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Trenton Makes kindle Ñ 224 pages Download ✓ ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Trenton Makes By Tadzio Koelb ⚣ – A vivid brutal razor sharp debut about a woman who carves out her share of the American Dream by living as a man1946 At the apogee of the American Century the confidence inspired by victory in World WUmes his identity As Abe Kunstler he secures a job in a wire rope factory buys a car and successfully woos Inez an alcoholic dime dancer He makes a home with her but for Abe this is not enough to complete his transformation he needs a son1971 A very different war is under way The certainties of mid century triumphalism are a distant bitter memory and Trenton's heyday as a factory town is long past As the sign on the famous bridge says Trenton Makes the World TakesThe family Spoilers belowA woman in post WWII Trenton NJ accidentally kills her abusive husband disposes of his body and takes his identity She can do this because he was apparently pretty small and she had worked in a factory during the war making wire rope and was strapping like Rosie the Riveter She took on his identity as Abe Kunstler moved to another part of town went through a string of various odd jobs and eventually is able to get work at another factory making wire rope as he had done during the war Abe has it pretty good until he decides that in order for his ruse to be complete he needs a wife and child He meets Inez an alcoholic taxi dancer and woos her away from her job at her dance hall They marry and start to build a life together  In time Abe takes steps to start a family After one on the page attempt to get Inez pregnant the narrative then jumps ahead about 25 years to 1971 Trying for a family apparently worked because Abe has a son Art who has possibly figured out Abe’s secret Now Abe is determined to hold together everything he has struggled so hard to create OK I want to start by saying this really was a well written book and there are a lot of good things about it But it has a really odd writing style It’s something between 3rd person and 1st person The book was barely 200 pp but it was like 400 by the time I read and reread everything I didn’t get or misunderstood because of the weird writing style You do get used to it after a while but it’s kind of exhausting until then I like books that challenge me and make me think but this goes beyond that There were obvious issues of gender roles and identity that came into play as well Honestly I really don’t know much about women who took on male identities in post war society I tried to do some basic research but all I could turn up was stuff I already knew about how women who had filled men’s roles during the war felt disenfranchised after it ended and they all came back and made them go back to being wives and mothers Like duh One part of this is that throughout the novel the woman Abe was before had no identity of her own She was never referred to by her given name Whatever identity she had was totally overwritten by Abe’s right from the start Of course she would want to have Abe’ identity take over hers eventually after her intentional transformation but even prior to that she had no identity Additionally I thought it was weird that NO ONE seems to have missed Inez once she married Abe and moved to another part of town leaving behind everything from her former life The book indicated she didn’t have any family but she still had friends If one of my friends just disappeared and I never heard from her again I would call the cops I don’t understand why no one did this for Inez It begs the uestion of whether anyone would have noticed if it had been Abe who had gone missing Would someone have noticed if it had been a man who went missing instead of a woman? Was this a common ish thing that happened women just disappearing because they took a man’s ID and no one went looking to see what happened to them? In Civil War days I could see that but I have a hard time with it in the 1940s1950s Maybe I misunderstand how it happened but since there wasn’t an author’s note in the ARC I had to expand upon this I’m assuming it probably wasn’t as likely to happen as described hereAlso there’s a BIG uestion of consent It isn’t a thing that’s repeated than once in the book but the way Abe and Inez conceive their child is just gross Spoiler alert but a shitfaced Inez basically gets raped and a shitfaced random dude from a bar rapes her at Abe’s urging No one in that relationship has any ability to give lucid consent not Inez nor the man Abe  tricked Why? Why was that necessary to include? They could have been one of many childless couples It

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A vivid brutal razor sharp debut about a woman who carves out her share of the American Dream by living as a man1946 At the apogee of the American Century the confidence inspired by victory in World War II has spawned a culture of suffocating conformity in thrall to the cult of masculine privilegeIn the hardscrabble industrial city of Trenton New Jersey a woman made strong by wartime factory work kills her army veteran husband in a domestic brawl disposes of his body and ass This sounded very interesting A woman living her life as a man in a post war uber masculine American culture of the 1940s and then a 25 year jump in time to revisit the same person in different circumstances and era The book itself though didn't uite work for me The narrative while visceral and vivid managed to maintain a sort of aloofness Mainly though I just didn't care for any of the characters including the protagonist and with this sort of book you kind of really have to because it's a personal journey sort of a story Maybe this was meant to reflect on the gender and cultural limitations of the blue collar workers in a small town but usually such stories of personal reinvention are daring audacious exciting And here the main character recreates herself as a factory worker named Abe who proceeds to pour copious amounts of alcohol on his muted rage and frustrations So essentially the reader follows a story of a charmless unpleasant drunk who isn't comfortable in his life and makes sure no one in his ersatz family is either The character seems to not lack merely redeeming ualities but also almost any dimensionality It's just a one note self loathing descent into a drunken stupor of an existence uick enough of a reading some good descriptive writing but the story doesn't do the premise justice Thanks Netgalley

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Trenton MakesLife Abe has so carefully constructed is crumbling under the intolerable pressures of his long ruse Desperate to hold on to what he has left Abe searches for solutions in the dying cityWritten in brilliantly stylized prose this gripping narrative is a provocative and incisive exploration of the nature of identity and a disturbing portrait of desperation Tadzio Koelb has crafted a slim gut shot of a novel that heralds the arrival of a writer of startling talent and imaginatio I'm sorry but that was terrible