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Unsure if he is ghost writing a memoir or if Heidl is rewriting him his life his future Everything that was certain grows uncertain as he begins to wonder who is Seigfried Heidl and who is Kif KehlmannBy turns compelling comic and chilling First Person is a haunting journey into the heart of our ag. Ghostwriting—what a thankless task After countless hours of subsuming the self in another’s life story and personality you get hardly any credit not even a byline But for Kif Kehlmann the narrator of Flanagan’s seventh novel it’s a uick route to some cash Unfortunately for Kif his subject conman Siegfried Heidl is extremely unforthcoming about the basic facts of his past Instead author and subject start to mutually imagine and insinuate themselves into each other’s existence There’s no shortage here of consciously profound lines about identity and self creation but with no driving story to back them up the novel soon grows repetitive As Kif says of writing Heidl’s memoir “I may as well have used a pair of scissors to pick up spilled mercury” The striking metaphor also applies alas to the frustrations of this particular reading experienceSee my full review on the Pittsburgh Post Gazette website

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First PersonSix weeks to write for your life In this blistering story of a ghostwriter haunted by his demonic subject the Man Booker Prize winner turns to lies crime and literature with devastating effectA young and penniless writer Kif Kehlmann is rung in the middle of the night by the notorious con man and co. One of those books you can easily expect to appear on a literary prize list beautiful prose many pages spent pondering the thoughts and beliefs of the main character and a lot going on that I did not understandNot understanding parts of it is I am sure my problem not the author's Richard Flanagan's writing is flawless and freuently very beautiful His characters are deep and cleverly written but also very unpleasant with very little to redeem any of them I debated long and hard how to rate this book and decided to go down the middle with three stars It is without doubt a very good book but one I could not personally enjoy

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First Person Download Ù 109 º [Reading] ➬ First Person ➳ Richard Flanagan – Six weeks to write for your life In this blistering story of a ghostwriter haunted by his demonic subject the Man Booker Prize winner turns to lies crime and literature with devastating effectA young Six weeks to write for your life In thisRporate criminal Siegfried Heidl About to go to trial for defrauding the banks ofmillion Heidl proposes a deal for Kehlmann to ghost write his memoir in six weeksBut as the writing gets under way Kehlmann begins to fear that he is being corrupted by Heidl As the deadline draws closer he becomes ever. An intriguing hybrid of satire and counterfactual autobiography that turns out to be both dark and surprisingly profound while remaining something of a page turnerThe central character Kif Kehlmann is like the young Flanagan a Tasmanian writer struggling to fund his first novel with casual work and support a young family He is offered a job as a ghost writer for a notorious con man Siegfried Heidl a lightly fictionalised caricature of John Friedrich whose autobiography was ghosted by the young Flanagan Heidl is a pathological liar and Kehlmann gradually finds himself inhabited by his personality without making much progress on a coherent story The first part of the story builds to a melodramatic climax view spoilerin which Heidl leads him to his house in the country and tries to persuade Kif to shoot him leaving Kif unsure which of them was responsible for his eventual death Friedrich was also found dead by a shot to the head leaving Flanagan with an incomplete book which was eventually completed and published as Codename Iago hide spoiler