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The Truth About Me A Hijra Life Story review ò 3 ´ [PDF / Epub] ⚣ The Truth About Me A Hijra Life Story ✈ A. Revathi – We got stared at a lot People asked out loudly—some out of curiosity others out of malice—whether we were men or women or ‘number nines’ or devadasis Several men made boldAy for us to live with dignity and make a decent living Revathi was born a boy but felt and behaved like a girl In The Truth ePUB #10003 telling her life story Revathi evokes marvellously the deep unease of being in the wrong body that plagued her from childhood To be true to herself to escape the constant violence visited upon her by her family and community the village born Revathi ran away t. The Truth about Me A Hijra Life Story is the autobiography of Revathi Revathi’s ‘truth’ is the first of such to be published in English at once an illuminating and a scarring read that leaves you changed Hijras are a community of people who are born men but feel they are women and so live as such What differentiates them from eunuchs or other transsexual people is their culture to be a hijra is to live in a community with other hijras where you have a mother figure a guru sisters and daughters and a tight set of rules within which you relate with them what work you can do how you look and behaveThe book is rich honest in detail and pulls you determinedly into the world of Revathi’s experiences sometimes exciting and joyous but often sad and violent physically and emotionally abusive a life of alienation and extreme frustration

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O Delhi to join a house of hijras Her life became an incredible series of dangerous physical and emotional journeys to become a woman and to find love The Truth about Me is the unflinchingly courageous and moving autobiography Truth About Me A Hijra PDFEPUB or of a hijra who fought ridicule persecution and violence Truth About Me PDF #180 both within her home and outside to find a life of digni. I found this an incredibly compelling book At times I couldn't put it down at other times I had to shut the book and walk away in horror anger and disgust The author is brutally honest about her life her tragedies and yes her mistakes The ending is abrupt The language is stark and simple By the end I feel like I knew this woman understood why she made the choices she made even when the results were painful and maybe ill concieved But who among us hasn't made mistakes Who wouldn'thasn't felt trapped at the indifferent injustice of the world And how many of us can really say they've faced this kind of hate and discrimination from their own family and their communityIn the end I wanted of her journey It may be tragic but there is also triumph There is cruelty but also friendship and even love I feel like I've really come to understand so much about the Hijra culture and the great steps forward they've made as well as how intensely they have struggled to gain acceptance It's a very brave book and an intimate portrayal of an incredible human being flaws and all

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The Truth About Me A Hijra Life StoryWe got stared at About Me PDFEPUB #192 a lot People asked out loudly some out of curiosity others out of malice whether we were men or women or ‘number nines’ or devadasis Several men made bold to touch us on our backs on our shoulders Some attempted to grab our breasts ‘Original or duplicate’ they shouted and hooted At such moments I felt despair and wondered if there would ever be a w. A honest self portrait that makes the struggles of people who dare deviate from societal norm hit you on your faceRevathi is completely candid in this compelling book She does not shy away from telling us everything including her own faults This level of candour perhaps coupled with the fact that I had the good fortune of reading this book in her native Tamil Vellai Mozhi takes this book to another level Her story feels very valid and very important and deserves to be read a lot It highlights the struggles faced by Hijras and there is a common thread there that any non conforming individual can associate with The search for her real identity and a place in her current society are universal themes Family politics is perhaps something any Indian can associate with as wellReading this book I feel has taken me to another empathetic level of understanding the struggles trans people face She often uestions why people don't acknowledge her very natural feeling of being a woman who happened to be born in a man's body It is as simple as that and I don't think anyone can deny that I wish this book were made compulsory reading to homophobic and transphobic people so that they can expand the way they think When making sweeping statements about how unnatural all these things are people often forget the very real people who are undergoing things like gender dysphoria This book brings that fact to light There is no way you can deny Revathi what she has gone through and perhaps still is and there is no way you can invalidate that experience of trans people world wide After reading this I feel a yearning to know about trans people Especially the Hijra people and their culture that has so much historic roots here A look into where these things originated and the myths behind it all would make for a very fascinating read without a doubt There is a lot about their culture in this book and it makes the lives of people who we just see begging on the trains seems much fuller Revathi herself has also compiled some stories from her community and written a book in Tamil I look forward to reading that Kudos to her and here's hoping we get to learn about Hijras and bring them to the mainstream conscience