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Somebody The Reckless Life and Remarkable Career of Marlon Brando mobi î Hardcover õ gymapparel å [BOOKS] ✪ Somebody The Reckless Life and Remarkable Career of Marlon Brando By Stefan Kanfer – Marlon Brando will never cease to fascinate us for Marlon Brando will never cease to fascinate us for his triumphs as an actor On the Waterfront The Godfather Last Tango in Paris as well as his disasters; for the power of the screen portrayals he gave and for his turbulent tumultuous personal life Seamlessly intertwining the man and the work Kanfer takes us through Brando's troubled childho It is hard to justify the blurb's characterisation of this book as a 'definitive' book on Brando there are dozens of others of course including Peter Manso's 1000 page monster but it is certainly a well written roadmap through a bizarre and extraordinary life Brando is probably the most influential actor in the history of Hollywood Streetcar Waterfront Godfather Last Tango Apocalypse Now and also made outright turkeys than any other leading actor almost everything in the 1960s and after Apocalypse similarly he always took pains to trash the acting profession completely and to cynically boast that he would sweep up the set if Paramount paid him 3m for doing that his going rate in his late period Born of alcoholic parents he always had a morbid fear of mental illness and with the help of the Method turned this vulnerability allied to his amazing physical beauty at least when young before he got to 300lb into a new form of acting which became a model As Michael Winner of all people noted before him actors acted and after him they behaved Famously impossible on set Brando would refuse to learn his lines on the basis that people in real life did not do this though Brando's experience of 'reality' as usually lived was uite limited one might assay and idiot cards would have to be stuck on the set on lamps backs of doors on ceilings which may also account for his famous pauses He would also insist on script changes often ad libbed on the spot such as Kurtz's bonkers speech at the end of Apocalypse which makes the film truly memorable and not just another lament for Americans fucking up in Vietnam and create his own look disastrously on Missouri Breaks but brilliantly on Godfather As he became successful Brando became increasingly interested in politics and setn a Native American woman to collect his Oscar which then backfired badly when it emerged that she was not a true Indian and had won a Miss Vampire contest in 1970 This sort of typifies his well meaning but dilettantist approach to emancipatory politics; likewise his decampment to the South Seas island of Tetiora which he bought for 70K after acting brilliantly as Mister Christian the remake of Mutiny on the Bounty 1962 This was his refuge from the pressures of being Marlon Brando though obviously only possible if you actually were Brando in the first place he hoped to turn this into an eco paradise but it became a living hell with the killing of his daughter's boyfriend by his drunk son and then the suicide of the daughter As his fame grew so did his girth and he became a figure of some fun Tennesse Williams cattily joked that Marlon was being paid 'by the pound' Likewise his wives and children accumulated Marlon had three wives numreous children by various women and innumerable affairs which forced him to take any offers going usually for 3 5m on which he wasted his talent with studied indifference His death living as a virtual recluse too obese to leave his house which was next door to Michael Jackson's is really uite sad and pitiful to read Jack Nicholson bought his house for 5m after his death and found it to be almost derelict and full of mould encapuslating the general feeling of neglect of the physical that typifies the life described in this book

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Ng light on the cultural evolution of Hollywood itself And he brings into focus Brando's self destructiveness his lifelong dissembling his deeply ambivalent feelings towards his chosen vocation and the tragedies that shadowed his final years This is a never before seen portrait of one of the most extraordinary talents of the twentieth centu It's very hard to keep my thoughts on Brando separated from my thoughts on the book I can't uite put a finger on how accurate it is since it's the first I read on him but meanwhile I'd read articles and another bio thingy Sophia Loren's autobiography which is what made me curious about Brando in the first place and in those I found additional information some contradicting those that were in this very book for instance was Monty Clift his rival his friend or wait for it his lover? Did Brando hit on Loren like she claims or insult her from the start like he claims? I believe Loren for the record But such info belong to gossip columns rather I would have loved to read little trivia on the Oscar pictures with Grace Kelly or the cheesecake episode with Frank Sinatra What can I say I'm a sucker for those things and I like very detailed biographies Still Kanfer does provide a lot of info on Brando's movies and his varying commitment to them as well as to social justice matters although something on him and Martin Luther King would have been nice and most sections really affected me in terms of interest for Brando's work and in personal terms too I now feel like I understand the guy which is what counts and reaching the last section I found myself thinking back of that day of July 2004 where my family and I were on our way to the Alps and read of Brando's death on a newspaper My uncle was so shocked you'd have believed he thought him immortal Not that he isn't

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Somebody The Reckless Life and Remarkable Career of Marlon BrandoOd to his arrival in New York in the 1940s where he studied with the legendary Stella Adler and at the age of twenty three became the toast of Broadway in A Streetcar Named Desire Kanfer expertly examines each of Brando's films from The Men in 1950 to The Score in 2001 making clear the evolution of Brando's singular genius while also sheddi I thought Kanfer`s Somebody The Reckless Life and Remarkable Career of Marlon Brando was very articulate and well written It is obvious that a lot of research went into the writing of this book However my problem is that it was way too depressing and centred around the recklessness than the remarkable I could hardly read from chapter to chapter without feeling total despair and impending doom lurking around every corner On one hand one could say well the truth is the truth Nonetheless there are many different dimensions to any given situation Brando was difficult Brando was disorganized Brando was unprepared and Brando was self centred Surely given Brando’s intelligence and experience there was to the story than these often one sided interpretations That said there were moments of redemption for Brando but they were few and far between It’s my opinion that there was too much negativity written about the man who was far sensitive and complex As well the treatment alone by the press was another element of the book that perturbed me For example after The Missouri Breaks opened one reviewer stated ``Marlon Brando at fifty two has the sloppy belly of a sixty two year old the white hair of a seventy two year old and the total lack of discipline of a precocious twelve year old`` The book is inundated with constant insults and disrespect for the man It is no wonder to me that Brando loved to curl up on the couch with his dog Tim and block out a world that judged criticized and scrutinized him on a constant basis All the drama asideunless Brando visits me from the afterlife to tell me otherwise I will not let the negativity permeate his genius and passion