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El mejor negocio eres túThe Start up of You Download » 102 ä ❥ [KINDLE] ❂ El mejor negocio eres túThe Start up of You By Reid Hoffman ➢ – Gym-apparel.co.uk La seguridad en el empleo es cosa del pasado y la competencia en el mercado de trabajo se ha hecho feroz Todos los sectores económicos esLa seguridad en negocio eres PDF #201 el empleo es cosa del pasado y la competencia en el mercado de trabajo se ha. The basic premise of thesis book is the following the entrepreneurial mindset and attitude are essential for anyone's career in today's economy Thinking like an entrepreneur is not any reserved just for the ultra ambitious well funded Silicon Valley types; in order to succeed in today's job market everyone has to adopt many of the practices that successful entrepreneurs have been employing for decades This in and of itself seems like a great piece of advice Unfortunately this book falls far short of delivering on how to implement such an approach in most ordinarily career pathsI have for years in fact been adopting the kind of attitude that this book promotes I've networked like crazy created substantial online presence tried to be in tune with the latest technological and professional trends etc However in order to have a career or even get a job a lot is reuired It is these other much crucial steps that I was hoping to learn about from reading this book Its authors Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha seemed to have exactly the kinds of credentials that would lend itself to revealing interesting and fact based insights that are otherwise hard to find My expectations were particularly high since Hoffman is one of the cofounders of LinkedIn I was hoping that we'd find out some interesting data culled from millions of LinkedIn job searches and professional connections Unfortunately all my expectations have fallen way short and The Start up of You is just another indistinguishable fluffy career advice book of which there are already way too many on the marketThe book is filled with motivational speak with an incessant deluge of phrases that sound meaningful and profound at least to some people but are in fact uite vacuous Once you catch curiosity it is luckily hard to shake Everyone is looking for an opportunity even if they don't know it It is hard to figure out how these pieces of advice can in fact contribute to advancing anyone's career Granted the book is written with the greatest possible audience in mind but even so it could have used a lot concrete actionable adviceThe only examples that are used in this book are those of people who have been very successful entrepreneurs These kinds of examples are good motivational stories but are almost useless to the millions of job seekers out there hoping to get their own career off the ground In the entire book there are virtually no attempts to show how the insights from the career paths of top dog entrepreneurs translate into the concrete actionable advice for the rest of usFurther almost all of the examples and insights in this book are in one way or another linked with Silicon Valley That is indeed a wonderful and exciting place and I have been fortunate enough that I had spent many years working and studying over there However Silicon Valley is exceptional in many ways and the insights gained there do not translate well to the rest of the country and you are even worse off if you live overseas Silicon Valley's entrepreneurial spirit has tricked down to the lower professional and social circles This however has not been the case with the rest of the world and it's unlikely that it will happen any time soon I still think that the entrepreneurial attitude is worthwhile having; just don't expect any dramatic impact on your career any time soonIf you are in a tight situation right now when it comes to your career then reading this book will be a near total waste of time As already mentioned it contains almost no concrete actionable information If you are relatively secure in your job and just want to gain a better perspective on managing your career then this book might hold some overall value Even under such circumstances though the information you get will almost certainly be very abstract and not readily applicable to your career path

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Hecho feroz Todos los sectores económicos están experimentando transformaciones radicales Frente a esta situaci. What a waste of time this is There is really no information that cannot be found in 100 1000 other business books that are better This is an extended commercial for LinkedIn which I use and really like for the record but I don't need to read the infomercial Also some of the message seems to be its who you know True dat but not very helpful advice unless you are teaching people how to connectBy way of confession I will say I don't really like many business self help books I read them because it is my business to help people grow their businesses To be good at my job I need to share what I know and what other successful professionals have learned I am always grateful for any new insights I can get from others It is rare no matter how little I like a book that I feel I came away with nothing new This is the case here though That said if you like these sorts of books and read to get pumped up and inspired you might like this

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El mejor negocio eres túThe Start up of Youón el cofundador y presidente de LinkedIn Reid Hoffman junto con Ben Casnocha plantean ue la clave para impulsar. Unfortunately cannot remember much after some months of reading it Should write down my notes earlier S Re readability yes Note 45The motivation for the book is one idea the steady career paths of the past are gone Today's environment is extremely dynamic and we should be adaptable and ready to change jobs multiple timesThe solution for the authors is to think one's life and career a start up or simply put be pro active create an identity that goes beyond your current employer and seek to fit the malleable markets The authors stress we are always in a beta version of ourselves Flexibility to change pivot and learn is crucialKey to create an identity is to build a a strong network for new career opportunities and knowledge tapping Within this I found 3 ideas to be the most compelling ones My value in the market is I^We myself to the power of my network That is sharpen your skills as an individual and then expand your reach exponentially with your network Strong ties vs weak ties strong ones are typically people with very similar backgrounds like you You can heavily rely on them However their number of nodes is small and because of the similar backgrounds they don't offer you much informationopportunities On the other side weak ties though weaker in reliability are the ones that can offer you many opportunities for example when you are thinking to change jobs Weak ties are many and can bring you to different environments Our network size expands up to our 2nd degree and 3rd degree connectionsFinally the book ends each chapter with proposed practical exercises to improving your network I haven't done these; will do soon and that's why I want to skim read again the book It's a book that is read very fast The ideas are simple yet to the point and with practical advice