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Read & Download Assassins Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¼ ❮Download❯ ➺ Assassins ✤ Author Ray Timms – Could the English and the Scots ever be at war with each other again Based in London and in Edinburgh this apocalyptic version of 21st Century UK politics has dirty tricks than you coCould the English and the Scots ever be at war with each other again Based in London and in Edinburgh this apocalyptic version of st Century UK politics has dirty tricks than you could shake a stick at Brexit and political in fighting in Westminster and in Holyrood collide into a series of events that make a war between these two proud nations inevitable Post Brexit and the Scots voice their frustration complaining that most Scots had voted to remain in the EU The Scots hold a referendum on Independence and this time they win Having decided they will no longer be pushed around by Westminster they go ahead with a threatened Universal Declaration of Independence This is bad news for Tory Prime Minister Sir Roger Bottomley who is in now being blamed for the break up of the UK His own MP's want him out and he has just been voted the least popular PM ever To head off yet another vote of no confidence in his leadership Sir Roger and his hapless personal adviser concoct a plan get Sir Roger off the hook They circulate a fake email that purports to sho.

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IV Gavin then learns that he is only supposed to be a puppet king and kept under the control of his Scottish political masters but Gavin has other ideas grand ideas He reveals plans to nationalise the banks the railways and other big businesses Whilst these plans make him popular among the Scottish masses he is making many enemies among the rich industrialists People with money and power both in Scotland and in England fearing his plans to rob the rich and reward the poor decide he has to go Gavin's enemies then try to force him to abdicate by kidnapping his mother When this vile plot is foiled his enemies hire the most famous hitmen in the world to take him out When the hired assassins that have gathered in Edinburgh learn that they are in competition with others to take this prestigious scalp they begin to target each other Even MI has an assassin on the case Can Gavin King Robert V survive the numerous attempts on his life Does he have a single friend he can trust Will the auld enemies Scotland and England become dragged into the abyss of w.

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AssassinsW that the newly independent Scotland is planning to overrun our oil installations and our military bases The plan works and the English press gets behind a rising tide of national fervour Headlines fan the flames of hatred Sir Roger orders the immediate withdrawal of all UK forces based in Scotland These clandestine night manoeuvres didn't uite go to plan and in one unfortunate incident a famous Scottish Village is partially destroyed by a British tank and in another incident a Scottish Trawler is sunk by a British destroyer The two nations now stand on the brink of war In yet another twist the Scots hopes of a seamless independence is thwarted by the need for Royal Assent for their new laws which only a Regent can sign off To get around the problem the leader of the SNP sends out scouts seeking to find a descendent of their last king Robert The Bruce When Essex Parking Enforcement manager Gavin Brewson answers the late night knock on his door he is shocked and honoured to be offered the post of King of Scotland After being crowned King Robert.