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Leon sha. this story really grew on me in the best way possible i guess its true what they say that opposites attract because a couple of things that would normally be off putting to me as a reader tiffy being stereotypically ‘uirky’ and the odd writingformatting of leons chapters turned out to be very endearing and made me enjoy the story that much i love how this radiated british humour its so understated undervalued even and i thought leon was hilarious both characters are charming and i thought tiffy went through an amazing character development for being a light and fluffy book there are some uite serious topics discussed in this mainly emotional abuse and manipulation; but i thought it was handled really well in a way that was loyal and realistic to the characters and story overall im very much impressed with this debut novel and i think its safe to say beth o’leary is an author to keep an eye on↠ 35 stars

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The FlatshareRe a flat. now available in both hardback and eBook format in the UK IrelandYasssssss Oh I have been waiting for a book like this one to come along FOR YEARS The Flatshare is exactly what I want from a romantic comedydramedy type book It's got hugely likeable protagonists in the form of Tiffy and Leon a highly original setup for the meeting of these two characters a cast of interesting supporting characters and side storylines but most of all It feels fresh Hallelujah for that I have found myself getting so jaded when it comes to this genre of book but this one is a veritable diamond in the rough 'The Flatshare' does not feel like so many of the countless romantic comedydramedy books I've read throughout the yearsThe setup for this book is a bit bonkers but it really works Tiffy and Leon are flatmates with a twist They share a bed But Leon is in the flat only during the day as he works night shifts Whereas Tiffy is in the flat at nights and on the weekends Their lives are so separate that they haven't even met I mean we know where this is going right BUT THE JOURNEY IS FABULOUS Tiffy and Leon start leaving generic post it notes for each other around the flat regarding things such as bin day leftover food etc but these notes gradually evolve into a deeper intimacy and the two find themselves wondering a lot about the other person and if maybe there is a significant connection The pacing is perfect btw I thought the book might have the error of using the notes as the sole point of contact between the two leads for too long but the author got it spot on with how she kept building upon their burgeoning relationship Tiffy is the traditional uirky type of leading lady that we so often get in these books BUT because of the great writing and the fact that she has a fabulous backstory and is a character laden with genuine feelings and emotions her uirkiness feels authentic to who she is as a person And who she is is also incredibly relatable She's got a wonderfully human uality about her and is fabulously dynamic in that at times she's spunky but others is vulnerable and weak Leon bless him is just lovely He's so uiet but filled with lots of hidden emotions The backstory regarding his mum and his brother and how that translates to his chosen career is uite touching to read about So what I really wasn't expecting is that this story is far emotional than I ever thought possible from a light read This is because it deals with some heavy issues regarding destructive and controlling relationships; all of which I thought were handled in uite an appropriate fashion for such an accessible easy read And what happily contrasted with that emotional side of the book were a great number of humorous moments I laughed out loud FREUENTLY at the fabulous jokes and witty dialogue between the characters FYI for those of us who enjoy that sort of thing there are some fabulous patriarchy bashing jokes in the book that are absolute gems If you're a fan of romantic comedies and romantic dramadies then this book is definitely one you should pick up when it's published in April 2019 An e copy of this book was kindly provided to me by the publisher uercus via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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summary The Flatshare 108 µ [BOOKS] ✪ The Flatshare ✬ Beth OLeary – Tiffy and Leon share a flat Tiffy and Leon share a flat.Tiffy and. This was boring and I just didn't feel the chemistry so just pretty disappointing I'll elaborate in a recent reads video