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Omnipotence Enough Read & Download ☆ 109 Ñ [BOOKS] ✬ Omnipotence Enough By Sophia Kell Hagin – War veteran Jamie Gwynmorgan had made a sweet life for herself Then one morning on her way to work she’s abducted off the street She doesn’t know why Or who did it Or where she’s been taken She War veteran JWar veteran Jamie Gwynmorgan had made a sweet life for herself Then one morning on her way to work she’s abducted off the street She doesn’t know why Or who did it Or where she’s been taken She can’t even measure the passage of time Utterly alone only rarely able to hear a. I measure a book by how much it manages to mesmerize me to draw me into its world And how much it continues to rattle me days after I'm done with it And by this measure the book is a full 5 stars But it's not for everyone Especially not readers who prefer their lesfic filled with puppies and warm fuzzies But if you've had your fill of domestic drama and made up angst and the latest romances leave you with eyerolls than heart flutters you might want to take a leap of faith and venture out into the brave new world of Jamie Gwynmorgan soldier fighter survivor This is the third installment of a rather obscure but very well written series about a future soldier and her journey from ignominy to redemption abandonment to lasting love and friendship Like a pawn she gets swallowed up in conflicts near and far over territory and ideals She's literally been through hell and backand somewhat worse for wear Like all series it's best to start with the first book but don't go looking for a romance right off it was of a bromance The lack of one disappointed me in the first book But i liked it enough to try the seuel and that's when I fell in love with the series Still one of my all time faves The third book's blurb sounded ominous and I mentally fretted about the author putting Jamie through the wringer again so soon Fortunately there is a ten year gap between the events in book 2 and 3 so Jamie's had time to heal up phew The moment this book starts I was immediately sucked into its very messed up world It's a world of unspeakable horrors relentless violence and soul sucking helplessness hmm I think I just turned everyone off to the book lol There's no graphic violence though and no gore The first person POV means we're just as clueless about what's going on as the main character Jamie and just as frustrated To survive her daily horrors and ennui Jamie clings on to whatever little shred of sanity she still has by trying to recall as clearly as she could her past life from before the abduction This is a great way to catch up with the goings on of the all women clan that's adopted her as one of their own Unfortunately real life intrudes all too soon and we're soon mentally yanked back into the tiny cell she's locked into Even though the incarceration may seem interminable it does endeventually The patient reader will be richly rewarded with what happens aftewards Let's just say it's a thriller and leave it at that I wasn't able to put it down till the very last page The thing I love most about this series is it's humanity as exemplified by the amazing characterization of Jamie The books may be very dark but it is also about the triumph of the indomitable human spirit One brave soul's unceasing attempt to claw out of that bottomless pit No matter how hopeless No matter how long it takes Even if as in the case of this last book there is simply no way out The third book is specially memorable and topical because it deals with the insidious and creeping loss of individual freedom in the name of security This series may be set in the indeterminate future complete with robot guards and gizmos but it is not that far into the future for the US to look too different There's still the same political economic and social institutions as what there are now just powerful all around you know how the rich and powerful are getting richer and powerful year after year so a decade or so from now the scenarios depicted in the book doesn't feel all that improbable Just like the first two books there are a number of unforgettable supporting characters such as Magenau and Maddie who could easily rival Jamie for the reader's love and attention Another thing I feel that lesfic readers might balk at besides the depressing tone because they're not used to it in lesfic books is the amount of detail the author uses to describe the technical stuff from gadget capabilities to the logistics of escape etc Seeing as we are in Jamie's ex soldier current engineer technical mind all the time that's pretty par for the course For me none of it was overwhelmingly arcane or unnecessary as to be boringdistracting but adds to the realism of every situation and the authenticity of Jamie's character How the author deals with Jamie's PTSD also shows some outstanding writingAnd for those who need the assurance of a happy ending before they decide if they would read a book Click view spoilerThe definitive and incredible cinematic ending is what I would refer to as a gift to the fans of Jamie Enjoy hide spoiler

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Recorderplayer no doubt unwillingly forsaken but it gives Jamie the means to measure time to remember And if she can remember before then maybe she can find her way home to reclaim the life and the deep abiding love some unknown enemy has stolen from herWords Genres Intrigue Thrill. I fell in love with Jamie Gwynmorgan in Whatever Gods May Be and the love affair is ongoing How many times can Sophia this talented author make me shout out loudor cringeor make my heart stopor the tears flow Find out for yourself Work your way through the intricate journey of this intrigue with a good modicum of romance thrown in wrapping itself around the main character like so many fine threads of silk Enjoy the ride I know how much I did Thanks Sophia for sharing such a brave loving soul with the world

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Omnipotence EnoughHuman voice prohibited from seeing human faces even her own Jamie endures in a sinister disorienting fog that devours her memories of before and weakens her grip on sanity until a bit of contraband darts into her imploded world with a message and with hopeIt’s just a tiny voice. Wow what a trip Poor Jamie has THE worst luck but she sure is bloody good at escaping You think there's only one mystery and one problem to overcome and then BAM Hagin gives you drama in the last few pages What a TRIP