meHe is a High School football coach she is an author visiting her sister to take care of her 13 year old niece They had a past connection but had not seen each other for years Actually did not “get” the whole “dead wife” thing added nothing to the story for meOMG maybe this book was not even 35 stars if I cannot even muster up some energy to search for some images or gifs Need something totally different now and as I said the reviews will be a bit detailed when I get back to work“He lifted his face and came up for air I couldn't stay away”