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READ Â Good as Gone ¾ ➳ [Reading] ➶ Good as Gone By Amy Gentry ➩ – Da Julie er tretten år gammel blir hun kidnappet og bortført Familien er dypt rystet men klarer likevel å beholde håpet om at Julie vil en dag komme tilbake Plutselig en kveld mange år senere rin Da Julie er tretten år gammel blir hun kidnappet? om jenta virkelig er deres savnede datter Hun prøver å undertrykke følelsene sine men det går ikke og da hun oppsøkes av en privat etterforsker som interesser seg for saken starter en smertefull søken etter sannhete. The first twenty four hours after Julie's reappearance are oddly similar to the first twenty four hours after her disappearance a mirror symmetry that lends extra significance to every detail Julie was taken from her home when she was 13 years old Her younger sister June was in a closet and was the only witness June didn't move from that closet for about three hours Eight years later Julie comes back 21 years old she literally shows up on the doorstep It's assumed Julie had been sold to a human trafficking ring then to some drug lord Other than a little dehydrated and not having eaten much in daysShe seems fine all things considered one of the detectives told Julie's parents She's in shock and needs to see a therapist So therapy is part of the immediate plans To get through the first week Julie's mother takes her shopping She doesn't know what else to do with the 21 year old woman who shows up to replace her missing 13 year old daughter As you might image adjusting to the happiness of having their daughter home is actually traumatic Normal routines just don't feel normal Jane is in collegebut is home She is taller than her older sister There is suppressed communications from each of the family members Andsomething is very fishySomething is 'off' Is Julie even their daughter The mystery storytelling will keep you turning pages I was tucked under my covers during the dark uiet hours 'having' to know what the hell was going on I had an idea things were not as they seemed however I did not at all guess the theme from where this story grew It was damn interesting I'm still thinking about it The author did something at the beginning of the book though which I can't decide if I see it as a strength or a flaw I know I thought about it certainly it was a choice She didn't go much into vivid details of how deeply the family members were emotionally affected from the inconceivable and debilitating shock during their 8 years Julie was gone Rather the story moved rather uickly into the 'return' of Julie And then it's a mystery ridewho what when and whyIt's GOOD uick read keeps you thinkingThank You Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Netgalley and Amy Gentry

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På døra Utenfor står en ung kvinne som introduserer seg selv som Julie Den savnede jenta er mirakuløst tilbake igjen og familiens lykke kjenner ingen grenser Men snart begynner Julies mor Anna mot sin vilje å tvile p?. I had heard really good things about this book but it ended up being a waste of time I felt no connection to any of the characters and I didn't feel any connection between the characters themselves The writing used too many plot devices and ended up really choppy The way the story was set up re Julie from the beginning made it hard for me to be invested in her at all Nothing in this book rang true for me and it ended up falling flat


Good as GoneDa Julie er tretten år gammel blir hun kidnappet og bortført Familien er dypt rystet men klarer likevel å beholde håpet om at Julie Good as PDF or vil en dag komme tilbake Plutselig en kveld mange år senere ringer det. i reviewed this for the LA review of books i will post a link when it runsit runs NOWhttpslareviewofbooksorgarticlehi love how generic the cover for this arc is settling for the most basic description of content on the front and untitled inside before the title was revealed but i don't love the nagging suspicion i have that the final title is meant to make you whisper in the blank good as gone girl good as gone girl this might just be the readers' advisor in me bristling over the invocation of Gone Girl as a readalike for every single psychological suspense book published in the past four years and may not be intentional at all but i'm getting cynical in my old age and i can't help but narrow my eyes suspiciously at the world around meit's a good read and a full review is coming i just needed to get that out of my brain and into the world for others to narrow their eyes at