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Das Brot der frühen Jahre Read & download æ 2 æ ❮Ebook❯ ➭ Das Brot der frühen Jahre ➮ Author Heinrich Böll – Gym-apparel.co.uk این کتاب شرح مشقت‌های راوی است در دوران جوانی برای کسب درآمد و نان درآوردن داستانِ مربوط به ساگی خویش است دختری از آشنایانش را می‌بیند که به شهر آمده تا معلم شود «بل» می‌کوشد تقابل با گرسنگی و تاثیر آن بر احساس و اندیشه را تصویر کند. If you've read the book The clown from the same author even if they give you this book without a sign of the name of the author after going through the pages you'll be assured that you're reading another book by Heinrich Boll cause you can feel the resemblance the main characters of both books have in line and nature

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این کتاب شرح مشقت‌های راوی der frühen PDFEPUB #232 است در دوران جوانی برای کسب درآمد و نان درآوردن داستانِ مربوط به سال‌های قحطی و گرسنگی است سال‌. Heinrich Böll’s The Bread of Those Early Years is a book you either “get” or don’t When I first read it 25 years ago I didn’tIt’s West Germany in the early or mid 1950s Walter Fendrich a mechanic of 23 or 24 has survived a gruelling apprenticeship in the hungry post war years Now everything has come right He is making a good living servicing automatic washing machines bought by the prosperous beneficiaries of Germany’s economic miracle He has saved some money and even has a car But he is still obsessed by bread and haunted by memories of hunger He is cynical and he does not appear to greatly like himself; but he does not ask too many uestions Then one Monday morning he goes to the station to pick up Hedwig the daughter of a family friend who has come to study in the city As soon as he sees her there is a coup de foudre; he is filled with wonder love and fear and knows he is not the person he was that morning and can never live the same way The Bread of Those Early Years is a short book; it’s really a novella not a novel Yet in the course of just 34000 odd words Böll has summed up the spirit of post war West Germany as he saw it He does this through a series of vignettes Thus Fendrich remembers as a young apprentice going to a soup kitchen run by nuns in a hospital The nuns feed the starving but must do so late at night so that the patients don’t know and can’t protest The factory owner for whom he works uses the apprentices to recover items from bombed buildings – basically to loot; and Fendrich remembers “Many of the rooms we reached by long ladders had been completely intact hooks with towels still hanging on them glass shelves still holding lipstick and razor side by side bathtubs still full of bath water where the suds had sunk to the bottom in chalky flakes clear water with rubber toys still floating in it toys played with by children before they suffocated in the cellar I pulled the plug out of the bathtub the water fell four floors down and the rubber animals sank slowly to the chalky bottom of the tub”In the present he goes to a cafe and sees the owner who he knows serving chocolates delicately with tongs “I looked closer into those almond shaped eyes and tried to imagine what she would have said had I come here seven years ago and asked for some bread – and I saw those eyes get narrower still and I saw those charming daintily spread fingers contract like claws saw that soft manicured hand grow wrinkled and yellow with greed and I withdrew my own so abruptly that she was startled”To get the most out of The Bread of Those Early Years one has to understand Fendrich’s intensity of feeling after seeing Hedwig He is thrilled and frightened; she has brought him alive there is nothing he can do about it and he can never again bury the memories of those awful early years Neither can he ever again live the life he has hitherto led driven by a ruthless fear of hunger and insecurity; suddenly there is something I think that’s what I didn’t “get” when I first read this At that time the book puzzled me and I wondered how Böll had got his Nobel Prize; he must I supposed have written better books Having reread it I am not sure that books do come much better than this

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Das Brot der frühen Jahreهایی که «فندریش» جوان به «نان» فکر می‌کند و از واژه‌ی «مناسب و ارزان» متنفر است او که مدام ، به شکلی Das Brot eBook #9734 بیمارگونه در حال وصف گرسن. “I came to know the price of everything – because I could never pay it – when I moved to the city alone as an apprentice of sixteen hunger taught me the prices The thought of fresh bread put me in a daze and I would often roam the streets for hours in the evening thinking of nothing but – bread My eyes smarted my knees were weak and I felt something wolfish inside me Bread I was addicted to bread”