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Baby Daddy Reader ¼ ¾ Kendall ryan ¾ [BOOKS] ✪ Baby Daddy By Kendall Ryan – From New York Times bestselling author Kendall Ryan comes a feel good and sexy new standalone romance We met in a trapped elevator Emmett was on his way to work sophisticated and handsome in his tailo From New York Times bestselN diapers or playdates And since he didn’t want kids I’d be on my own once his bun was in my oven free to go my own way But once his baby was inside me it was like a switch had been flipped and I got a whole lot than I ever bargained for This full length standalone contains a hot swoonworthy hero lots of playful banter and some hot baby making Enjo Baby daddy by Kendall Ryan is a uick easy and a very naughty readIt a single women meets man of her dreams in a broken down lift on her way to a fertility treatment appointment 🙄just as you do I love Kendall Ryan for giving us single ladies new ideas if finding men 😘

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From New York Times bestselling author Kendall Ryan comes a feel good and sexy new standalone romance We met in a trapped elevator Emmett was on his way to work sophisticated and handsome in his tailored suit and tie I was on my way to the sperm bank Awkward right? At thirty five my life hadn’t taken the path I thought it would and I was tired of wai 35 stars Baby Daddy is one of those books that shows what Kendall Ryan does best Short sweet flirty and fun I love her books for this reason Knowing I can pick one up and usually finish it in one sitting with a huge smile on my face it’s a good feeling I really enjoyed Baby Daddy I listened to the audio book and got through it in a day One of my favorite narrators Sebastian York narrated Emmett so that is always a huge plus Baby Daddy starts with two random people meeting in and getting stuck in an elevator One is on their way to a fertility clinic the other on his way to work The two strike up a conversation and there is obviously chemistry between them Somehow Emmett decides maybe Jenna could get pregnant the old fashioned way with his help It would be a no strings attached using him to impregnant her then they would go their own separate ways Emmett has no desire to have children or settle down but there is something about Jenna that draws her to him It’s funny how things change with time Emmett and Jenna have so much chemistry together and it’s not just sexual chemistry The time they spend together the both of them start to fall It’s not part of the plan but maybe plans can change? This book was steamy entertaining and a whole lot of fun It was a great book to listen to and I highly recommend the audio book if you’re looking for something short sexy and sweet

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Baby DaddyTing I wanted a baby And I was ready to take matters into my own hands to make it happen After our ill fated elevator encounter Emmett insisted on taking me to dinner he also insisted on something else that I ditch my plan involving a turkey baster and let him do the job He would be my baby daddy He was a wealthy and powerful CEO with little interest i 35 Stars The blurb to this story really captured my interest and attention There seems to be an influx of this type of story lately where the heroine is ready to have a baby on her own when the hero comes along However this one stood out for me Jenna is a professional woman who knows what she wants She is independent and is ready for the next stage of her life Upon meeting Emmett sparks fly Emmett is a busy businessman that has no time for or desire to pursue relationships However he is than interested in a strictly sexual arrangement with Jenna I really liked Jenna’s opinion stance and modern take on motherhood The hero and heroine’s meet and subseuent understanding however happened rather uickly in my opinion I would’ve liked for them to have a little page space within which to develop their beginning Still I was still able to get a general sense of their characterization and was entertained I enjoyed the way Emmett’s feelings changed and evolved The writing was strong The plot was ok in execution Pacingflow were strong after the rushed beginning Safety No rape or abuse No others for either Complimentary copy received and voluntarily reviewed