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Rex Albaterra Mates #1 Free read ☆ 102 Ý ❮Read❯ ➶ Rex Albaterra Mates #1 ➺ Author Ashley L. Hunt – An Alien royalty The girl next door Is the universe against themRex The Tribal Elder of Campestria one of eleven kingdoms on the planet Albaterra His blue skin fierce warrior prowess and dediAn Alien royalty The girl next door Is the universe against themRex The Tribal Elder of Campestria one of eleven kingdoms on the planet Albaterra His blue skin fierce warrior prowess and dedication to his race are all in keeping with the A’li uud species but his free thinking ideals have others on the Elder Council wondering if he is capable as a leaderTabitha A young talented chef aboard the Paragon She is at a point in her life where she just Rex Albaterra Epubwants to escape Earth and start over and the space exploration mission was the answer to her prayers Behind her uiet exterior she is a feisty strong willed soul and she uickly finds out that those traits wil. First read by author First in seriesHad high hopes for this Pok based on the blurb but was left feeing disappointed The H was not likable and yes I get he was king of his village and neither was the h she suffered trauma and domestic violence by her previous partner but she didn't win me over And because of this the story fell flat for me

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L be the ones to save her lifeWhen the Paragon crashes on Albaterra at the hands of the A’li uud Elders Rex finds Tabitha at the scene of the wreckage and thus begins a whirlwind of secrets battles and unpredictable emotions Morality is called into uestion and forces both the alien king and the starry eyed human to make choices that could either bring them everything they ever wanted or bring about the total destruction of everything they loveIs it possible for two beings of different species to keep their worlds intact while falling in love or will they be forced to decide between love and lifeFind out by reading this eventful heart pumping romantic and sultry spac. It is a great book to read

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Rex Albaterra Mates #1E adventure Rex is the first of the Albaterra Mates series of science fiction romance novels The book is standalone but should be read in order for maximum enjoymentExpect steamy scenes mysterious aliens deadly planets and the love story between a beautiful curvy woman from Earth and a sensationally hot alien warriorA full length romance novel with no cliffhangers and a happy ever after ending EXCLUSIVE INCLUDED New Book by Ashley L Hunt YET to be published and only available through this box setIf you love Bella Forrest Ruby Dixon Celia Kyle Christopher Greyson KF Breene Grace Goodwin these series will be your next read because it is inspired by those awesome authors. Title Rex Albaterra Mates Book 1Author Ashley HuntPublisher Ashley HuntPublished 4 4 2017Pages 471Genre RomanceSub Genre Science Fiction Fantasy Paranormal Romance Mystery Thriller Suspense SeriesISBN 9781520893419ASIN B06XTZGZ2DReviewed For MyselfReviewer DelAnneRating 45 StarsNot just a paranormal romance with Aliens but a story filled with intrigue and thrilling suspense Albaterra has one leader over everyone but the planet is also divided into eleven separate kingdoms each with its own Governors The A'li uud's have know of Earth and have kept a close eye on them and their development for centuries but know the people of Earth know of them too Rexstrenu'us Rex Et'Herba head of his kingdom Campestria and his people value nature and peace something they have seen that humans do not The distrust and dislike of Earth's inhabitants in common among Rex's people both elders and general populous of the planet The decision to repel any Earth ships that come to near the planet results in one coming down on Rex's lands When he investigates the crash site he finds Tabitha an exotic beauty that takes his breath away Still he takes her captive to keep her safe I think than to harm but he is not willing to risk his people because of his attraction to her What follows is a coming to understand the different races their customs differences and similarities Both Rex and Tabitha have learned to be warriors Each has a past that comes to threated their growing romance but each is willing to die to keep the other from danger and safe Whether from Earth or Albaterra the path to true love is oft fraught with pitfalls the uestion is how much are you willing to give to make it work These are strong characters in intelligence and determination to survive Can they overcome the prejudices of others and dangers that threaten them is truly up to them We are just lucky enough to be able to watch as the road to possible happiness unfolds and learn from them so that when we crash on someone's planet we will know what awaits us Well plotted this story will captivate you and hold you glued to the emotions and actions of the story until the very end As luck would have it there are books in this series so you won't have to leave Albaterra just yet if you don't want to Look for book two Duke Enjoy I know I didMy rating of Rex Albaterra Mates Book 1 is 45 out of 5 stars Link Link Book is titled Welcome to Albatara Link Not AvailableGoogle Play Link Not AvailableIndigo Link Not AvailableKobo Link Not AvailableGoodReads Link Reading Room Link Link