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The CollectorsLl wishes are good and even good wishes often have unintended conseuences and the Collectors have made it their duty to protect us But they aren't the only ones who have their eyes on the world’s wishes and they may not be the good guys after all  . E ARC from Edelweiss PlusGiovanni lives in New York City with his mother who is an opera singer His father was a set designer and the one thing Van has kept through all of their moves to different cities is the mauette his father had a small stage with curtains He finds objects out on the street and uses them to reinact scenes on the stage His freuent moves as well as the fact that he is hard of hearing occasionally makes it difficult for him to make friends so when he runs into Pebble in the park he feels a connection to her She's a bit odd wearing a long coat in the warm weather but he follows her and eventually finds out that she is part of a group of Collectors who gather wishes and keeps them safe in an underground facility He also meets Mr Falborg who collects a number of different things including Wish Eaters He claims that Pebble's group is trying to starve and abuse the Wish Eaters who are little tiny and cute and he gives Van a Wish Eater of his own to keep Since he needs to feed it wishes he wishes for a number of things in order to feed it but wishes are unpredictable For example his mother is dating the father of Peter Grey who doesn't like Van very much so he wishes that the two parents won't be together and his mother gets a job at La Scala in Italy When he then wishes to stay in New York something happens to his mother to prevent her from traveling The Collectors are after Van and when they finally corral him he finds out information about what is going on and decides which side he needs to be on Strengths The world building in this was particularly engaging and Van is able to travel back and forth and meet with inhabitants of both worlds easily which makes it fun The story with Peter adds a nice dimension Van's hearing loss is well portrayed and his struggles with understanding speech are explained in a way that will help younger readers understand what it might be like Having an opera singer as a mother is not something many children have so that was interesting as well Weaknesses It was really hard to tell who the good guys were and even after Van decides I'm not entirely convinced Mr Falborg in particular creeped me out a bitWhat I really think If this were a stand alone I would buy it but I don't really need any fantasy series They just are not circulating very well I love West's The Shadows but will encourage students to read that one

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The Collectors Summary ¾ 104 â [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Collectors By Jacqueline West – Even the smallest wish can be dangerous That’s why the Collectors are always keeping watchVan has always been an outsider Most people don’t notice him But he notices them And he notices the small Even the smallest wish can be dangerous TEven the smallest wish can be dangerous That’s why the Collectors are always keeping watchVan has always been an outsider Most people don’t notice him But he notices them And he notices the small trinkets they drop or lose or throw away that’s w. Deep thoughts on power conseuences and motive run throughout this wildly creative uniue adventure

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Hy his collection is full of treasures Then one day Van notices a girl stealing pennies from a fountain and everything changes He follows the girl Pebble and uncovers an underground world full of wishes and the people who collect them Apparently not a. Lots of fun and it gets a lot of things right The boy isn't an orphan nor unloved but he still winds up having adventures There's comic relief not uite as annoying as Jar Far The magic has consistency and is creative original But there are problems too For example Van isn't much of a hero I mean he's brave as all get out but incredibly foolhardy when he gets a chance to be Mainly though he's being dragged around pushed around carried around and feeling compelled to do stuff he surely must know is foolish If the main theme is at it seems to be that we need to work for what we want because wishing is a bad idea I'd really like to see Van successfully actually work for something thinking through whether it's a good thing or notI do like the idea of not knowing who the bad guys are The second big theme is clear Don't judge by appearancesBtw this is def the first in a series It doesn't end on a cliffhanger per se but it is the set up for at least one or two books I'm not sure whether I'll continue or notVan and his mother travel for her performances a lot London was a big grayish blur Paris was a big ivory blur Rome was a big sunny blurBottles as large as milk jugs; bottles small enough to fit inside a closed mouthHot dog with the Works Pizza Spicy Chicken Curry Pizzaview spoiler You know most of the time cats are just pretending to be asleepBut does West know about broken legs nowadays My son's treatment was very different hide spoiler