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Read ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ì S.A. Chakraborty Return to Daevabad in the spellbinding seuel to THE CITY OF BRASSNahri’s life changed forever the moment she accidentally summoned Dara a formidable mysterious djinn during The Kingdom Epubone of her schemes Whisked from her home in Cairo she was thrust into the dazzling royal court of Daevabad and uickly discovered she would need all her grifter instincts to survive thereNow with Daevabad entrenched in the dark aftermath of the battle that saw Dara slain at Prince Ali’s hand Nahri must forge a new path for herself w. ARC provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review1 The City of Brass ★★★★★ “It is time we get some vengeance for what they have done” Friends this was such a phenomenal installment that was such a treat to read This is an own voices Muslim Fantasy series and a historical setting of the early 1800s which barely touches upon the Ottoman Empire And The Kingdom of Copper picks up five years after the events of The City of BrassThis is a story about djinn and magical cities and people being able to harness powers that they don’t fully understand This is also a story about oppression and privilege and the terrible things people are willing to do in the name of pure blood The mixed bloods in this world shafits are treated horribly and without a second thought This book very much mirrors present day and the refugee crisis; people are unable to get food and shelter while others are dying of things that could be easily healed all because of fear prejudices and hatred Our three main characters are all very separated and all living very different lives than when we last saw them in the first installment But they all have also grown tremendously during the five years and now all have very different goals “A threat to a loved one is a effective method of control than weeks of torture” ➽ Nahri gifted healer who is trapped in the royal court of Daevabad and trying to make the best out of an alliance that was forced upon her ➽ Ali djinn prince exiled by his father constantly in fear for his life while also trying to learn his new abilities ➽ Dara one of the best warriors who is watching soldiers being rallied who are willing to do terrible things in the name of peace “Everyone knew about Darayavahoush Nahri They just couldn’t agree if he was a monster or a hero” My biggest complaint about this second installment is how long it took for Dara and Nahri’s storylines to actually meet up Obviously I ship them pretty hard so I was just really disappointed when it took forever for them to even interact with one another especially with what Nahri believes Also as much as I love the ueer side characters in this story I’m not entirely sure how I liked how one of them was handled Also I very much thought Ali was going to give us some bisexual representation in this book but it appears that we are just going to get a hetero love triangle which makes me sad But this story was impossible to put down because I was so enthralled on every page I feel like this 600 page book was just completely packed with action and I never wanted it to end I love SA Chakraborty’s writing and I think she really expertly crafts three very different characters with three very different perspectives all of which I completely adored “You don’t stop fighting a war just because you’re losing battle” Overall I really enjoyed this book and the last line of this book will leave you utterly breathless I have such high hopes for book three and fully expect that it’s going to be a perfect conclusion with the way all the threads of this story leave off This is such a beautiful Middle Eastern story that ties in so much of the culture’s folklore in an absolutely beautiful and seamless way I completely recommend this series with my whole heart Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Youtube | Twitch The uotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publicationContent and trigger warnings for graphic violence torture death murder slavery human trafficking talk of stillbirth talk of past threat of rape and war themesBuddy read with Jocelyn at Yogi with a Book ❤

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characters The Kingdom of Copper ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ ➳ [Read] ➮ The Kingdom of Copper By S.A. Chakraborty ➾ – Return to Daevabad in the spellbinding seuel to THE CITY OF BRASSNahri’s life changed forever the moment she accidentally summoned Dara a formida Marid the unpredictable water spirits have gifted him But in doing so he threatens to unearth a terrible secret his family has long kept buriedAnd as a new century approaches and the djinn gather within Daevabad's towering brass walls for celebrations a threat brews unseen in the desolate north It’s a force that would bring a storm of fire straight to the city’s gates and one that seeks the aid of a warrior trapped between worlds torn between a violent duty he can never escape and a peace he fears he will never deser. 35 stars The Kingdom of Copper was my most anticipated book of 2019 hands down Ever since I finished The City of Brass I couldn’t wait to read this seuel I was counting down the days; my anticipation for this was so high I am so upset that I didn’t love this The second half specifically the last 30% or so was really the redeeming part of this I really really struggled to get through this That’s something I NEVER anticipated I feel like everything I adored in The City of Brass was just nonexistent here Sometimes it hooked me but I was never truly transfixed or captivated while reading this The first book was magical and so engrossing this was missing that I kept reading for the sake of my love for the first book I had to see if this eventually got better And thankfully it did but it took so long to get to that point I should be dying to read the third book but instead I’m left feeling sad that I didn’t love this I’m sincerely hoping the last book turns my feelings for this series around Thoughts before reading———————ME AFTER READING THE LAST LINE OF THE DESCRIPTION UPDATE release date pushed back to January 2019⚰️⚰️⚰️Dying for even a SLIVER of info about this 😩

