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Free read Aloha Rodeo ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ä [Epub] ❦ Aloha Rodeo By David Wolman – In the spirit of The Boys in the Boat comes the captivating true story of the Hawaiian cowboys who changed rodeo and the West forever In August 1908 three unknown riders arrived in Cheyenne Wyoming th Y of steer roping virtuoso Ikua Purdy and his cousins Jack Low and Archie Ka’au’a the writers delve into the dual histories of ranching in the islands and the meteoric rise and sudden fall of Cheyenne “Holy City of the Cow” At the turn of the century larger than life personalities like “Buffalo Bill” Cody and Theodore Roosevelt capitalized on a national obsession with the Wild West and helped transform Cheyenne’s annual Frontier Days celebration into an unparalleled rodeo spectacle the “Daddy of ‘em All”A great deal rode on the Hawaiians’ shoulders during those dusty days in August Just a decade earlier the overthrow of Hawaii’s monarchy and forced annexation by the US had traumatized an independent nation who. A fascinating look at a subject I thought I had little to no interest in Reads like a novel Really well done

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In the spirit of The Boys in the Boat comes the captivating true story of the Hawaiian cowboys who changed rodeo and the West forever In August three unknown riders arrived in Cheyenne Wyoming their hats adorned with wildflowers to compete in the world’s greatest rodeo They had travelled miles from Hawaii where their ancestors had herded cattle for generations to test themselves against the toughest riders in the West Dismissed by whites who considered themselves the only true cowboys the Hawaiians left the heartland as champions and American legendsDavid Wolman and Julian Smith’s Aloha Rodeo unspools a fascinating and little known tale blending rough knuckled frontier drama with a rousing underdog narrative Tracing the life stor. I loved this Mahalo nui loa to the authors for a fascinating book This one goes on the keeper shelfThe authors do a superb job in blending a brief history of the frontier days of the West with a history of Hawaii's relationship the British explorers and US empire builders The emphasis may have been on the cattle business but all of the little extra observations are what make the book worth reading

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Aloha RodeoSe traditions dated back centuries Journeying to the mainland for the first time the young riders brought with them the pride of a people struggling to preserve their cultural identity and anxious about their future under the rule of overlords an ocean awayIn Cheyenne the Hawaiians didn’t just show their mastery of riding and roping skills that white Americans thought they owned They also overturned simplistic thinking about the “Wild West” cowboys versus Indians and the very concept of cattle country Blending sport and history while exploring uestions of identity imperialism and race Aloha Rodeo brings to light an overlooked and riveting chapter in the saga of the American WestIncludes maps and pages of black and white photos?. Spoiler at end of thisMahaloI read a review and decided This sounds like my dad When he was in the Navy in the 70s we lived on Oahu near Bellows Beach Dad being probably the most friendly person I have ever known became close friends with all the locals pig hunts and all Anyhow Hawaii has always had a soft spot So I read it and suggested it to him He LOVED it I liked it for the sheer fact that this was little known history I certainly had never heard of these guys nor the history of how cattle got to Hawaii And I thought I knew a fair amount about Buffalo Bill's tour but somehow this escaped me too Dad enjoyed the history and reading about the Hawaiians Hang loose approach to rodeo Anyhow Dad passed it to a young neighbor who grew up out there and he too loved it The way it ends is all very Hawaiian The guys go home and things kinda go back to how they were which is refreshing and endearing in this age of fame seekers uick read tooAloha