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Epub Ø The 23rd Girl ô 170 pages ☆ Gymapparel ✓ ➡ [Epub] ➛ The 23rd Girl By Chetan Soni ➫ – Gym-apparel.co.uk Smart Suave and confident Rashv is a young man in his early twenties whose claim to fame has been his never say die spirit His life lacked any excitement till one day he acciA whirlwind romance before Rashv realizes that she does not uite fit in his number theory On one hand is this number which has defined his life and on the other hand is the truest love he has ever felt Can a number run your life? Is it justified to let it run your life? Dive into Rashv's world to find o Read my complete review at

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Smart Suave and confident Rashv is a young man in his early twenties whose claim to fame has been his never say die spirit His life lacked any excitement till one day he accidently discovers a strange connection with the number 23 He gets so obsessed with it that the number begins to influence everythin Uniue theme but the plot confuses in between Characters are realistic and believable Descriptive writing style the authors have done a good job A concept that is out of the box However at a certain point there were loopholes that could have been taken care of Despite being a uniue concept and perfect cover page the story fails to keep the reader hooked at many places in between However there were some places where the authors stole my heart One amongst them is –Page 3 “Whoever you are whatever you do your life wouldn’t matter as much to anyone else Whether you are rich or poor whether you possess entire world’s happiness or are sunk deep into sorrows it is only you who are in control of your life So stop complaining and start enjoying life by actually living it up” Overall a one time read Take the book along if you are traveling or going for a short trip Rashv and his humor will surely entertain youNegatives– First In the beginning Rashv life surrounded around his mother however as the story progresses and he gets into the corporate world no hint was given that whether his mom came to meet him or she lived alone?Second In the starting there is a certain line where the author first takes into the flashback and then tells us to come back to the present That line however didn’t fit into the criteria Few things should be left on to the reader to recognizeThird the story in between gets a little slow and loses its grip therefore the length could have been kept a little short

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The 23rd GirlG he ever does Roohi is a fiercely independent headstrong girl who is relentlessly chasing her dreams in the corporate world before the 'burn out' happens She craves for a change and takes a sabbatical from work when she happens to cross paths with Rashv who falls irrevocably in love with her They have The biggest tragedy of life is not that we diebut about what dies inside of us while we are still aliveSubtle but trueIs Rashv's life all about tragedies??are the conseuences of his life a mere fluke or there is some unbreakable bond??BlurbThe story revolves around a guy Rashv whose monotonous life with only  heartbreaks and timidity comes to a halt when he  decides to make all his life decisions  based on an ordinal number 23Book  coffee cheers The author in a solilouizing manner introduces us to our protagonist​ RASHV                                           Topper of the school and now enters in the amidst of college new infatuations and smirkinessRashv is all excited to find his new true love but when he fails to appeal the damsels self doubt bites him from within but he didn't deter himself and decides to go from MrFat to Mr FabStrolling one day with a few rays of hope left he comes to know about an amusing fact dealt with his own life from long and how dumb of him to not see itYes the number theoryEverything he sees date timepage all revolves around the number 23             Thus he sets his new venture to fit all his chores and fate to rely on a numberLife burns made him diplomatic and bend towards the numberHis ordinal theory made him happy with all the luxury and the Romeo of all the hearts but his love sparkle was yet not perceived as he was waiting for his 23rd girl             Then too he befriends and mingles in his own timid yet adorable style to get the female attention and when he finds Roohi something changesAuthor's world  The story line if seen from a broader aspect is uite straight but the author sets us up on a roller coaster ride with the Indian shrubby spicy bites with a childhood best friend overseas working dad bonbon mother and  meeting the crazy to nerd from short hair to velvety lock ladsI think the author has taken efforts to detailing of the story and went a little deepI really liked it but at some points it takes us off from the story               OverviewAs the author's first book I was happy with the uniue story line and framing style expecting work aheadBubble view Musings of different phases of adulation with the first ever bliss that first kiss and the agony of separation all glued prudentiallyNote The above Review are my own opinions and thoughtsIf you like the Review FOLLOWGenre FictionRatings 3755