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Telecom 101 kindle Ð eBook 9781894887014 ½ ❰PDF❯ ✪ Telecom 101 Author Eric Coll – Packed with information authoritative up to date covering all major topics Teracom textbooks are an invaluable study guide and day to day reference on telecommunications data communications IP and net Packed with Packed with information authoritative up to date covering all major topics Teracom textbooks are an invaluable study guide and day to day reference on telecommunications data communications IP and networkingTelecom 101 covers telecom datacom and networking from A Z organized in logical chapters covering all major topics and written in our signature telecom for non engineers styleSpecifically designed for the non engineering professional we'll bust the buzzwords demystify the jargon and cut through doubletalk We fill in the gaps build a solid structured base of knowledge and show how everything fits together knowledge and understanding that lasts a lifetimeFormatted into a standard 7x9 softcover textbook with high uality paper a laminated cover and professional binding 400 pages over 177 diagrams and a full index Telecom 101 has three partsFundamentals of TelecommunicationsUnderstanding Data Communications andUnderstanding IP and Networkingwith the same content as the course workbooks for Teracom Training Institute's acclaimed three day core training Course 101 Telecom Datacom and Networking for Non Engineers plus bonus sectionsThis content tuned and refined over the course of

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S to hunting down and paying hundreds of dollars for multiple books by different authors that may or may not cover what you need to know in plain English and you ll agree this is a very attractive dealChapter listPART 1 FUNDAMENTALS OF TELECOMMUNICATIONSIntroductionFundamentals of TelephonyTelecom EuipmentThe Telecommunications IndustryDigital CommunicationsTransmission SystemsT1Wireless CommunicationsVoice Services and JargonPART 2 UNDERSTANDING DATA COMMUNICATIONSIntroduction to Data Communications and NetworkingHow Data is Formatted for TransmissionModemsBroadband ModemsUnderstanding LANsPART 3 UNDERSTANDING IP AND NETWORKINGUnderstanding Protocol StacksIP AddressingPrivate Networks Using Routers and Dedicated LinesBandwidth On DemandIP Network ServicesUnderstanding the InternetWrapping UpIdeal for anyone needing an authoritative up to date reference covering all major topics in telecommunications data communications IP and networking in plain English A wealth of clear concise organized knowledge impossible to find in one place anywhere elseOrder your copy today to benefit from this career and productivity enhancing training an investment that will be repaid many times ove

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Telecom 101Fifteen years has been taught to thousands of people needing to build a solid structured understanding of telecom datacom and networking A high percentage of seminar attendees specifically praise the course materials on seminar evaluations materials now available in softcover textbook format in Telecom 101Teracom's Telecom 101 is an invaluable day to day handbook and is used by many as an economical and convenient way to self study Recently a US Army communications specialist deployed to Ira called it a lifesaver when contacting to us to order his own copy after the owner of the one he was borrowing demanded it backThe third edition published 2008 is completely revised and updated with complete coverage of telecom datacom IP and networking fundamentals plus up to date information on VoIP MPLS IP DSL the latest wireless technologies and If sold separately the price for these three books would beFundamentals of Telecommunications 118 plusUnderstanding Data Communications 118 plusUnderstanding IP and Networking 118for a total of US354 for all three books if purchased separately Now you can get all three books bound in one volume Telecom 101 for the low price of US179Compare thi