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READ ß Annie's Life in Lists ô ✯ [PDF] ❤ Annie's Life in Lists By Kristin Mahoney ✼ – If you love kids like 1 Anatastia Krupnik2 Ramona uimby3 The Penderwicksthen you will love Annie For Annie lists are how she keeps her whole life in order And there is a lot to keep track ofAnnie's a If you love kids like If you love kids like Anatastia Krupnik Ramona uimby The Penderwicksthen you will love Annie For Annie lists are how she keeps her whole life in order And there is a lot to keep track ofAnnie's a shy fifth grader with an incredible memory and a love of making lists It helps her keep track of things when they can seem. Just to be nerdy and because my brain will work better this way in spite of my head cold I’m gonna review this amazing book with a few lists of my own ; 4 Reasons I Picked Up Annie’s Life in Lists1 I love lists2 The doodles are adorable 3 The highly unusual format had me intrigued The whole book is literally written in lists D 4 It promised to be a sweet contemporary middle grade book which I’m always down for ;4 Reasons I Loved This Book1 It delivered on all of the above2 Annie was such a real and relatable character D3 Lots of great themes of loving your family and navigating friendships4 Lists D Which could be somewhat disorienting but I still liked it a lot4 Ways Annie Was So Real1 She had things she liked and disliked about herself without thinking about her appearance too much 2 She was just trying to make friends “Turns out my fear of not making friends is stronger than my fear of haunted houses” Same XD3 She argued with her brother and miscommunicated with her parents but she loved them dearly 4 She and her friends did really ordinary but special things for fun Like snowball fights volunteering at the the library and memorizing old songs4 Reasons Annie Was So Relatable1 She remembered random facts about people and had to withhold them so she wouldn’t freak people out GIRL I have this malady too 2 She blamed herself for things3 She was uiet but not shy 4 This is just to make this list the right length P Are we sure Annie and I aren’t the same person5 Oops Well anyway she hates gym 4 Side Characters That Were Actually Really Awesome1 Zora Such a ueen 2 Ted uintessential bro3 Kate the bookworm who always hums 4 Millie the “old friend” 4 Funny Things1 The “Great Hole” incident and her aunt’s reaction P Also their brothers were such sweet goofs2 Dad’s country life escapades Yes you are supposed to wave at everyone who waves at you3 The list of ways she annoys Ted Very important 4 That one “list” that was pretty much a trick You’ll see3 Heartwarming Moments1 When the truth comes out2 Walkie talkies 33 The ending D4 Slightly Iffy Things1 There was racism portrayed and while it is treated as wrong and unthinkable I’d suggest a discussion with younger readers2 Annie accidentally stabbed herself with her pencil A little gross and also came off as kinda cool which may not be a good message3 Annie had an embarrassing moment where view spoilerclean underwear flew out of the leg of her pants straight at a boy during a game at school hide spoiler


Opulation A best friend who she is almost certain will always be her best friend New classmates some of whom are nicer than others A rocky start finding her place in her new home Annie's Life in Lists introduces a sweet new voice that finds that even amid the chaos of everyday life it's important to put things in orde. Fantastic and engaging read Highly recommend for all middle graders

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Annie's Life in ListsA little out Annie's Life PDF or of control like her family her friends and her life in a new placeAnnie has An incredible memory really it's almost photographic that can get her in trouble A desire to overcome her shyness A brother who is mad at her because he thinks she is the reason they had to move to Clover Gap p. This book is so sweet refreshing and charming The voice is just perfect I saw a lot of my young self in Annie and I know my 11 year old self would have adored this book as much as my now self did