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Flora McIvor characters õ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ë ❰Reading❯ ➺ Flora McIvor Author Donald Smith – Gym-apparel.co.uk On the Feast Day of Bride The Daughter of Ivor Shall come from her mound In the rocks amongst the heatherI will not touch Ivor’s daughter Nor shall she harm meTwo extraordinary women Was the love of Bonnie Prince Charlie and mother of his only child Both are caught up in a tangle of espionage and treachery following the defeat of the Jacobite Rising in Scotla. Point no 1 this book is a published fan fiction of Sir Walter Scott's Waverley Point no 2 it is wonderful The careful weaving together of historical fact contemporary perception and fictional characters is so beautiful to read From the first chapter where both Maria Clementina and Henry Benedict were mentioned I knew this was going to be a good read and I wasn't disappointed I would recommend having read Waverley or at least having a sound knowledge of the storyline before delving into this novel as it does assume you know the story but it is honestly one of my best reads this year

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Women come back to full bodied life Flora McIvor has been rescued from the pages of Sir Walter Scott who sent her to a nunnery Her close friend the real life Clementina Walkinshaw. I'm loathe to call Flora McIvor fan fiction as that implies a whole mess of less than stellar connotations but in a way it is precisely that A fresh look at Walter Scott's Waverley from a feminine slant the focus here is on the historical figure Clementina Walkinshaw and the eponymous fictional protagonist Flora You could certainly read it without having read Waverley though I suspect it would feel a little antiuated if you do It's not that Smith can't write women so much as Smith wrote these women exactly as Scott might have all daydreaming hand wringing fragile flowers with a delicate constitution fit only for love and fainting couches It's jarring for a 21st century mindset but not out of rhythm with the source material The issue I had with it was trying to decipher if Smith actually thinks women think that way or if he was just brilliantly academic in his approach Given the rest of his book I'm comfortable seeing it as the latter the expectations and motivations of women were much different in those times and Smith simply stayed true to those If you can recognize that then you will see that there are profound aspects of their personalities to be foundWaverley is a personal favourite so any chance to walk around in those pages from a new perspective I'll take it Smith has created something here that far exceeds the calibre of content one typically sees in fan fiction; Flora McIvor is an academically researched labour of love He has kept true to Scott's tone and creation while managing to impart something new to the story For those who love Waverley or historical literature It's well worth a read For the reader who wants a hyper modern spitfire frivilous romance riding astride flouting the feminine restrictions of her epoch in the guise of an early undercover feminist you might want to stick with CrossStitchOutlander

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Flora McIvorOn the Feast Day of Bride The Daughter of Ivor Shall come from her mound In the rocks amongst the heatherI will not touch Ivor’s daughter Nor shall she harm meTwo extraordinary. I don’t know what to make of Flora McIvor The book brings back a fictional character from Popular Classics Waverley by Walter Scott set during the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 sought to restore the Stuart dynasty in the person of Bonnie Prince CharlieFlora is all about poetry and music The language in which the story is written sometimes sounds as poetry sometimes as pure fiction even though it is wrapped around historical eventsAs a fan of historical fiction which appreciates the richness of history brought in this genre I could not get into this story sounding very frivolous