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characters Jonahwhale ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ ❮Download❯ ➽ Jonahwhale ➸ Author Ranjit Hoskote – Jonahwhale in three beautiful movements takes on very current themes in its playful mostly auatic scope moving from the ocean to the river Ganges to Marine Drive itselfJonahwhale in three beautiful movements takes on very current themes in its playful mostly auatic scope moving from the ocean to the river Ganges to Marine Drive itself It raises the narratives of Biblical eight century prophet Jonah who escapes death by spending three nights in the belly of a whale and the recent Moby Dick whose obsessive Captain Ahab chases the eponymous whale who bit off his leg even as it resurrects the diverse figures who ran ships along the global trade routes of the seventeenth eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the themes of the city at war with itself among many other concerns The whale is different things at different moments in this work as is the ocean For ultimately Moby Dick is about perception and understanding or not understanding and the. I went to a great deal of trouble to get a copy of this book I tried to locate one when I was in India the first one sent seems to have drifted off course in its global journey and finally a second attempt proved successful Worth the wait in every way This is a masterful collection one that has accompanied me through the second half of the year Engaging a wide variety of styles and forms these poems trawl history art modern music and ocean imagery to explore themes of growth and crisis on the individual community and planetary levelA longer review can be found here

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Whale is that which we all struggle to pierce it is also perhaps that which swallows us whole and lets us live sometimes ignorant of what it signifies Are we within the whale or without it Does it always matter For in 'A Constantly Unfinished Instrument' Ranjit Hoskote tells us 'Stay the course until you've caught the uick true surge of the ocean that's felt the fire harpoon pierce its hide' here the ocean itself is the whaleAt the heart of the broad wide ranging canvas Hoskote puts into play is the idea of synthesis which he raises in this poem and which generates and regenerates life in any case 'If only I'd harpooned this monster on a page' he teases us in 'Ahab' this is exactly what he is attempting to do and often does Jonahwhale is remarkably cosmopolitan in its reach. Extraordinary One of the best collections I've ever read Taking some time to absorb but it deserves its gorgeous dust jacket and the praise on the back Combines lyric force and diversity of form with critical vision Hoskote wears his learning lightly; the poems both delight and intrigue A collection that orbits the earth and zooms to the street—I feel like I understand the world better for having read this book

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JonahwhaleOne poem 'As It Emptieth It Selfe' is inspired by the note to the copper engraving of a map of Bengal and parts of Odisha and Bihar prepared by official hydrographers to the East India Company Another 'Lascar' adapts a bit of a Sherlock Holmes story set in 'Bombay Liverpool London ' and calling up the wonderful spectre of a sea cobra the narrator is sailing with its 'phana' or hoodA sophisticated project in anamnesia Jonahwhale retrieves fragments and episodes from the multiple pasts that we inherit it makes an inuiry into the unregarded legacies of the colonial encounter at sea rather than on land Ambitious accessible and rejoicing in the language and beauty of the many stunning connections it makes this new book establishes Hoskote as one of our most gifted contemporary poe. These poems need to be re visited Re readings offer many revelations Brilliant poems