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mobi Ë Would You Rather ð A Memoir of Growing Up and Coming Out ✓ [Reading] ➷ Would You Rather? A Memoir of Growing Up and Coming Out Author Katie Heaney – A collection of poignant relatable essays from the author of Never Have I Ever about coming out in her late twenties e25 she was still waiting to meet the right guy Three years later a lot changed For one thing she met the right girl Here for the first time Katie opens up about realizing that she is gay She tackles everything from the trials of dating in New York City to the growing pains of her first r My bad How many times have I said I was going to start avoiding current memoirs? Yet this caught my eye at the bookstore I read a few pages that seemed good and I brought it up to the register for reasons that my self of 9 days ago may have been able to explain but my self of today cannot Would You Rather? was frustrating in the sense that every now and again there would be an interesting passage that would keep me reading hoping for of the same but in the end there were so many things I disliked about this book that I don't have the energy to articulate all of them If you've liked Katie Heaney's writing in the past you'll probably like this If you're a late blooming lesbian or a 27 year old who's unhealthily obsessed with Harry Styles this book may make you feel less alone As for the rest of you well it's your life and you can read what you want but you can't say I didn't warn you And as for me is there some kind of hotline people can call when they need to be talked down off the ledge of buying the sorts of books they've vowed not to buy? Asking for a friend

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Elationship from obsessing over Harry Styles because actually he does look a bit like a lesbian to learning to accept herself all over again Exploring love and sexuality with her neurotic wit and endearing intimacy Katie shares the message that it's never too late to find love or yoursel A REALLY excellent follow up to 2014's Never Have I Ever It was fascinating to read about Katie's journey of self discovery and sorry to use this annoying phrase self actualization Funny perceptive and well written I honestly tore through this one

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Would You Rather A Memoir of Growing Up and Coming OutA collection of poignant relatable essays from the author of Never Have I Ever about coming out in her late twenties entering into her first relationship and figuring out what it means to be an adultWhen Katie Heaney published her first book of essays chronicling her singledom up to age I sat on my review of this book for half a week because I was so emotional after I finished reading it Katie Heaney and I have a lot in common I've had a boyfriend but ten years ago Since then I've had little to no interest in dating despite feeling like I should Her talk with her therapist about how most people don't feel dread when it comes to dating was illuminating to say the least While I don't identify as a lesbian I didn't realise I was bisexual until late in my twenties so seeing someone else go through the same process someone who found it just as difficult as I did made me feel seen and less alone Perhaps contradictory I did leave the book feeling lonelier than I have in a long time Some of that is petty jealousy why did she get to realise she was gay and find love immediately? Why not me? some of it is just finding the path I have to walk hard and being tired This is perhaps personal than a book review should be Heaney spends a lot of time lamenting the way people related to her after her last memoir and just wanting to be herself with her own story It's hard not to project onto something like this and while I do sympathize with her it's only to a point Additionally I found her realisations about friendship disheartening She finds love and her friends matter less to her It's not that they don't matter they do of course it's just that being in a relationship means she has the most important person in her life and she needs her friends less As a single person I found this a bitter pill to swallow It's not that we single people don't know that already Or that I would have wanted her to lie and say everything was exactly the same as it always was with her friendships I have had enough friends enter into serious relationships to know that's just the way of life I guess it was just hard to read