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The Beautiful Cure Harnessing Your Body’s Natural DefencesThritis and many age related diseases and we are starting to understand whether or not activities such as mindfulness might play a role in enhancing our physical resilienceWritten by an expert at the forefront of this adventure The Beautiful Cure tells a dramatic story of detective work and discovery of puzzles solved and of the mysteries that remain of lives sacrificed and saved introducing the reader to this revelatory new understanding of the human body and what it takes to be health Disclosure I would like to thank Penguin Random House Canada for providing me with this book as a Goodreads Giveaway This edition is an uncorrected proof and not the finished book which is due for sale in March 2018This book should be rated at 45 stars; the only thing preventing it from a 5 star rating is the lack of a glossary of terms which would be incredibly beneficial to the reader The extensive end notes are amazing and informativeDavis' ability as a story teller lends a certain elouence to this book Much like science educators such as Billy Nye Davis clearly has mastered the art of making science accessible to the masses Davis masterfully presents to the reader the humanity and drama behind scientific research as he educates us on the history and current state of immunology researchI really loved this book not because it was free but because Davis has a way of keeping you engaged without alienating those of us who possess a mediocre understanding of science

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Ng research has resulted in major advances in our understanding of this breathtakingly beautiful inner world a vast and intricate network of specialist cells regulatory proteins and dedicated genes that are continually protecting our bodies Far powerful than any medicine ever invented it also plays a crucial role in our daily lives Already we have found ways to harness these natural defences to create breakthrough drugs and so called immunotherapies that help us fight cancer diabetes ar Just being alive is a fight but it is often a fight that you are unaware of until you feel a few degrees under and have a temperature  That is the thing that keeps you alive working your immune system It is a complex marvel of nature and is something that scientist have really started getting to grips with with painstaking research and a few lucky and intuitive breakthroughs This new understanding of our immune system is now unlocking the keys to dramatically different approaches to our health and well beingDaniel Davis is an expert in this field and it shows in this book which is an in depth look at the way that our bodies work in keeping us safe He covers the history of our understanding of how they think it all works and brings us right up to date with the very latest discoveries These are not only details on the very latest drug trials but how lifestyle and mindfulness can play their part in our health and resilience against diseases There is a long way to go and there will no doubt be many revelations as scientists delve deeper It does have a strong narrative and Davis does mix the complex science with real life stories Even though most of it was clear I did feel it got a bit too technical at times for me but the majority was straightforward to read

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The Beautiful Cure Harnessing Your Body’s Natural Defences kindle ↠ Hardcover read ´ gymapparel È [Epub] ➞ The Beautiful Cure Harnessing Your Body’s Natural Defences By Daniel M. Davis – The immune system holds the key to human healthThe immune system holds the key to human health In The Beautiful Cure leading immunologist Professor Daniel Davis describes the scientific uest to understand how it works – and how it is affected by stress sleep age and our state of mind – and explains how this knowledge is now unlocking a revolutionary new approach to medicine and well beingThe body's ability to fight disease and heal itself is one of the great mysteries and marvels of nature But within the last few years painstaki Really enjoyed this As other reviewers have noted the title and cover art make the book look like a Deepak Chopra style self help number about the effect of meditation on the immune system In fact it's a decidedly scientific overview of the history and future of immunology including some of the recent exciting developments in immunotherapy and its application in the treatment of certain cancers and auto immune diseases Clear well written and nicely pitched for a motivated beginner