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War on Peace The End of Diplomacy and the Decline of American Influence review Æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ê [Reading] ➬ War on Peace The End of Diplomacy and the Decline of American Influence ➳ Ronan Farrow – Gym-apparel.co.uk American diplomacy is under siege Hile trying to do so in Afghanistan Farrow’s narrative is richly informed by interviews with whistleblowers policymakers and a warlord from Henry Kissinger to Hillary Clinton Diplomacy Farrow argues has declined after decades of political cowardice short sightedness and outright malice but it may just offer America a way out on Peace The PDFEPUB #236 of a world at wa. Riveting book I couldn’t put down War on Peace” is a riveting and thought provoking book exploring the reasons behind the declining though one hopes not dying art and craft of US foreign diplomacy negotiation Ronan Farrow former US State Department diplomat and current journalist details how the use of diplomacy has diminished over the last several presidencies at the hands of ever increasing military power that is now used by the US as a replacement to foreign diplomacy This trend started under President Reagan continued through President George W Bush and was heavily favored by President Obama and is now carried on by the current administration Now with key diplomatic positions unfilled in the State Department and with a uarter of the its budget slashed it seems that US diplomacy may be on life support if perhaps for the foreseeable future Instead Farrow shows how military might and the threat of it and the military industrial complex seem to rule US international relations and often supporting despotic rulers who pay lip service to US interests but often actually secretly act in ways counter to US interests Farrow has done meticulous research for his book He interviewed over 200 key players including all living former US Secretaries of State numerous career diplomats and military officials Clearly his access helps give his book tremendous weight His close work with the late Richard Holbrook the legendary diplomatist is masterfully portrayed in this book — as a man whose skills are of a time past and was significantly under appreciated and under utilized at the time of his death Still Farrow was a young diplomat at his time of service and so I sometimes felt that his book’s conclusions about some diplomatic decisions now portrayed through his eyes as a young journalist were sometimes too judgmental He may have felt the outcomes were only too obvious but in hindsight only which is what he forgets The decisions were not always clear at the time of negotiation; the reality of diplomacy is that it is usually intensely complex and clear cut answers aren’t always evident or possible Compromise must happen and only time will reveal that certain decisions may have been right or wrong ones even when they might all appear positive at the time I also think that Farrow could have been a little objective in his approach He admires Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who administration he worked under Yet he doesn’t mention at all under her watch the foreign policy disasters of the Embassy bombing in Libya or the email scandal that ultimately sank her own bid for the presidency I suspect those two events also harmed the credibility of the State Department in many ways as well something he should have explored to present a fuller picture leading to the current State Department This book was truly amazing though I could hardly put it down it was that good Because of it I found myself dwelling pondering the state of US diplomacy over the last many presidencies I’m a strong believer in diplomacy and hope that someday diplomacy will again ascend to its rightful place as the primary tool of foreign negotiation

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American diplomacy is under siege Offices across Peace The PDFEPUB #193 the State Department sit empty while abroad the military industrial complex has assumed the work once undertaken by peacemakers We’re becoming a nation that shoots first and asks uestions laterIn an astonishing account ranging from Washington DC to Afghanistan Pakistan and North Korea in the year. Who could have known Ronan Farrow would develop into such a remarkable thinker He credits his mother of whom he speaks with genuine awe in his voice Not only has 30 year old Ronan Farrow been a diplomat in his early twenties working closely with Richard Holbrooke special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan in the midst of American’s longest war but just last year he broke the story published in The New Yorker which set America on a new trajectory for gender relations War on Peace is an examination of American foreign policy in the last two decades though Farrow occasionally wanders further afield to highlight a trend or to stress a break in continuity Did we have a foreign service in the past two decades that was not consumed by military matters Believe it or not we had a robust diplomatic core who was toiling away unsung trying to wrest decision making from generals focused on anti terrorism and counter insurgency Richard Holbrooke was one of theseHolbrooke wasn’t well liked in Washington but was effective in his role in the Bosnia peace talks He was hard headed obsessive egotistical He’d wanted to be Secretary of State during President Clinton’s administration but the job went to Madeleine Albright He was Secretary of State Clinton’s choice for envoy to the Afghanistan war zone It was a bum job but Holbrooke was happy to get it Ronan knew Holbrooke as a family friend and was invited onto Holbrooke’s team We get a view of Holbrooke from someone who knew his gifts and his faults Ronan has a disarmingly frank manner For this book he interviewed on the record every living Secretary of State and just about every other Washingtonian who had anything to do with international work What he charts herein is the militarization of the diplomatic corps starting way back in Bill Clinton’s presidency through Bush and Obama neither of whom did anything to slow or halt the trend Farrow does talk about the current president but only to highlight how diplomacy has become a dirty word in DCMost interesting for me was the access that Farrow had in talking about American foreign policy in Pakistan and Afghanistan and how we never seemed to actually get anywhere In Pakistan especially we never seemed able to take advantage of cooperation with the people who could bridge the trust gap Farrow makes it sound like we were so close to better cooperative relations but the ship of state is hard to steer Our relationships with other countries tended to impact our relations in Pakistan to say nothing of the assassination of Bhutto the misuse of aid funds and bin Laden living in hiding thereFarrow gives some idea how DJT is playing in Europe at the moment as if we didn’t know He uotes Merkel's dry and damning statements about we really should all be trying harder to work out problems with our allies But when this 30 yr old says we must stay engaged in the leadership of the world because if we don’t someone else will we understand and we believe him When Clinton said this during the campaign actually answering a uestion I’d posed about America’s role in the world I was resistant I am still working through disappointment that she couldn’t manage to make even her countrymen want her to be that leader Our dysfunctional relationship with Colombia is spelled out in painful detail How stupid and disrespectful has America ever been in South America America’s war on drugs became a sordid saga of the US training drug runners Towards the end of Farrow’s book this story is just so sobering and souring Perhaps we come off looking like the buffoons we are because of the unending corruption in every single South American country It is just exhausting and hard to believe an honest person cannot rise to the top anywhere in South America But we just keep playing out the worst examples of bad behavior on both sides of the borderIn the end this book is an impassioned call to young people to create the change they want to see Farrow is trying to gin up some enthusiasm for a diplomatic corps who can think talk and make treaties around the world rather than militarize our relationships It is obviously true that if you start with a gun in your hand you are going to have a very different mindset about solving disagreements Diplomacy is long frustrating and often useless seeminguntil it isn’t Great book The inside scoop on how the Department of State functions is worth the price of admission I listened to the audio of this read by Farrow himself and it was terrific Produced by Audible

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War on Peace The End of Diplomacy and the Decline of American InfluenceS since acclaimed journalist and former diplomat Ronan Farrow illuminates one of the most conseuential and poorly understood changes in American history His firsthand War on ePUB #10003 experience in the State Department affords a personal look at some of the last standard bearers of traditional statecraft including Richard Holbrooke who made peace in Bosnia and died w. 354 StarsTo start with a very brief negative I would say that the structure was a little hard to follow From what I could tell Farrow structures the book mainly around the countries whose foreign relations he discusses I'm sure this structure would be easier to follow while reading a physical copy of the book but as an audiobook listen it was occasionally disorienting when he jumped from Pakistan to SomaliaHowever I think the positives far outweigh the negatives in this insanely well researched book Not only does this illuminate a whole part of government that I knew very little about but I do think Farrow succeeds in laying out a case for the importance of diplomacy All I can say is that if I had read this in high school or college it would have made me seriously consider a career in the foreign service