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The Kingdom of CopperIthout the protection of the guardian who stole her heart or the counsel of the prince she considered a friend But even as she embraces her heritage and the power it holds she knows she’s been trapped in a gilded cage watched by a king who rules from the throne that once belonged to her familyand one misstep will doom her tribeMeanwhile Ali has been exiled for daring to defy his father Hunted by assassins adrift on the unforgiving copper sands of his ancestral land he is forced to rely on the frightening abilities the. 199 Kindle sale Feb 21 2020 45 stars Excellent seuel to The City of Brass a near Eastern inspired fantasy I liked it even better than the first book but you do need to read The City of Brass before this one Final review first posted on Fantasy Literature The Kingdom of Copper the second book in SA Chakraborty’s DAEVABAD TRILOGY picks up soon after the ending of the first book The City of Brass Alizayd Ali al ahtani younger son of Ghassan the king of Daevabad has been exiled and is fair game for assassins He's rescued by a raiding party from the drought ridden area of Bir Nabat who have noticed Ali’s newly developed magical ability to summon water Nahri has been forced by Ghassan into a loveless match with his older son Muntadhir the pleasure loving crown prince Darayavahoush the powerful djinn with a long and unspeakably violent past is summoned from his sister’s side in the land of the dead to a new life by Nahri’s outlaw mother Manizheh who controls Dara’s emerald slave ring and has plans to use him for her political takeover of the djinn's city of Daevabad After setting the stage the story jumps forward five years Nahri who has long felt trapped by the royal family finds new inspiration in her plan to restore a long ruined hospital helping the outcast shafit who are of humandjinn mixed blood as well as pureblooded djinn or daeva Ali’s magical affinity for water has brought new life to Bir Nabat changing it from a wasteland to a fruitful place where Ali has found safety and respect But political forces are combining to bring Ali back to Daevabad and into danger And Dara has become Manizheh’s military advisor helping her plan an invasion of Daevabad to retake the city from Ghassan and the Geziri tribe who have controlled it for many yearsIt’s always a pleasant surprise for me when the second book of a series isn’t a let down and I consider The Kingdom of Copper a better book than The City of Brass Most of the confusing elements from the first book have been worked out The plot is far coherent and focused and the pacing has noticeably improved This is just excellent story tellingThe point of view shifts between Nahri Ali and Dara but each of their stories pulled me in and it was easy to see the connection points between the three plot threads and point of view characters Each of these characters has a distinct challenge to overcome in his or her life and in the process uestions who they really are and what they want to achieve It’s not a simple answer in any of their cases Nahri and Ali both have parents who they love but cannot agree with their actions Dara is bound to assist Manizheh with her invasion but has serious reservations about her plansThis complexity of character extends itself to the secondary characters It’s refreshing to see characters that I had dismissed as one dimensional Nahri’s husband Muntadhir is a good example begin to display unexpected depths Ghassan’s tyranny is indisputable but it’s easy to see how his reign began with good intentionsThe related themes of conuest and oppression so prevalent in The City of Brass are explored in some new ways Manizheh considers the city rightly hers but her plans for taking it over begin to look suspiciously like the same methods her enemies used long ago Revenge and violence are poisons that can make you morally indistinguishable from your enemies Nahri’s efforts to rebuild the hospital and to serve shafit as well as Daeva may hold the seeds for cooperation and peace but is it too late The Kingdom of Copper was both heart wrenching and a pleasure to read It’s certainly not all heavy and downbeat; there are doses of humor and enchanting magic like the palace stairs that rise to help Nahri when she’s fleeing her enemy along with the passageways that magically brick themselves up behind her And it’s easy to root for the three main characters ― even Dara by far the most morally gray of the trio I’m definitely looking forward to the next book even without the cliffhanger ending that promises to be a major game changerInitial post Me at 60% I think I actually like this seuel better than the first book Update YES Yes it is better than the first book Genie djinni Daeva battles FTW I received a free review copy of this book from the publisher through Edelweiss Thank you