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I Am I Am I Am Seventeen Brushes with DeathLy conscious of life's fragility determined to make every heartbeat countA childhood illness she was not expected to survive A teenage Am I Am I Am MOBI #204 yearning to escape Am I Am I Am MOBI #204 that nearly ended in disaster A terrifying encounter on a remote path A mismanaged labour i. We are all of us wandering about in a state of oblivion borrowing our time seizing our days escaping our fates slipping through loopholes unaware of when the axe may fallOne day early in February we had a rare day of sun and sixty degrees after having just endured subzero temperatures the week before brrr I could not get my sneakers on fast enough I ran out the door without a jacket to get a little fresh air and exercise Now I very rarely listen to audiobooks Don’t get me wrong I think they are a fantastic option to take in even reading than is otherwise possible with our busy lives Unfortunately I am not cut out for the experience most of the time I can’t do two things at once I cannot do laundry prepare dinner dust the furniture or drive a car while focusing on a story My mind starts to wander if I’m not actually looking at the words myself But I have on occasion tried to ‘train’ my mind to be a better audiobook listener and so I downloaded this memoir by Maggie O’Farrell and got moving I was instantly hooked From the moment Ms O’Farrell shared her encounter with a creepy stranger on a deserted footpath I fell in love with her words I was mesmerized by her stories of near drowning experiences a frightening childhood illness a heartbreaking miscarriage and the harrowing ordeal of taking care of a child with life threatening allergies Along with her brushes with death we also learn a bit about her life and her love of reading and writing She shares her joy of travel and the restlessness that drives her mad when in one place for too long – she longs to get out and see the world I am desperate for change endlessly seeking novelty where I can find it I completely get thatThe structure of the memoir is non linear in time with each essay titled by a body part or system followed by a year This was not at all confusing and I was wholly engaged throughout I often found myself reflecting on the vulnerability of human life Just how often do we have our own brushes with death I imagine that sometimes we may not even be aware of all of them I suspect it is best not to mull over this uestion of near death too often or one could become rather morbid Fortunately Ms O’Farrell does not take us off in that direction either If you fear this memoir may take on a ‘preachy’ tone – no need to worry as that’s just not her style I have a strong hunch that she is just happy to be alive and wishes to live her life to the fullest extent possible Now for a uick note on the narration itself – it was fabulous In fact part of the appeal of the entire experience for me was the narrator’s voice Sometimes I forgot that it was not the author speaking to me directly Maggie O’Farrell is a brilliant storyteller Her words feel genuine; her writing style is elegant yet not overembellished You might assume and understandably so given the title that this book is somewhat depressing Yet it is not Yes these stories recount moments of fear confusion and sadness But at the same time they are uplifting and hopeful Life is meant to be lived despite the odds and the setbacks This book bedazzled me and I highly recommend it if you are at all drawn towards memoirs Actually even if you don’t typically read this genre I suggest you give this one a try It certainly made a convert out of me I plan to move up of the memoirs on my list as well as some of O’Farrell’s fiction writing which I have yet to discover I swam in dangerous waters both metaphorically and literally It was not so much that I didn't value my existence but that I had an insatiable desire to push myself to embrace all that it could offer

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REVIEW I Am I Am I Am Seventeen Brushes with Death 107 ☆ ❴PDF❵ ✎ I Am I Am I Am Seventeen Brushes with Death Author Maggie OFarrell – I AM I AM I AM is a memoir with a difference the unputdownable story of an extraordinary woman's life in near death experiences Intelligent insightful inspiratN an understaffed hospital Shocking electric unforgettable this is the extraordinary memoir from Costa Novel Award winner and Sunday Times bestselling author Maggie O'FarrellIt is a book to make you uestion yourself What would you do if your life was in danger and what would you stand to lo. Love her fiction so wanting to read her memoir was a no brainier A different take for sure as she recounts the near death experiences she has encountered in her life Reading this made me think of all the mishaps I have had that could have turned fatal Something I think we all share to various degreesHonest and open are the two words I thought of while reading this The things she shares private moments secrets she had held close but now share Yet it her experiences with motherhood that impressed me the most The sadness of miscarriages joy of holding a newborn the terrible concern and the ever preparedness she has at all times with her daughter The frustration and yes so much love Hoping others see beyond the surface to the wonder her daughter is so poignantly told As always when next I read her fiction after reading these details of her life it will be with new eyes Hope she has a new book in the works and I thank her for sharing this very personal collection of essays with us her readers

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I I Am I Am Kindle AM I I Am eBook #8608 AM I AM is a memoir with a difference the unputdownable story of an extraordinary woman's life I Am PDF or in near death experiences Intelligent insightful inspirational it is a book to be read at a sitting a story you finish Am I Am PDF #10003 new. I have read three of her novels and count Maggie O’Farrell as one of my favorite writers and I know I have to get to those that I haven’t read This memoir is as beautifully written as her novels O’Farrell shares with us some very personal experiences memories of times in her life when she was in danger close to death As in her novels she had me feeling and thinking about the complexities of life sometimes the danger that lies near all of us While she writes about things that happened to her some of these are things that others can relate to miscarriages the heartbreaking emotional difficulty of acceptance and understanding illness that impacts your life a child’s illness and some things that most of us have not likely experienced being mugged at knifepoint the impending danger of being stopped by a stranger in a deserted road We see a vulnerability that we can recognize in ourselves as she reveals so much of her feelings and thought processes All of this making me so very glad that she had this moment “And one night in the monsoon season when the rain is a constant lulling hum outside the windows when our clothes the windows the pictures are growing mould in the humidity and it’s too hot to sleep when I have been reading subversive versions of European folktales I get the urge to put down some words I get up find a pencil open an exercise book at the table and as Anton sleeps I start to write”