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Ll this work All this success All this stress It’s killing him He needs to take a break start enjoying himself In short says his doctor who is from California Professor Chandra should just follow his blissHe doesn’t know it yet bu. I enjoyed this massively Chandra is a Cambridge economics professor with a failed marriage and estranged or troubled adult kids who has failed to win the Nobel prize again and is just waking up to the realisation that he might have made a mess of his life This is not let me say a book about a middle aged academic discovering himself with the aid of a sexy manic pixie much younger woman Nobody needs that book Chandra is 70 and his main issue is the rising awareness that he hasn't actually done well by his wife and kids and perhaps might not have been completely right about everything all along The book is basically him opening up to understanding himself trying to do a bit better and break out of toxic patterns and understanding that he isn't the centre of the world and his changed feelings don't necessarily matter to other people Which sounds a bit tiresome but isn't because Chandra is a fantastic character centre right tendency to be opinionated battling with a general decency spectacularly grumpy attitude to students that's hilarious till you see how he turned it on his kids and a very funny narration He follows his bliss in large part by going to a Californian hippy bullshit retreat for complicated but hilarious reasons This is treated as both funny and serious pampered self indulgent Americans talking about their feelings is never not mockable but the book also identifies real pain and emptiness and Chandra's back and forth with the experience is fascinating because it does give him something he needs It's not a plot driven story it's very much about this fractured unhappy family who've hurt each other finding ways to get past that which is uite enough I cared intensely about them doing that and basically went through this like a buzz saw Perfect summer reading funny sharp kind hearted I laughed out loud several times and had a little cry at the end Can't ask for much

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Professor Chandra Follows His BlissProfessor Chandra is an Follows His ePUB #9734 expert at complex problems There's just one Professor Chandra PDFEPUB or he can't crack the secret of happinessIn the moments after the bicycle Chandra Follows His PDF #205 accident Profe. I'm a sucker for books about cranky individuals curmudgeons grumpy souls if you will Maybe I feel a kindred spirit Professor Chandra is a professor emeritus in economics at Cambridge He's just been passed over for the Novel Prize for the umpteenth time His life is falling apart He's wondering whether his life has any meaning His wife divorced him three years ago and moved to Colorado He has major differences with two of his three children After he is injured in an accident it is strongly suggested he take a sabbatical He heads to the US to see his youngest daughterBecause of the title I was expecting a humorous book And there is some humor But in truth this is a heartfelt novel about losing and finding family about the mistakes parents make with their children and how hard it can be to let them be themselvesThe characters are fully formed Everyone has strengths and weaknesses though it takes them a while to willingly show their weaknesses Even those that could be painted a clichés are given redeeming traitsWhile this wasn't what I expected I truly enjoyed it Curmudgeon that I am it took me by surprise that the author didn't make a stay at Esalen into a punch lineMy thanks to netgalley and Random House for an advance copy of this book

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Professor Chandra Follows His Bliss review ô 103 ✓ ➵ [Read] ➱ Professor Chandra Follows His Bliss By Rajeev Balasubramanyam ➿ – Professor Chandra is an expert at complex problems There's just one he can't crack the secret of happinessIn the moments after the bicycle accident Professor CSsor Chandra doesn’t see his life flash before his eyes but his life’s workHe’s just narrowly missed out on the Nobel Prize again and even though he knows he should get straight back to his pie charts his doctor has other ideasA. Professor Chandra Follows His Bliss is a much complex and textured book than the title and cover make it seem Chandra is 69 a prestigious professor of economics at Kings College respected worldwide who as the book opens has once again been passed over for the Nobel Prize He's disappointed He's also a burnt out impatient wise cracking curmudgeon who's been taken to task by the school's Master for among other things calling a student an imbecile He's told he must take a break Then he gets hit by a bicycle and has a heart attack Something has to change and it won't be easy for him since this is the only life he's known for a long time His personal life is nilChandra has family issues His relationship with his ex wife isn't good Her second husband Steve is a pompous ass whose interactions with Chandra provide some of the book's funniest moments They live in Colorado One daughter has been estranged from him for years; he doesn't even know where she lives and the others are forbidden to discuss her with him His son who lives in Hong Kong is distant and condescending and the younger daughter is having typical teenage problems Chandra goes to America to see her and Steve corners him into taking a course at the Esalen Institute a spiritual center in Big Sur The three days he spends there whether he likes it or not and whether he knows it or not are transformative Once you know what to expect there's a lot to like here Chandra is a very well written and interesting character full of contradictions and with plenty of room to grow He's brilliant insecure sarcastic and somewhat clueless someone the reader will root for The family members are all well written and the story is engaging throughoutMy other criticism besides the misleading title and cover is that the author sometimes gets bogged down in nonessential details It's not enough to know someone is traveling; we're told the makes of the cars they're driving and the routes they travel have to take the taxi rides and go on the walks Sometimes it seems like we're told what the characters wear every day what they eat at every meal and each drink they down It's a bit much; a tighter edit would have made this a five star book for me This is a very good book with a great protagonist and an absorbing story