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Review ✓ In an Absent Dream ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Æ ❰Ebook❯ ➩ In an Absent Dream Author Seanan McGuire – This fourth entry and preuel tells the story of Lundy a very serious young girl who would rather study and dream than become a respectable housewife and liveAradise Alas everything costs at the goblin market and when her time In an MOBI #204 there is drawing to a close she makes the kind of bargain that never plays out we. Re read 1320 Excuse me while I continue to lay in bed crying for the rest of the nightOriginal read 21919 Excuse me while I lay in bed crying for the rest of the night 😭😭

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This fourth entry and preuel tells the story of Lundy a very serious young girl who would rather study and dream than become a respectable housewife and live up to th. “What’s the Goblin Market”“It is a place where dreamers go when they don’t fit in with the dreams their homes think worth dreaming Doors lead here Perhaps you found one” When I read Every Heart a Doorway Down Among the Sticks and Bones and Beneath the Sugar Sky I thought I knew what it was to fall completely utterly in love with fairy tales I knew nothingThis is my favourite book yet in this gorgeous series If I could rate it higher I would It's a beautiful evocative fairy tale It's about outsiders not fitting in and most of all about how it is to live in a world that is so terribly unfair “If you give everyone fair value no one wants If no one wants no one has to take The Market makes sure we don’t take advantage of each other” Through McGuire's magical and eerie past tense we follow Katherine Lundy through a door and into another world The world here is based on Rosetti's Goblin Market and the author captures all the magic and the mayhem of the poem as well as bringing her own spin to the tale I was afraid I may not like it as much as the other books because Laini Taylor also wrote a spectacular Goblin Market inspired short story Goblin Fruit but they are very different and both can be enjoyed without competing with each otherIn this version of the Market everything must receive its fair value The world of the Market enforces this rule and there's no way of escaping it Fair value differs from individual to individual A coin to someone with a thousand coins is worth less than a coin to someone with five coins McGuire deftly offers a critiue of a world where everyone is selfish and tries to capitalize on others especially those who cannot afford what others can It hits close to home It is so often easy when one has the luxury of being sure a thing will never happen to be eually sure of one’s answers Reality it must sadly be said has a way of complicating things even things we might believe could never be that complicated Like all the stories in this series there is something very bittersweet about In an Absent Dream The stories offer doorways to worlds where these characters can find love acceptance alternatives but something is always lost at the same time This one especially crawled inside my heart It is sad in the best way a book can be sad without manipulation or something obvious like death It is sad because change can be sad Choices can be sadI loved everything about it It can be read as a standalone but you should at least familiarize yourself with the premise of Every Heart a Doorway Or you know just read them all Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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In an Absent DreamE expectations of the world around her As well she shouldWhen she finds a doorway to a world founded on logic and reason riddles and lies she thinks she's found her p. After Beneath the Sugar Sky I was afraid the series had run its course and the new books would have nothing left to say I was pleasantly surprised to see a fresh new story that rekindled my love for these booksThe main themes are still the same children who cannot fit into their world because of parental neglect or other problems discover portal worlds where they feel at home But unlike Down Among the Sticks and Bones here the protagonist comes from a loving family who at least tries to give her a good home even if they don't know how This makes the choice between reality and fantasy much harder and Lundy gets stuck between one world and the other between family and freedom childhood and adulthood Her inability to make a choice leads to tragedyHowever I had a few issues with this book Most of all the Goblin Market was underdeveloped so much that I couldn't imagine how Lundy could possibly want to live there From what I've seen of the Goblin Market it's a dystopian society ruled by a benevolent dictator with god like powers where people have next to none free will The concept of fair value might look good on paper but in real life would turn into a disaster and we've seen how regimes with similar ideologies have fared in the real world Honestly for me the place felt unpleasant and I would never choose it Yes I'm aware that's not the point portal worlds are varied and what appeals to one would seem terrible to another and that's fine However this book never showed me why Lundy would love the MarketIn the years before Lundy turned 18 she kept delaying taking the citizenship oath and going to her family for a birthday or for Christmas I felt the author wanted us to be on the edge of our seats rooting for her to finally make a choice and become a citizen of the Goblin Market But honestly I was rooting for her to stay with her family Then the book gives us a long lecture on how readers cannot imagine the character not choosing the fantasy world over the mundane and I was sitting there thinking Um no I actually can Overall I think this book had the potential to be much better if we had seen the appeal of the Goblin Market