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I Am Dynamite A Life of Friedrich Nietzsche Free download ´ 105 ´ ❮PDF❯ ✯ I Am Dynamite A Life of Friedrich Nietzsche ⚣ Author Sue Prideaux – Gym-apparel.co.uk A groundbreaking new biography of philosophy's greatest iconoclast Friedrich Nietzsche is one of the most enigmatic figures inA groundbreaking new biography of philosophy's greatest Dynamite A MOBI #239 iconoclast Friedrich Nietzsche is one of the most enigmatic figures in philosophy and his concepts the bermensch the will to power slave morality have fundamentally reshaped our understanding of the human condition But what do I Am PDF or most people really know of Nietzsche beyond the mustache the scowl and the lingering association with nihilism and fascism Where do we place a thinker who was eually beloved by Albert Camus Ayn Rand Martin Buber and Adolf Hitler. The author explains the origins of ZarathustraWhy did Nietzsche choose Zarathustra Zarathustra also called Zoroaster was a Persian prophet who probably lived some time between the twelfth and sixth centuries before Christ Zarathustra presented a key to the problem of evil that could never be answered by Judaism Christianity or Islam whose all powerful gods were all good In Zoroastrianism the god of light is in constant conflict with the god of darkness and evil At the end of time the god of light will score a final victory but until then he is not in control of events Conseuently Zoroastrianism unlike the three great religions of the book escapes the paradox of an all powerful good God who is responsible for what many people take to be unnecessary evilZarathustra’s ten years of solitude in the mountains between the ages of thirty and forty might stand for Nietzsche’s post Basel decade of independent thinking which was often conducted on high mountains Zarathustra is forty the same age as the writer Nietzsche is when he comes down “to be among the people” He carries down fire as Prometheus had carried the fire that would transform cultures and civilizations and as the Holy Ghost had carried down tongues of fire at Pentecost Fire bestows upon the chosen ones the enlightened ones the gift of “speaking in tongues” ie in words that are universally comprehensible It is a synonym for wisdom and for revelation Zarathustra’s fire has the specific ability to scorch meaning into the meaninglessness of life following upon the death of God His mouth alone through Nietzsche’s will be the first to address the nihilism despair and devaluation of moral life that was reaching its crisis within the context of nineteenth century materialism At the end of his book he writes  Dead are all gods now we want the Übermensch to live Thus spoke Zarathustra”He sent it to his publisher describing it in his cover letter as “a fifth gospel”In 1888 Kaiser Wilhelm I had died at last at the age of ninety Seventeen years previously he had accepted the German crown in the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles to Nietzsche’s great distress and fear for the imbalance of Europe In the intervening years the Kaiser and his Iron Chancellor Bismarck had famously forged the archconservative and repressive Second Reich on industrialization capitalism unscrupulous expansionism the Protestant Church artistic conservatism and censorship All this had coagulated into one massive congested sclerotic nationalist repressive and authoritarian world power— as Nietzsche had feared would happenAs a university student in the late 1880s and early ’90s Harry Kessler executor Nietzsche’s literary estate was part of “the Raskolnikov generation” those on whom Dostoyevsky’s novel Crime and Punishment had a profound effect Kessler served as witness at the trial of a highborn fellow student who shot and killed his working class girlfriend after which the murderer failed to kill himself because his shot into his own chest was not well aimed It was a nihilist act inspired by Dostoyevsky’s book which made an unuantifiable impression on the first post Christian despairing generation A rash of such murders among students overcome by “the great disgust” the will to nothingness became known as “the Raskolnikov effect” after the anti hero in Dostoyevsky’s bookThree years after leaving university Kessler felt able to write “There is probably no twenty to thirty year old tolerably educated man in Germany today who does not owe to Nietzsche a part of his worldview or has not been or less influenced by him1893 became an important year during which Nietzsche’s work caught on with the artistic avant garde of both Berlin and Paris to wide effect through painting playwriting poetry and music Scandinavians also set the Nietzschean fireThis would have been astonishing enough to Nietzsche who had so often expressed his horror at the idea of having disciples but the political tenor of the Nietzsche cult would have horrified him further still The approach of the First World War gave impetus to a bellicose form of Nietzscheism that took the will to power as a moral teaching sanctioning violence and ruthlessness the Übermensch as the greatest brute and the blond beast as an incentive toward a racial breeding programNewspaper articles by Nietzsche's anti Semitic fascist sister Elizabeth encouraged these twisted interpretations enthusiastically describing her brother as a friend of warHis sister along with her anti Semitic husband gathered together out of context fragments from Nietzsche's notebooks adding their own ideas as if they were his into a volume titled Triumph of the Will with Nietzsche identified as the author on the cover and the title page This book was eagerly adopted by Mussolini as a justification for his fascist nationalism and thirst for war In Germany the Weimar period was a gestation period of this work Hitler and the Nazis became admirers of both the book and Elizabeth Philosopher Oswald Spengler made things worse by incorporating Social Darwinism into the alleged beliefs of Nietzsche The misunderstood terms Übermensch and “master morality” served Spengler's purposeSoon after philosopher Martin Heidegger joined the Nazi Party the notorious German professor Alfred Bäumler who had issued a new edition of The Triumph of the Will oversaw the first book burning in Berlin A film directed by Leni Riefenstah of the 1934 Nuremberg Rally was titled Triumph of the Will as a nod to the influence of the book Of course Hitler never actually read any Nietzsche including the phony Triumph of the Will but simply saw it as useful propaganda On her deathbed in 1935 Elizabeth had Hitler's Mein Kampf read to her aloud Hitler attended her funeral

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Nietzsche wrote that all philosophy Am Dynamite A PDF #10003 is autobiographical and in this vividly compelling myth shattering biography Sue Prideaux brings readers into the world of this brilliant eccentric and deeply troubled man illuminating the events and people that shaped his life and work From his placid devoutly Christian upbringing overshadowed Am Dynamite A Life of eBook #243 by the mysterious death of his father through his teaching career lonely philosophizing on high mountains and heart breaking descent into madness Prideaux. A mostly captivating biography of a widely misunderstood man I am left with the impression of a solitary lonely and confused soul wandering about moving from place to place in search of belonging and fleeing his oppressive mother and sister There are brief intervals of reciprocity with Wagner and Lou Salome but in the end he is a man very much alone Next time I pick up a book he wrote I will approach it with a deepened understanding of the origins of his ideas

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I Am Dynamite A Life of Friedrich NietzscheDocuments Nietzsche's intellectual and emotional life with a novelist's insight and sensitivityShe also produces unforgettable portraits of the people who were most important to him including Richard and Cosima Wagner Lou Salom the femme fatale who broke his heart and his sister Elizabeth a rabid German nationalist and anti Semite who manipulated his texts and turned the Nietzsche archive into a destination for Nazi ideologues I Am Dynamite is the essential biography for anyone seeking to understand history's most misunderstood philosoph. English I Am Dynamite A Life of NietzscheThis book is no doubt super interesting and written in an immersive manner but while I'm happy I received an ARC it was in a format that can only be read via Adobe Digital Editions meaning on the screen and the book has 700 pages So I will buy the hardcover instead By skimming the pages to get an impression I saw that this text is certainly worthwhile