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Property of the Rebel Librarian Download É 8 Å ⚣ [PDF] ✅ Property of the Rebel Librarian By Allison Varnes ✰ – When twelve year old June Harper's parents discover what they deem an inappropriate library book they take strict parenting to a whole new level And everything June loves about DogwoodS she doesn't have to when she spies a Little Property of eBook #194 Free Library on her walk to school As the rules become stricter at school and at home June keeps turning the pages of the banned books that continue to appear in the little library It's a delicious secret and one she can't keep to herself June starts a banned book library of her own in an abandoned locker at school The risks grow alongside her library's. If you are a book lover you have to read this book​Interest Level 3 6What if someone told you what you could and couldn't read Would that be fairWhat if you got in major trouble for even having a book that was not endorsed by the school Would that be fair either The answer to both of those uestions is NO Well this is exactly what is happening to June Harper When she checks out a book from her school library that her parents deem inappropriate it starts a snowball effect of bad things First an amazing librarian is put on administrative leave; second a majority of library books were hauled out of the school library; and third kids are getting suspended for even having an unapproved book in their possession When June's parents take away ALL of her person books she is left with only one book that she is forced to hide Then June comes across a a small house on top of a wooden post that says it is a Little Free Library June is ecstatic when she finds a book in there Little does she know that when she takes that book and many that she will break all the rules to defend the rite to read Not only is she dealing with all of this she is also dealing with middle school problems like best friends and boys Will Ms Bradshaw the school librarian get her job back Will June get her first boyfriend even at the expense of her best friend Most importantly will June be able to make a difference with her parents the school system and the PTSA Will books still be banned or will June and all of the other students be able to read what they want This is a must readI have mentioned several times in my blogs that I am a fairly slow reader Normally it would take me several days to read a 275 page book Not this book I read this book in just a few hours Once I started I could not put it down I don't know if it's because it's such a fantastic book or if it's because this subject is a subject that I am passionate about Kids should have the right to read what they want and just because you and I may not like a book does not give us the right to judge it I was so proud of June and how she took a stand for the right to read even when it went against her good girl persona If you are a book lover this book is a must readFollow meBlog Blazer Tales Laurie’s Library Place laurieslibrary Laurie Purser

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When twelve year old June the Rebel PDF #206 Harper's parents discover what they deem an inappropriate library book they take strict parenting to a whole new level And everything June loves about Dogwood Middle School unravels librarian Ms Bradshaw is suspended an author appearance is canceled the library is gutted and all books on the premises must have administrative approval But June can't give up books and she realize. I had high hopes for this one Sadly I was rather disappointed The premise was promising; June a seventh grade girl rebels when her both parents and the school she attends embark on a book censorship program However the degree of their censorship was so extreme as to not be believable While I do realize that was perhaps the point a little junior Fahrenheit 451 I personally need a book to be believable in order for me to buy into the story It is difficult to imagine a librarian being laid off for providing students with books you are sure to find in most any public school library in America Neither could I buy her parents taking away every single book she owned and insisting on reading them before returning them to her bookshelves Had they not read any of them before Really Not a single one When the books are returned they have been edited entire pages ripped out and endings rewritten Anne Shirley serves bosom buddy Diana grape juice instead of raspberry cordial Old Yeller lives happily ever after he is not shot when he becomes rabid This one I could see the left doing because of the mention of a shotgunFurther the dialogue between young June and her love interest are too good No one is that clever of a flirt certainly not a pubescent girl with no previous dating experience It must be nice to have someone tell you what to say to the boy you pine after Cyrano de BergeracOn the positive side this does serve as a testament to the power of literature Unfortunately it is poorly executed due to its lack of believability I wish teenagers would go to such lengths in order to read but most are too busy with their electronic devices

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Property of the Rebel LibrarianPopularity and a movement begins at Dogwood Middle a movement of the Rebel PDFEPUB #192 that if exposed could destroy her But if it's powerful enough maybe it can save Ms Bradshaw and all that she represents the freedom to readEual parts fun and empowering this novel explores censorship freedom of speech and activism For any kid who doesn’t believe one person can effect changeand for all the kids who already know they c. Trigger warnings shitty parenting censorship35 stars So here's the thing I loved the idea of this I wasn't so keen on the execution It's a middle grade book but it reads VERY young And yet the protagonist is in the 7th grade She's interested in boys and dating she's a teenager her problems are very much teenage problems But it reads like she's 10 or 11 Even when her parents and the school start censoring things a lot of the books they're censoring are for much younger readers Her parents at one point change the ending of Old Yeller so that he lives happily ever after rabies free And you'd think at the age of 13 they'd be less concerned about books like Old Yeller and based on my experience of the reading tastes of 13 year old girls concerned about Twilight The Hunger Games and Divergent Add in the fact that everything was very cut and dried the characters fell very clearly into two camps in favour of decimating the library and discouraging reading OR sneaking around hiding books in an empty locker with not a huge amount of depth to it and I liked this but didn't love it Honestly it's like a 3 star book that gets an extra half star for the librarian's storyline because that was kind of adorable